3 Insomnia Herbal Treatments That Are Totally Awesome!

When it comes to choosing the best insomnia herbal treatment for yourself, options are quite plentiful. There are so many natural herbs for insomnia — as well as ways to use those natural herbs — that it’s almost crazy to opt for drugs and over the counter medications.

In most cases, the best insomnia herbal treatment is not simply 1 thing, but a collection of different things. For instance, you wouldn’t just drink chamomile herbal tea and be done with your insomnia treatment. Although this may help, that remedy alone won’t pack the punch needed to knock out your insomnia problems. Having said that, choose a few different insomnia herbs to use instead of just one.

3 Common Herbs for Insomnia…

Passionflower: The ancient Aztecs used this particular herb as both a sedative and an analgesic (painkiller). This herb is great for insomnia because it has very strong sleep inducing, calming, and pain relieving properties.

Valerian: Clinical studies show that this herb has immensely powerful, beneficial properties — those of which include lowering blood pressure, inducing sleep, heightening relaxation, relieving pain, and more.

Chamomile: A widely known natural herb that helps to relieve insomnia symptoms and induce a state of relaxation. In addition to being a remedy for insomnia, chamomile is also used for treating anxiety, mild pain, indigestion, and even inflammation.

These are just 3 of the insomnia herbs that are out there, there are many more that you can use.

Choose an Insomnia Herbal Treatment…

Use Herbs in Tea: Drink your choice of herbal tea about 20-30 minutes before bed. This will be just enough time for the effects to take action, allowing you to sleep more peacefully at night. Popular herbal teas can be picked up from local grocery and/or health stores.

Use Herbs in Bed: You won’t actually be bringing the herbs into bed with you — just the scent of the herbs. Place a few drops of your chosen insomnia herb (in oil form) onto a handkerchief and slide it into your pillow. The aroma should be potent enough to reach you, even if pushed deep inside the pillow. Most herbal oils can be found in the same places as herbal teas.

Use Herbs in Bath: Add a few drops of your favorite insomnia herb (oil form) to your warm bath. A warm bath is great for relieving stress and heightening relaxation, which will be doubly so with the right insomnia herbal oils. Do this 20-30 minutes before bed and you should be adequately relaxed for sleep.

As you can see, you’re not without options when it comes to choosing an effective insomnia herbal treatment. Simply take your time and choose the right herb and insomnia remedy for you.

By: Sean Saunders

About the Author:

Tired of trying these oddball natural insomnia cures and always coming up empty handed? Want a guaranteed solution for your insomnia problem? Then visit http://www.SleepTracks.org, the only website that can guarantee an insomnia cure for you!

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Creating the Miracle of Pregnancy with the Traditional Chinese Medicine

Nowadays, many modern treatments can help you overcome infertility with the aid of high technique and expensive drugs. These methods appeared a couple of decades ago; but do you know that there are some ancient infertility treatments which have been used for hundreds of years? And traditional Chinese Medicine is one of them. The high rate of conception of many couples who used it proves that this treatment really creates a miracle of pregnancy.


The traditional Chinese medicine is the combination of more than 15 ingredients chosen from 150 different herbs which can help you increase the chance of getting pregnant. And the mixture of these natural herbs varies for each person but it still follows with some basic principles which are preserved by our ancestor for many years. The main raw material of these medicine come from roots, barks, flowers, fruits and leaves. These Chinese medicines seem to have been very popular in Orient for long time but in the recent years, this treatment has also attracted the great attention from many countries in Europe and America because of their special effectiveness in raising the chance of having baby.


The Chinese herbs can have effect on the level and operation of hormone in your body to treat infertility. The daily or periodic use of herbs can bring to you the positive result within three to six months. So if you use these medicines regularly, you can shorten the waiting time to get pregnant. A nutritious diet and a suitable exercise program are also very important for your health as a preparation to heighten the result of Chinese medicines.


This traditional method can also be necessary for you during your pregnancy period. These herbs will help you improve your health to overcome some symptoms of pregnancy which can become a great problem for many women, such as morning sickness, fatigue, etc. Moreover, with this treatment, you can decrease the rate of miscarriage which results from the losing balance in the mother’s system. And using these herbs will be safer than some other artificial drugs because you can avoid side effects which can cause the defects for your baby.


Through this article, you can see that the traditional Chinese medicine can create the miracle of pregnancy for many women who are facing up with infertility.

By: Anna Christine

About the Author:

If you want to find more valuable information about this method and see many miracles are happening, you can visit the website: http://easypregnant.info

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Herbal Remedies for Acid Reflux

There are many different kinds of herbal remedies for acid reflux that you can try in order to help treat the problem and which you can purchase either from a health food store or online.

Generally acid reflux remedies come in the form or either capsules, pills or solutions. But what is important is that if you are someone who is already suffering from acid reflux and is being treated by their doctor, then you should discuss the issues with your doctor as to whether you can consume the herbal remedies together with what your doctor has prescribed.

In most cases people who suffer from acid reflux find that they suffer with a burning sensation in both the chest and stomach area. Generally people who are found to be overweight, who smoke or who drink too much alcohol (are alcoholics) will suffer more from this particular problem.

Acid reflux is caused when acids found in the stomach are able to gain entry into the esophagus and is often a sign that most people commonly associate by

stomach indigestion.

A lot of the herbal remedies for acid reflux will often contain such natural herbs as chamomile, slippery elm, chicory root, peppermint, lavender and ginger. These particular herbs have been found to help protect the lining of a person’s stomach as well as helping to strengthen their digestive system. But in order to ensure that they are effective a person will need to be using them for long periods of time.

The main reason why these remedies have become so popular today is that they contain only natural ingredients and the chances of them causing any kind of side effects (compared to prescribed medications) are very few if any at all. They are especially effective for treating infants and young children when it is sometimes very difficult to actually provide a diagnosis that they are suffering from acid reflux.

However for adults the best way to treat acid reflux naturally is by making changes to your lifestyle and the kinds of foods that you consume. So you should start to decrease or eliminate the amount of alcohol you drink and if you smoke you should try to quit.

Plus you need to reduce the amount of acidic and a fatty food that you consume includes chocolates, tomatoes and coffee all of which can cause acid reflux.

But as well as making changes to their diet and lifestyle, if you also use herbal remedies for acid reflux, you will soon find that you are able to treat the problem much more easily and will suffer less from the symptoms caused by acid reflux.

By: Ricky Lim

About the Author:

Ricky recommends herbal acid reflux treatments as it is natural with no side effects. Visit his site for more information on acid reflux and herbal teas.

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