Herbal Tea Home Remedy For Acid Reflux

There are many things that cause problems for those who have GERD (otherwise known as acid reflux). There are some things you can’t eat, and some that you should. There are times when this can be very confusing, and many don’t want to rely on medications to make all foods tolerable. If you want a home remedy for acid reflux, there are things you can try. One of these things is drinking herbal teas. Some of them will help, and some might make matters worse, so you should know which to have and which to avoid.

When choosing herbal teas, there is one important thing to think about when you are choosing what you want to try. Caffeine is a known trigger for acid reflux, and it should be avoided. That means that any herbal teas that you try must be caffeine-free. Though you can get decaffeinated coffee to drink, even that is known to aggravate GERD and should be avoided. This makes decaffeinated herbal teas the best choice when you seek a hot and soothing drink. Some of them might even help with some of your symptoms of acid reflux.

Many suggest that ginger can help sooth acid reflux symptoms, and if you can find it in a tea, a cup after a meal might help your stomach settle down for the night. You can mix peppermint with aniseed and lavender for a great tasting and soothing blend. You should boil a few cups of water and a teaspoon of your herbal mix, then drain the herbs after sitting for about ten minutes. If you boil this tea and want to have it sweetened, you might try honey instead of sugar or artificial sweetener.

Chicory Root can also be used to make a great herbal tea. You boil a few cups of this and then let sit for a while. You can then drink the tea with honey if you wish. Marshmallow tea might also help. This is not tea made from the marshmallows in your cupboard as the name might suggest, but from a root by the same name. This is known to soothe the digestive system. Another popular type of tea is Chamomile. This is also known to help soothe the symptoms of acid reflux.

You can make many of these on your own, but you can also find them in natural food stores or special sections of your grocery store. Any of these teas might help you feel better, but you won’t know until you try them. However, it is important that you talk with your doctor before you try them, as some can have side effects that you need to know about, and they might also mix badly with any prescription drugs that you might be taking for your acid reflux or for any other reason. You usually will not have any problems with this type of home remedy for acid reflux, but you don’t want to take a chance with your health.

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Herbal Acid Reflux Remedies

Even though there have been several scientific advances made when it comes to treating acid reflux, many people still find that herbal acid reflux remedies are still the most common way for treating this disorder naturally. You can use ingredients that are readily available in the kitchen.

A lot of people will find these kinds of remedies as being economical and will feel comfortable when using them as they often do not feel as they have an illness. In this article we look at a number of different ways herbs can be used in order to treat acid reflux.

Certainly one of the most common ways for treating acid reflux is through the use of herbal teas. These help to lower the amount of acid found in the stomach and so helps to relieve the symptoms associated with excess acid.

One of the most simple kinds of herbal teas a person can produce at home for themselves is one that contains a teaspoon of aniseed, lavender and peppermint. These are then placed into a cup where 2 1/2 cups of boiling water are then poured over the herbs. You now allow the tea to seep for about 5 minutes before you strain it. If you are someone who likes their drinks a little sweet then you can include a little honey to the tea after it has been strained. It is important that you drink around 8 ounces of this tea first thing in the morning and the same again in the evening.

Another very simple way of treating acid reflux is through eating pineapple. This particular fruit contains an enzyme which helps to reduce the inflammation caused by acid reflux as well as helps to heal the damage that the acid has caused. There is one particular enzyme found in pineapples called Bromelain which reduces the amount of protein found in the food a person eats and will then help to make digestion of this food much easier.

One other herbal acid reflux treatment you may want to consider using is called chicory root tea. This is a very old herbal acid reflux remedy and in order to make this you will need to boil 1 1/2 cups of chicory root(which you should be able to get through your local health food store or a good quality grocery store or even online) for around about 10 minutes. Then leave it to cool down. Once it is cooled you can then drink this tea in order to help relieve the symptoms associated with acid reflux.

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Ricky is the online editor of http://www.herbalacidreflux.com, an herbal acid reflux information site. Visit his site today for more information on herbal remedies for acid reflux.

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Herbal Teas for Acid Reflux

When it comes to choosing herbal teas for acid reflux, there are a number of things that you need to take into consideration to ensure that what you are using will help to treat the symptoms rather than make them worse.

Although you may think that all herbal teas for acid reflux can help to treat the problem, this is just not true and below we provide you with some guidelines to ensure that you only use those that will alleviate the problem of acid reflux.

Firstly when it comes to choosing the right kind of herbal tea you need to read the labels very carefully (especially on those that are prepared). A lot of them often contain caffeine which can in fact cause your acid reflux to become worse and so these kinds of teas should be avoided at all costs.

So only look at using those teas which contain no caffeine whatsoever. Also it is best that you do not drink any kind of decaffeinated coffee which you think would be safe but in fact can also trigger the symptoms associated with acid reflux. So really the best way of treating your acid reflux problem naturally is through drinking herbal teas that are decaffeinated.

One kind of tea you may want to consider using is the ones which contain ginger in their ingredients. This is because ginger is considered to be very good at helping to sooth the symptoms associated with acid reflux. However if you cannot find it in a prepared tea form, then you could actually get some and infuse it with some boiling water in a cup and then drink it after each meal in the evening.

Another superb kind of herbal tea for acid reflux is one that is made up of aniseed, peppermint and lavender. Not only does it taste great but it helps to soothe the symptoms of acid reflux. You need to mix up 1 teaspoon of each of the herbs mentioned previously and boil them up with a few cups of water and then let it stand for a while before straining it and then drinking it. In order to make it a little sweeter you can add some honey.

The great thing about herbal teas for acid reflux is that you do not have to buy prepared ones instead if you wish you could actually make up your own. However what is essential is that before you start using any kind of herbal treatment for acid reflux, it is best to discuss the matter with your doctor first as some may have side effects which you are not aware of and which may also affect the prescribed medication that you are taking as well.

By: Ricky Lim

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Ricky highly recommends using acid reflux herbal treatments. Visit his site for the best herbal treatment for acid reflux.

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