Indian Herbs to Increase Libido – Ashwagandha Indian Ginseng for Stronger Libido and Better Health

Indian herbs to increase libido such as Ashwagandha “Indian Ginseng” have been used for centuries to increase libido and general health and its one of the best libido enhancers you can get and also improves overall wellness, lets look at it in detail…

Ashwagandha – also known as Indian Winter Cherry has the scientific name Withania Somnifera and is grown in the western India, Gujarat, MP, Punjab and in Himalayas the affect of ashwagandha is attributed to compounds known as withanolides which are present in the herb.

It’s a herb that acts on a number of levels to improve overall health which in turn improves libido and sexual health.

Ashwagandha is used as an adaptogen which means it increases endurance and energy levels, rejuvenating tonic and has affects on both general and sexual health which include the following:

Firstly, the herb increases sperm count, size and motility. Secondly Ashwagandha promotes both vitality and virility by strengthening both female and male reproductive systems. Its libido enhancing properties help improve the libido and sex drive and its been prescribed for thousands of years to treat both impotence and increase sexual energy.

One of the major problems which causes low libido is stress and anxiety.

Ashwaganda controls the levels of cortisol, which is produced in response to increased stress levels.

High levels of stress kill sex drive and can lead to serious health issues such as – high blood pressure, poor immune function, impaired inflammatory response, decreased muscle function, hyperglycemia, more abdominal fat and an increased risk of both, heart attacks and strokes.

The herb acts as a tonic herb for the whole body rejuvenating body energy, acts as an anti-ageing herb, is an anti-oxidant and is antibiotic, and boost memory and improves mood.

Sex health and general health are linked and this herb is one of the best you can take to improve both and when combined with other complimentary herbs the body responds by becoming healthier and sex drive and libido are boosted.

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Hawthorn Tea Discovered to be an Effective 'heart Tonic'

Hawthorn Tea has long been regarded by avid herbal tea drinkers and herbal medicine practitioners as an effective ‘heart tonic’.

The hawthorn tea is an infusion that comes from the fruits, flowers and leaves of the Hawthorn, a small tree or shrub that grows throughout Europe, North America and the northern parts of Asia.

The heart-friendly attributes of hawthorn tea is largely due to the significant concentrations of flavonoids in the fruits, flowers and leaves of the hawthorn.

Hawthorn Tea has been shown to help in increasing blood flow to the heart muscle itself, and thus counteract heart attack due to lack of blood flow to the heart.

Tests on both animals and humans have shown that hawthorn tea helps improve the contractility of the heart muscle, increase cardiac performance and output, lower the peripheral vascular resistance, steady the heartbeat, and increase the heart’s tolerance to oxygen deficiency.

Hawthorn berries have been traditionally used to treat weak heart combined with high blood pressure. Hawthorn berries are also used to treat a heart muscle weakened by age, for inflammation of the heart muscle, for arteriosclerosis, and for nervous heart.

The effect of hawthorn berry on these heart conditions is not immediate; it may be necessary to take the herb for 4 to 6 weeks to see results. Leaf and flower preparations may work faster, but hawthorn berries are better for some specific problems.

The current use of hawthorn as a ‘heart tonic’ dates back to the 17th century. In Europe, both homeopathic and allopathic doctors used hawthorn for different ailments and disorders of the heart.

Nowadays, thousands of doctors in Europe prescribe hawthorn to prevent cardiovascular disease or to help alleviate symptoms of mild to moderate problems. Hawthorn is also considered a mildly calming herb for the nervous system–an appropriate bonus considering that stress and nervousness often accompany cardiovascular problems.

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Chinese Medicine For High Cholesterol: Effective Or Not?

Too much cholesterol in the blood (high blood cholesterol) can be a severe medical condition that can result to varying circumstances that can be harmful to the body. Individuals may not notice that they have high blood cholesterol concentration present in the blood because this condition is not capable of producing symptoms. There are greater chances of getting heart related diseases when there is high blood cholesterol. Just like conventional Western medicine practice, there is also available Chinese medicine for high blood cholesterol.

Excessive cholesterol in the blood accumulates in the arterial walls that may cause narrowing of the arteries. This condition can cause hardening of the arteries; medically termed as atherosclerosis. In addition to this, high cholesterol is also a precursor for hypertension. Since Chinese medicine is aimed at treating the underlying cause for medical conditions, hypertension caused by high cholesterol is treated by controlling high cholesterol level initially.

While lifestyle modification can help reduce high blood cholesterol, Chinese medicine for high cholesterol can also be an efficient alternative if you want to treat the condition naturally. Acupuncture is an acceptable form of treatment that has long been part of Chinese medicine. At present, several western cultures consider acupuncture as a mew alternative medicine. Acupuncture is one method used in Chinese medicine that is vital in the management of high cholesterol level in the blood.

Cholesterol-lowering medications used in Chinese medicine include natural herbs like Chinese hawthorn and Jiaogulan. These two are considered as the best Chinese herbs for lowering high cholesterol and high blood pressure. They are known and proven in Chinese medicine practice as effective herbs in reducing blood lipids level.

Treat High Cholesterol With Red Yeast Rice

Red yeast rice has been known and proven for years in China to help lowering blood cholesterol.

Patients with high cholesterol should take four red yeast rice capsules daily. It can be taken as a supplement and mixed with other medicines.

Shan Zha for High Cholesterol

Shan Zha is hawthorn berry. It helps in promoting digestion and the movements of meals and fats.

It dilates the blood vessels and dissolves the cholesterol deposits in its lining. Shan zha can come in the form of pill or tea. It should be taken twice daily as a health supplement.

Gugul for High Cholesterol Treatment

Gugul has been used in combination with other herbal medicine for a long time now. The extract of gugul helps in lowering blood cholesterol because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

Gugul extract can also be taken as a tea.

Jiaogulan for High Cholesterol Treatment

This Chinese medicine can decrease the chances of stroke by inhibiting platelets from sticking together, preventing blood clotting.

This herb can help lower blood cholesterol for up to 25 percent. Jiaogulan or gynostemma contain large quantities of saponins. Saponins inhibit the formation of lipid peroxides, decrease blood coagulation, regulate cholesterol, and maintain the body’s sugar levels.

While it remains a fact that prescription medicine are effective treatments for specific diseases; nobody can deny that some of them have undesirable side effects. Chinese medicine for high cholesterol is aimed at treating the underlying cause and not merely on relieving symptoms alone. It is always possible when utilized in combination with dietary and lifestyle modifications.

By: Ron Shelf

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Benefits for Herbal Tea

There is no doubt that the world is now refocusing on the use of natural substances like herbal tea. This is because people are getting fed up with the negative effects of orthodox health products; whiles natural products in the form of tea have very little side effects. There are a lot of benefits that come with using herbal tea.


It Relaxes Your System Properly


Herbal tea contains natural substances such as chamomile which is noted for its ability to work on the mind making it more relaxed. It is a natural sedative that puts you to sleep in a natural way so that you can get up refreshed.


Antioxidant Properties


Herb tea contains substances that are antioxidants. Antioxidants are substances that fight free radicals which are naturally occurring dangerous substances in our bodies. Free radical are greatly responsible the development of various kinds of cancers. Their elimination from the body reduces the risk of developing cancer. There are various studies that have shown that consumption of herbal teas reduces greatly the amount of free radicals in the body.


Strengthens the Immune System


The immune system plays a major role in our survival. It is the system that fights off common infections like common cold. The effectiveness of this system determines whether you are healthy or not. Herbal tea contains substances that give strength to the system by making the body to produce enough white blood cells that attack new infections.


Cleans the Body of Cholesterol


Modern lifestyle has increased the risk of accumulating high amounts of cholesterol in the body. Most people are not able to exercise enough to get rid of bad cholesterol which leads to the development of heart diseases and high blood pressure. But the consumption of herbs in the form of tea is able to naturally clear the blood vessels making more blood to flow normally.


Find powerful herbal remedies

Herbal Tea

Provide Permanent Relief from Certain Chronic Diseases


There are certain diseases and conditions that cannot be cured. They only need to be managed. Herbal products like tea is able to help provide relief from those diseases making the patients live more meaningful life. Such diseases include diabetes and arthritis.


General Well-Being


It is certain that those who consume herbal products such as tea are generally well. This is due to the fact the natural ingredients found in herbal teas make the various organs in the body work properly. People have lost their excess pound just by taking it regularly. That means that those who consume herbal tea fall ill less often; and they live happier lives.

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Chinese Medicine Approaches For Treating High Blood Pressure

Long before the invention of sphygmomanometer (the device used to measure blood pressure); traditional Chinese medicine simply label this disorder by the symptoms represented including headache and lightheadedness then clamminess and dampness of phlegm as stroke builds on.

Traditional Chinese medicine defines it primarily as Qi (vital energy and its component blood) insufficiency together with dysfunction of the Yin and Yang of the heart, kidney, and liver. Chinese Medicine practitioners think that depression and anger contribute to either excessive Yang build up or increasing aggravation of liver Yang (fire). Imbalance of Yin and Yang of liver and kidney will lead to obstructed Qi and blood circulation causing the blood to sprint upward leading to high blood pressure.

Chinese medicine for high blood pressure is intended to support Yin and subdue the excessive Yang, which can be achieved through acupuncture and herbal medicine. Acupuncture is a technique used in Chinese medicine to encourage the body to uphold natural healing and improve function through needle insertion and heat application in specific acupuncture points. Chinese medicine believes that acupuncture treatments have the ability to help internal organs to correct imbalances in the aim to improve blood circulation. This objective has been known and accepted as an effective Chinese medicine for high blood pressure.

Treating high blood pressure (hypertension) by means of herbs has been an essential part of the society since time immemorial. Examples of herbal medicine used in controlling hypertension include chrysanthemum flower, Lingusticum wallichii, and uncaria rhynchopylla. These herbs have been proven and tested helpful in controlling high blood pressure in Chinese medicine practice. Chinese medicine also considers foods like honey, Chinese celery, Chinese hawthorn, turnip, water chestnut, and seaweed to have a blood pressure lowering utility. Intake of any of these foods can be efficient in controlling high blood pressure in its premature stages by improving heart and circulatory function.

Cure High Blood Pressure With Roots of Danshen

The roots of danshen is a type of sage that helps in lowering a person’s high blood pressure while addressing related heart problems.

The herb contains natural chemicals that prevent blood clotting, allows blood vessels to relax, increase heartbeats, and slow heart rates. Right now, Danshen root can be obtained in the form of capsule or as an extract. The daily dose of danshen root capsule should be 1.5 grams. The extract can be taken as tea.

Mung Beans For High Blood Pressure

Mung beans is a kind of vegetables that is mostly grown in China and it can help so much in lowering one’s blood pressure.

It contains nutrients that are needed by our body to achieve a balance diet. Mung beans can be cooked along with other vegetables or it can be eaten alone. A study states that a cup of mung beans contains 14 grams of protein that is needed by the body for proper blood circulation.

Compound Cortex Eucommiae For High Blood Pressure Treatment

This Chinese medicine can help lower high blood pressure that is triggered by kidney and liver deficiency.

Just take one pill a day for one month. After a month of regular use, the medicine would attempt to balance your diet. You might not have to take it for another month after that period.

The aim of Chinese medicine for treating high blood pressure is aimed not only to relieve the symptoms but in treating the underlying cause for the disease. Along with effective self management, Chinese medicine for high blood pressure can be useful and effective.

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