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One will find two kinds of ginseng across the globe. First is panx ginseng commonly found in asia, korea, and china. The other one is panx quinquefolius found in canadian ginseng.

One should know that ginseng is a perennial plant count as herb. It has fleshy root belonging to the category of araliaceae family. Lots of studies have been done over the years to know the exact qualities of ginseng so that one can use them on human system.

Surprisingly ginseng roots of america and asia are consumed orally by people. People can buy these ginseng roots in sliced forms and dried modes from many local stores or through online. One should know the usages of ginseng before opting it for usage on the body. Many people found to be consuming leaves orally instead of roots in few countries. Ginseng also shows its preferences as where it is applicable.

Ginseng is quite popular across the globe because of its medicinal properties. One such ginseng is american ginseng who carries cold effect helping in curbing respiratory problems and fever. One will also find that the asian ginseng is more fruitful than american as it enhances the circulation of thebody. As most of the perennial plants ginseng do carries some side effects like agitation, nervousness, diarrhea, headaches, and heart palpitations etc. In certain cases usage of ginseng is band like in children, pregnant women, and nursing mother etc. After getting clearance from the doctor one should intake it. Without that it might turn out to be threating to life.

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Chinese Medicine For A Migraine

Chinese medicine has proven time and time again to be incredibly valuable and effective and is able to treat a variety of health conditions. Chinese medicine for a migraine has proven to be very successful, and so if you suffer from migraines and have tried other methods of treatment before with no success then you may want to make Chinese medicine the next step. Chinese medicine for a migraine has been used for centuries now, and there are a few products in particular that you will want to check out if you are interested in trying Chinese medicine for a migraine for yourself.

Migraine headaches can be debilitating to those who suffer from them. When our lives suffer from tension, our bodies can store emotions that we find difficult to deal with. Our bodies can sometimes do such an efficient job of storing difficult emotions for us that we do not even know that we felt these emotions in the first place. Eventually our body overloads and acts up. Migraine headaches can be one manifestation of our body overloading with pent up emotions.

A number of patterns can result in migraines. The first is a pattern of Blood Deficiency. The theory is that the person’s circulation is poor due to low energy and poor nutrition, along with depletion of the body’s resources. This depletion can be due to stress or anxiety. Blood Deficiency results in poor circulation to the area of the head resulting in migraines. Some of the symptoms associated with this type of migraine would include one or more of the following: poor vision, dizziness when standing up from a sitting position, insomnia or fitful dream disturbed sleep, tiredness, a pale complexion, and heart palpitations.

Another pattern that can result in migraines is called Liver Fire Rising, and certainly this phrase is an apt description of the intensity of pain that a migraine can cause for those who suffer from this condition. People who suffer from this condition often have a fiery temperament. They can be irritable, have a flushed complexion, and they may eat a lot of spicy food. Their migraines can be very intense with flashing lights in the eyes.

This is one Chinese herbal product that you can use to relieve the pain caused by your migraines. Specifically, it is used to improve blood circulation and relieve inflammation. The ingredients include magnolia bark, angelica root, siler root, curcuma tuber, and feverfew herb.

Another great product is Head Clear, which is great not just for migraines but for all types of congestion in the head. It is used for pain, swelling and inflammation of the head, neck, eyes, and throat, and can be used for migraines as well as for hay fever, toothache, facial neuralgia and influenza. A few of the ingredients in this product are Bai Zhi, Bo He, Chai Hu, Gan Cao, Gao Ben, Ge Gen, Ge Hua, Huang Ju Hua, Zi Su Ye, Qiang Huo, Lian Qiao, Sang Ye, and Zi Su Ye.

Another Chinese medicine for a migraine that you can use is Head Relief. It is a Chinese herbal formula that has been tried and tested for years now and was created as an herbal alternative to the more commonly used over the counter analgesics such as acetaminophen and aspirin. Chinese medicine has been around and used for centuries now and has proven to be incredibly effective in treating sickness and disease. Even for people who have tried various treatment methods to no avail, Chinese medicine can be successful and not only treat present health conditions but prevent reoccurrences as well. Before you start taking any Chinese medicine you should do some research and make sure that you are as educated and informed on the matter as possible. Chinese medicine is natural and safe but is still a form of medicine and you need to be cautious and responsible. Make sure that you still work together with your doctor so that they can keep an eye on your progress.

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Beware of Fake Ginseng Products

Beware of fraudulent ginseng products!

The fake and costly products all claim to contain ginseng but in reality have none of the root’s active ingredient, saponin glycosides or ginsenosides. Worse, some of them may contain high levels of alcohol that is bad for your health.

This was confirmed by two independent studies that showed that many commercial ginseng products are worthless and have no proven efficacy in humans. In “Herbs of Choice”, Dr. Varro Tyler of the Purdue University School of Pharmacy said:

“Commercially, ginseng is available in a variety of forms, including teas, capsules, and extracts, tablets, roots, chewing gum, cigarettes, and candies. In some of these forms, it is extremely difficult to determine the quality and quantity of the root present. Experiments carried out in the late 1970s showed that 60 percent of 54 ginseng products tested were worthless and 25 percent contained no ginseng at all. Whether the quality of the products on the market has improved since that time is unknown.”

Earlier, the Texas Department of Health halted the distribution and sales of a ginseng extract that was found to have an alcoholic potency three times that of beer. The said product was displayed in stores next to candy and gum and had an alcohol content of 32 proof. In Texas, the maximum legal alcohol content in beer is 11 proofs.

Officials learned about the alcohol-laced ginseng product after it was purchased at a convenience store by an 11-year-old boy who later complained of chest pains and heart palpitations. Authorities said of the 400 ginseng products in the market, 15 to 20 percent may contain alcohol. In the United States alone, ginseng accounts for $400 million a year in sales.

To protect your health and your wallet, get ginseng from a reliable manufacturer. Studies show that genuine ginseng products contain ginsenosides that act as a stimulant and may enhance immunity.

“As an adaptogen, ginseng is believed to produce a state of increased resistance of the body to stress, overcoming disease by building up our general vitality and strengthening our normal body functions. Favorable modification by ginseng of the stress effects of temperature changes, diet, restraint, exercise and the like have been recorded. Moreover, useful pharmacologic effects in such conditions as anemia, atherosclerosis, depression, diabetes, edema, hypertension, and ulcers have also been documented,” Tyler said.

Ginseng is also promoted for weight loss but scientific studies don’t confirm this. To lose weight, watch your diet and exercise regularly. One product that can help is Phenocal, a safe, natural, and effective weight loss supplement that boosts your metabolism, suppresses your appetite, reduces food cravings, and increases energy levels to keep you in shape. Check out for details.

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