Herbal Teas That Gives Good Health

Herbal teas have been known for the health benefits they bring. In fact, many of those who patronize these teas have shown a significant improvement on their health. Since these are organic, there is no limitation as to who can and who cannot drink this kind of tea. This means that both old and young can drink tea, except children.

While there are so many brands of herbal tea being constantly displayed on shelves in supermarkets, there are those that really stand out from the rest. These teas have been proven by so many to work and cause some positive changes to their deteriorating health at that. One of the really popular herbal teas of today is Yogi Tea Healing Formula Teas. This tea helps those who are constantly stressed from work or from daily life.

Your digestion of food would also be improved once you start to include this tea in your diet. If you often feel weak, then a cup of this tea could help you get energized all throughout the day, and its flavor is really good. One of the herbal teas that are also highly patronized today is Stash Herbal Tea. For one, the flavors offered by this herbal tea are truly alluring which would make you yearn for a cup every now and then.

Exciting flavors such as Mango Passionfruit and Wild Raspberry would definitely get you crazy. It is not only the flavors that make this tea a favorite, but also the antioxidants that are truly helpful in eliminating free radicals found in the body. If you have been to the market lately, you will notice Celestial Seasonings Herbal Tea.

This is one of the organic herbal teas that give you a truly comfortable and relaxed good night’s rest, perfectly working digestive system, and a generally better feeling in your body. You will be surprised you are more energized than before. Organic herbal teas can be said to have invaded the market today. Why not? Each cup provides you optimum health benefits, as well as an experience of tasting a truly delightful tea flavor. It is no longer a question why so many people drink herbal teas.

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Fantastic Herbal Tea Antioxidants

Herbal tea is all the rage these days and many people are jumping on the bandwagon. So are herbal tea antioxidants worth looking into? The answer is yes; research has shown that different herbal teas can provide you with antioxidants that are important in warding of harmful and life threatening diseases. Besides providing you with important antioxidants you can also receive plenty of other benefits.

Not all herbal teas will give you the antioxidant dose that you need to fight off cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and even the prevention of blood clots. You have to be careful about the teas that you drink so that you get the right amount of herbal tea antioxidants. Herbal teas are a great supplement to an antioxidant diet.

Green and White Teas

Green tea has been on the market for some time and the health benefits have long been trumpeted by health food stores. Green tea is a great source of herbal tea antioxidants. If you smoke or sun yourself all day then this could be a great way to counterbalance these bad habits.

Free radicals are released into your body everyday by environmental factors such as pollution that no one can really help. Even being exposed to second hand smoke can put you at the risk of free radicals. Free radicals really need to be filtered out of the system as left alone you put yourself at risk for cancer, and other degenerative diseases.

White teas are also a good source of herbal tea antioxidants. In fact white teas are thought to have more antioxidants than super green tea. It even has less caffeine and can help you lose a few pounds. It has been found that regular consumption of green and white tea can speed up your metabolism and help you lose weight.

Fighting Cancer with Tea Antioxidant

Today it seems like so many factors can cause cancer. We are constantly being told of new cancer causing foods that we should avoid and eliminate from out diets. So what can we do besides existing on a boring diet? The answer might lie in tea antioxidants. Antioxidants sound like a strange chemical but they are actually essential to ensuring your body remains healthy.

The logic behind antioxidants is that in our bodies there are certain unstable molecules. These molecules are oxidants, or more commonly called free radicals, and can wreak havoc in your body. The way to get rid of oxidants is of course with antioxidants.

Redbush and Honey bush Tea

Redbush and honey bush tea or more commonly known as Rooibus tea is a tea from South Africa. This is another source of herbal tea antioxidants. You can reduce pre-cancerous cells or they can be eliminated when you regularly consume this herbal tea.

Another plus of this distinctive tea is that it is completely caffeine free. You can also get good amounts of iron, fluoride, and Vitamin C from this wonderful tea. The antioxidants that are found in this tea are thought to be unique and will help you to keep healthy and slow down the aging process. All that in one little cup of tea!

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Health Benefits Of Herbal Tea

Herbal teas have long been associated with good health. Drinking such teas offers curative and preventive properties, with the practice now common worldwide after being limited initially to the orient. Herb-based teas are now being recommended by medical practitioners as an integral part of a daily health regimen. Another indication of how popular the beverage has become is that it is currently the second most-consumed drink in the world after water.

1. Camellia Sinensis

An evergreen that works as the basic source, producing green, black and oolong teas depending on the processing approach. Oolong teas are semi-fermented, while the popular black tea uses fermented leaves and the green tea uses unfermented leaves. Teas made from the plant contain polyphenols – a bioflavonoid type that have anti-viral, anti-cancer and anti-bacterial properties.

2. Antioxidants

The main positive association linking health and teas is that infusions from the herbal drink offer high antioxidant content – the key factor in eliminating or preventing toxins from building up in the body. This detoxifying effect is needed, as toxins cause physical or mental diseases. Toxin accumulation can damage human cells and lead to cancers, and induce various forms of stress as the body is weakened. Tea has also been found to lower the incidence of stroke and heart disease, and surpasses many fruits and vegetables in terms of the antioxidant effect. In addition, the antioxidants in herbal tea work on particular body parts. This focused cleansing effect is not achieved through other methods – some need a specific and additional action to flush out body toxins.

3. It Works!

Thus, the health effect is based on science and not on any mysterious or magical theory. This scientific basis has also spurred research laboratories to pursue efforts in discovering a herbal remedy for life-threatening conditions and diseases. Despite this optimism, consumers must note that herbal teas remain primarily a supporting solution to traditional drugs and treatment for various ailments. Since the benefits cover all age brackets, a good number of herbal teas have become established for both common conditions and serious or chronic cases. The common cold or a congested chest can be treated with cinnamon, rosehip or hyssop-based blends. Stomach ailments can be relieved using ginger, cardamom and chamomile. Damiana, licorice, and motherwort have been effective for menstrual-related problems in women, while rice and raspberry are diarrhea solutions.

4. Health Benefits

Burdock, hawthorn, and nettle are used for blood- and blood pressure-related cases. Herbals such as valerian and St John’s Wort help relieve individuals suffering from stress or some other mental or emotional problem. Yarrow and lemon balm help strengthen the digestive system. An individual with altitude sickness will feel better after a blend with mate de coca. Okinawa natives believe that longevity is improved by drinking hibiscus, which is often mixed with rosehip. It should be noted that herbal teas actually use ingredients such as seeds or roots, fresh or dried flowers and leaves. These plant parts are either placed in boiling water, or allowed to steep after the water is poured over them. The tea can then be served after remnants are strained and the flavor is adjusted to taste.

Despite these extensive health benefits from consumption, care should still be taken before any individual drinks herbal tea, which is also referred to as herbal infusion, ptisan or tisane. The basic tea combination involves dried herb, flower or fruit and boiling water. Of these ingredients, consumers must remember that not all herbs can be used to make tea. This means finding out to ensure that the herb to be mixed into the drink is safe for consumption.

5. Take Caution

This cautious stance is one supported by the US Food and Drug Administration. Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition toxicologist Sara Henry noted that the impact of different concentrations of the drink in consumers could not be accurately predicted. The agency has given its approval only for a few herbs and spices as part of flavorings due to limited data on other herbs. Natural products chemist Sam Page adds that a high number of toxicity cases reported to the FDA unit involved individuals who brewed home-grown herbs and had limited experience and knowledge on the subject. In addition, research indicates that the anti-oxidant and other health benefits from drinking tea can be achieved only if an individual consumes several cups on a daily basis – a practice that ironically may actually be detrimental to health due to the beverage’s caffeine content.

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Korean ginseng improves the overall health of a human being. It’s also known as panax ginseng and in terms of scientific research it is commonly referred as adaptogen.

The substances that assist the body to work with out side effects and that which restores the body to its normal health conditions are known as adaptogens. Korean ginseng is used to lower the cholesterol content in human body, reduces the crucial effects of stress, prevents infections and increases the energy of the body. Korean ginseng is of much use to the diabetes patients and it has the most powerful anti aging properties. It increases the mental and physical capacity there by preventing depression.

Korean ginseng is essential for the prevention of the diseases like arthritis and cancer. It is also used to cure the lethargy, fatigue and is also essential in lowering the sugar content present in the blood. When Korean ginseng is taken in the form of small doses before the onset of the cold it lessens its effect on the human body. It is also helpful for increasing the immunity against toxic chemicals and also maintains the immune system strong.

Korean ginseng is essential for relaxing the muscles of the lungs. It minimizes the symptoms associated with constriction of the air ways, asthma and other lung diseases. It increases the memory capacity and improves the thinking processes. Korean ginseng also increases the sperm count and improves the male fertility. Korean ginseng helps in the activation of certain hormones in the body thereby leading to an increase in the production.

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Peppermint Tea: An Herbal Tea With Pizzaz

Peppermint tea is an herbal tea with character and it has been around since herbs became known for their healing properties. This tea is made from the leaves of the peppermint plant and is often referred to as mint tea. This tea is completely natural and has no caffeine in it so you can drink it anytime during the day or night to refresh you.

 It has a long history and this is because it is so well known for its health benefits. It is often taken as an aid to digestion. Therefore it’s a great tea to serve after a meal. In fact if you are suffering from any form of stomach ailment such as cramps or simply a tummy ache, this tea will help calm your stomach. It’s also good if you have diarrhea. Irritable bowel syndrome can also be alleviated with this tea.

 Not only that but this tea has a refreshing taste that gives you a nice zing. It is also a paradox that this lovely herbal tea can give a nice cooling effect.

 Throughout the ages, when dental hygene wasn’t as rigorous as today, many people chewed leaves of peppermint to freshen their breath. Today it is often used in toothpaste and mouth washes. It is also good if you have coughs and colds. You can drink it as tea or use the tea to inhale the steam. You just need to droop a towel over your head so that it also covers the bowl of tea so that the steam which is released can easily be absorbed into your skin. Be very careful that you do not spill the tea as it is very hot and you can get a nasty burn. Another use for the tea is to gargle it if you have a sore throat. In this case it’s best to wait until the tea cools down to room temperature.

 It’s also good to know that peppermint has menthol in it and this has antibacterial properties so you can also use the tea to help you get rid of unwanted bacteria or even viruses. It’s also great for your skin – simply soak a pad in the cool tea and put it on your face or areas of your body that need it. You can even use it if you get a sunburn. If your muscles are aching or sore, also try this remedy.

 This tea can easily be made from fresh or dried peppermint leaves. Just steep the leaves in boiling water for a few minutes and then remove them. You can drink the tea hot or cold. It’s also a great summer drink served with ice and lemon slices.

 Of course you can buy it online – just visit some of the many great teasites out there. This way you can have it delivered to your door. You can buy it loose or in tea bags. Organic is best. Because of its popularity, you can buy peppermint tea in your local supermarket. So there really is no excuse. Add this versatile tea to your tea assortments and you can serve it to your friends and family.

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