Great Tips On How To Grow A Bonsai Ficus Ginseng

One of the more particular types of plants that you have the ability to try to grow by yourself is a Bonsai tree. These are small sized trees that are able to be produced in tiny pots. They might be really tough to grow and care for if you have not done it before.

There are several unusual types of Bonsai trees that you can choose to develop – but none of these is more stunning then the Bonsai ficus ginseng. In its natural habitat this tree is really large and one of the most pleasant you will ever come across. What makes this so unusual is its root system. They are commonly exposed and below a huge trunk. This is excellent for trying to grow it in smaller form.

You have the ability to grow this particular type of tree in both low light environments as well as ones that are well lit and take in natural sunlight. They will require a great amount of water in order to stay properly hydrated. During the summer months they will call for quite a bit more – but a bit less during the winter months. Do not be troubled if you water it too much every so often. This might happen and the tree adapts well when it does.

If you are a tolerant gardener then you will prize the time it demands to develop. It is a bit slower then many plants. Yet, this may also depend upon the conditions in which you are growing it in. You will need to repot the tree each year or sometimes every two years. The soil needs to be healthy – but beyond that it has the ability to grow in almost anything.

This is one of the best trees to develop because it does not need your attention every second of the day. The hardest process of taking care of it is when it is time to prune it. The leaves on this tree will need to be pinched in order to keep the crown looking well maintained and harmonious for the tree. Every six leaves that develop three need to be removed. Make sure that you have the required Bonsai tools to get the job done properly.

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With the proper Bonsai Tree Tools you will be able to grow your very own unique Bonsai Tree.

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Best Herbal Remedy and Supplement for Low Sperm Count

Sperm count is considered normal when there are 50 million spermatozoa in an ejaculation. A lower number can have consequences in what concerns the male fertility. Since there is no man who is not interested in his fertility and his ability to make his partner happy, low sperm count triggers frustration and embarrassment. The great majority of men feel great relief when finding out that their problem can be solved naturally, using herbal remedy and supplement. The next question that crosses their mind is which is the best herbal remedy for low sperm count? Men don’t feel like trying all sorts of pills and remedies in order to find out on their own which the best one is. They just want to find an efficient solution and to forget this phase in their life as soon as possible.

In order to save yourself the trouble of finding out which the best herbal remedy or supplement for low sperm count is by trial and error, it is best to learn from the experience of other men. Herbal supplements that were effective for people with the same problems and that have a long history on the market are more likely to also work on you.

Choose herbal supplements which are made out of herbs you know were used from ancient times. Our predecessors were relying mainly on plants for curing their bodies, so what we buy today in form of supplements are actually herbs discovered centuries ago. Tribulus terrestris, mucuna pruriens, maca, ginseng, saw palmetto, horny goat weed, salabmisri, mosaic gold, safed musli, they all have a long history in solving sexual problems in men. Some of them were firstly used as aphrodisiacs or as male enhancers and in time positive effects in what concerns male fertility, sperm count, semen volume and motility were noticed.

As medicine evolved and modern man is more inclined towards finding explanations, it was discovered how these herbs act in our bodies and their effects are no longer a miracle. Each and every herb was studied and specialists were able to tell why they increase fertility in men. Some herbs do this because they balance the hormonal levels, other improve the blood flow, while others relieve stress and anxiety and enhances sexual performance.

Once you can figure out what has lead to low sperm count in your case and which herb is recommended in that situation, you can easily tell which the best herbal remedy for low sperm count is. Don’t worry if you can’t tell exactly the causes, because most of the herbal supplements contain a combination on herbs and are efficient in a variety of cases.

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Read more about Increase Sperm Count. Also know herbal treatment for Weak Erection. Read about Libido Enhancer to increase libido.

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The Many Benefits of Ginseng

Ginseng is a natural herb that can come from a variety of different plants growing naturally in eastern Asia. The plants that fall into the ginseng family all have fleshy roots and have something in them called “ginsenosides.” Without the present of the ginsenosides a plant is not a true ginseng plant. Today, this family of plant is used in natural herbal supplements for a variety of different purposes.

How ginsenosides works inside the body and why they give ginseng so many powerful benefits has been the subject of research in recent years. Scientists have discovered different components of this natural substance that offer different benefits to natural ginseng. For instance, ginsenosides have proven capable of stopping the spread of cancer cells, increasing testosterone levels in males, and improving memory. Most of these studies have been conducted on animals and worms rather than humans.

Since ginsenosides are found only in genuine ginseng plants, it is clear why so many great benefits have been attributed to natural supplements that contain higher concentrations of ginseng. Now that we know what is behind the benefits of ginseng, let’s take a closer look at how natural ginseng supplements could benefit your body.

Benefits of Ginseng in the Bloodstream

Ginseng supplements are also being used to help control diabetes. This is not a cure for this very serious medical condition and patients should check with their doctor before combining Ginseng supplements with their medication, but Ginseng has proven to help with the control and regulation of blood sugar. Ginseng supplements are very good for the body.

Benefits of Ginseng in the Brain

You can walk down the supplement aisle of any store or pharmacy right now and find ginseng supplements designed specifically to enhance mental functioning. This is because ginseng plants have proven to help with memory as well as other forms of thinking and brain functioning.Besides being used in supplements to enhance sexual performance, this is one of the mainstream uses of ginseng today.

Benefits on the Metabolism

Ginseng has also successfully been used to increase metabolism which can help with weight loss or weight control. The faster the metabolism goes the more calories you burn throughout the day and night. The more calories you burn the easier it is to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight.

Choosing Ginseng Supplements

There are a wide variety of supplements that include ginseng as an active ingredient today, but you have to analyze them carefully before making your purchase. These supplements are widely available but you don’t want to just walk into a store and pick up the cheapest bottle. Some manufacturers use the leaves of ginseng plants, while it is the roots that are the most potent. Other manufacturers may use very small concentrations of ginseng which won’t do you much good while still others use plants that are not genuine ginseng.

You can find ginseng supplements with a wide variety of claims, but not all of them have been scientifically studied and verified. There are some great benefits of ginseng that have been proven, so clearly this is a good herbal supplement to consume if you need help in the bedroom or with memory.

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About the Author: is an online health store that can fill all your health needs. Sacred Eden’s mission is to restore people back to a state of perfection. Visit and find out more about our herbal formulas, vitamins, minerals and much more.

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The Trouble With Ginseng

Ginseng is available in many forms and its 5,000-year history has helped boost its sales in many health food stores.

The plant, which is promoted as a panacea, is sold as chewing gum, tea, powder, tablets, capsules, and a tonic drink among others. There are ginseng candies, cigarettes, shampoos, and even a whole ginseng root in an attractive glass container which would make a good conversation piece – provided you can afford its expensive price.

Such is the popularity of the “essence of man,” as the plant is called, that in Britain alone, sales of ginseng have reached three million pounds yearly, making it one of South Korea’s major exports.

Apparently, what people are buying is hope. Buyers of ginseng hope the plant will purify the blood, increase their resistance to disease, and improve their sex life.

One leaflet says ginseng can be used for “common ailments like tiredness, insomnia, headaches, cold or flu, aches and pains, and weakness.”

It adds that the plant can neutralize excess stomach acid in ulcer patients and is ideal for dieting. It also recommends ginseng for diabetes, hypertension, pimples, kidney and liver problems, anemia, asthma, night blindness, and cancer.

What makes ginseng special? One of its major selling points is that this small shrub takes six to seven years to grow in a special climate. During this time, the plant supposedly takes up so many minerals and trace elements from the soil which makes it effective for a variety of ailments, we are told.

Unfortunately, no evidence is offered to support this claim. But we are given a fancy name for ginseng’s magical properties. Promoters say it has an “adaptogenic effect.” meaning the body supposedly adapts and uses the plant for whatever purpose it needs. This explains why ginseng can supposedly treat many ills.

While all that sounds appealing don’t be misled for there is nothing scientific about it. “In spite of ginseng’s ancient reputation as a panacea, there are serious doubts about its alleged health benefits,” according to Kurt Butler and Dr. Lynne Rayner of the University of Hawaii in “The Best Medicine.”

The trouble with ginseng is that no one knows exactly what it is. There are 900 different varieties – the Panax, Acanthopanax, Aralia, Oplopanax, and Kalopanax to name a few – which all belong to the Araliaceae or ginseng family. Various species from China, Korea, Japan, and North America are wild and cultivated, sun-dried, bulk root, and come in many forms. For this reason, it is difficult to tell exactly what type of ginseng a product contains and how effective it is.

“Rival products available offer obvious contradictions to one another but there are also contradictions within the same product,” added Arnold Bender in “Health or Hoax?” The US Pharmaceutical Journal reports that seven out of 24 ginseng products in the market do not contain ginseng at all. The mislabeling, of products, the lack of standards in the manufacture of ginseng, and the different varieties make all this confusing.

If you’re serious about losing weight, don’t rely on ginseng. There are many effective products in the market today that can give you the body you want. One of them is Phenocal – a safe and natural weight loss supplement that will boost your metabolism, suppress your appetite, increase energy levels, and help you lose unwanted pounds. For more information, visit

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Janet Martin is an avid health and fitness enthusiast and published author. Many of her insightful articles can be found at the premiere online news magazine

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Korean ginseng improves the overall health of a human being. It’s also known as panax ginseng and in terms of scientific research it is commonly referred as adaptogen.

The substances that assist the body to work with out side effects and that which restores the body to its normal health conditions are known as adaptogens. Korean ginseng is used to lower the cholesterol content in human body, reduces the crucial effects of stress, prevents infections and increases the energy of the body. Korean ginseng is of much use to the diabetes patients and it has the most powerful anti aging properties. It increases the mental and physical capacity there by preventing depression.

Korean ginseng is essential for the prevention of the diseases like arthritis and cancer. It is also used to cure the lethargy, fatigue and is also essential in lowering the sugar content present in the blood. When Korean ginseng is taken in the form of small doses before the onset of the cold it lessens its effect on the human body. It is also helpful for increasing the immunity against toxic chemicals and also maintains the immune system strong.

Korean ginseng is essential for relaxing the muscles of the lungs. It minimizes the symptoms associated with constriction of the air ways, asthma and other lung diseases. It increases the memory capacity and improves the thinking processes. Korean ginseng also increases the sperm count and improves the male fertility. Korean ginseng helps in the activation of certain hormones in the body thereby leading to an increase in the production.

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To read about weight loss and other information, visit the anxiety symptoms site.

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How To Sell Your Wild Ginseng Roots

Selling your ginseng roots can vary from state to state so be sure to check and find out what you must do in the state you live in. A quick google search will help you find the information you need for your state.

In Kentucky we don’t have to do anything except locate a dealer, sell them our roots, fill out some information about when and what county it was dug in, and collect our money. Unless we want to hold onto it until the following year. Then we have to get it weighed and certified.

Before you take your ginseng roots to sell them, you should always weigh them beforehand. Most dealers are honest but there a couple out there that may shave a couple ounces off the weight or have a scale that is a little bit off. A couple ounces could mean a difference of $50.

You should also obtain a list of all the dealers in your state. If you can’t find such a list online with a google search, you should be able to obtain one by calling your state agricultural deptartment who will then mail you a list or provide you the website URL if they have it listed online. Here is the one for Kentucky Kentucky Ginseng Dealer List . Find the ones in your area and call each of them to see what prices they are paying. Also ask if they pay a better price for a larger number of pounds. Many dealers will pay an extra $10-25 a pound if you have 3, 5, or 10 pounds or more.

One last note, often (but not always) the price goes up a little as it gets later in the buying season. If you don’t need the money and the price isn’t changing much or is moving slowly, it is often worth it to hold onto it a couple of months and sell it later in the season. Sometimes dealers have quotas that they need to fill for their buyer and will pay a little more to finish up their quota.

Hopefully this will help you get the fairest price out the hard work you put in finding and digging your wild ginseng roots.

By: Lee Moss

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Lee Moss is an avid outdoorsman. Whether it is fishing, hunting, digging ginseng, picking morels, hiking or camping; he loves it all. Read more tips, tricks, and stories on his Ginseng blog.

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Types of Ginseng and There Effects

Ginseng is the gift of nature for people like us who do not have the time to look and take care of our health. Various researches have shown that Ginseng is an effective medicine for treating various diseases like 2 diabetes, sexual dysfunction in men, inflammatory problems, cancer, etc. Seeing its curative properties, now it is widely available in dried form, or in slices. However, do you know that how many Ginseng tablets we should have in a day? Well only, few of us go by the directions / recommended dosage of this medicine. We should only take 200 mg of standardized extract (this is the quantity taken during the research study) everyday. Many traditional herbalist advices to use this natural health supplement consequently for two to three weeks only. If you think that the medicine has benefitted you then you can start taking it again after rest period of two to three weeks.

Until now, we have discussed how Ginseng has proved quite effective in treating various diseases and what the recommended dosage for this medicine is. Now let us talk about how it can be used in food and cosmetics and how effective it has been. It is used in tea and functional foods as an energy booster. Some people for reaping benefits from Ginseng use it in chicken soups. Overall, various studies have proved that sub clinical doses of this medicine has not yield any beneficial results. Rather use of Natural Supplements from Ginseng has proved to be more beneficial. Similarly when used in cosmetic preparation a miniscule amount of Ginseng does not provide any beneficial results.

Hence, if you want to benefit from Ginseng it is wiser to consume the standard extracts and only solid forms of it. This way it has been able to provide reliable effects than from other formulations. Therefore, if you are planning to buy Ginseng made Supplement, then buy it from a genuine company or seller. For more tips on how to buy Ginseng Supplements, visit

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Ginsana Energy is a natural energy supplement extracted from ginseng to work with your body to raise your energy level and improve your endurance. Ginseng is an herb that helps you in dealing with stress and provides you with an energy boost.

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How To Alleviate Stress With Ginseng Herb

Ginseng is a highly regarded herb with lots of health benefits. However, only a handful of research can back up this claim. Ginseng is an herb primarily used to address pain. It can also be grown and cultivated easily, making it very accessible to anybody. This is the main reason why pharmaceutical companies don’t want to make comprehensive medical tests and trials about this herb. And even if they do, they won’t be publishing the results. And that’s because there’s not much earning potential from doing so, as people would simply turn into their backyards for pain relief rather than buy prescription or over-the-counter drugs. However, it is a good thing that the health benefits of ginseng are now being widely researched in China.

Ginseng users and researchers say that this herb can reduce the stress people face everyday. Taking it on a regular basis is ideal, because it doesn’t contain ingredients that can harm the body. Some claim that the relaxing effects of ginseng are similar to that of alcoholic beverages, minus the ill effects and the risks of intoxication, of course. Further studies about ginseng show that it can also be helpful in reducing the risks of contracting influenza on older individuals. It is even believed that this herb can help fight certain types of cancer. Tests have been done on animals with favorable results. However, such results have yet to be determined for humans.

The Ginseng herb comes in many different varieties. But of all types of ginseng, the red variant has the most benefits. It is believed that aside from all the benefits detailed above, red ginseng can also be used as a cure for impotence. Its effect however, is not as good as that of prescription drugs. On the other hand, certain wild variants of ginseng may also have stronger healing capabilities.

In China, studies about ginseng indicate that taking the herb everyday could increase the person’s quality of living, as far as health and physical wellness is concerned. However, this may just be another positive publicity for the herb to further encourage China’s farming industry.

Ginseng is primarily used to help with stress. Anyone can try taking it regularly to evaluate its healing effects. However, it is still best to use the herb as an alternative treatment method rather than assuming that it is the magic pill you need to make stress disappear with just a flick of the fingers.

By: Sal Farzin

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Sal provides expert information on herbal pain relief by writing articles about the use of ginseng and other topics.

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Ginseng Industry Of China To Increase Competition In A Number Of Foreign Products

Recently, South Korea canceled the ginseng monopoly management. This change in industrial policy, will break the old pattern of international competition, once again for our ginseng to provide equal opportunity to compete. All along, China is a big country ginseng, ginseng but not sales, profit power. To this end, the Government should fully play its role in macroeconomic regulation and control and establishing a market economy management system to improve the overall competitiveness of ginseng industry

Ginseng is a traditional Chinese precious Chinese herbal medicines In one of the most widely used species, known as “National Treasure,” “King of Herbs” reputation, ranking the “Northeast Sambo,” the first place. Ginseng germplasm resources in China is rich in different ecological conditions, the distribution of the various wild and cultivated types of ginseng. Cultivated ginseng according to their ecological conditions, plant morphology, cultivation methods, the value of such goods can be divided into general reference, trimmings participation, participation in three product types of columns. From industry, China has basically formed ginseng ginseng, ginseng under forest and agricultural land planted reference “three pillars” of the situation.

Ginseng is the most representative species of crude drugs in China, but between countries of different scientific and technological content of ginseng products, ginseng our country are a serious threat. In the international market, South Korea and China with ginseng ginseng brand to compete in China, the ginseng and Korean ginseng falls far short of the price.

Ginseng in China is both a production and consumption of power, but also a big exporter of ginseng, over the years, ginseng and ginseng products from valuable, rare Traditional Chinese medicine Materials into China Traditional Chinese medicine A sub-industry, influential industry, is also a new economic growth point and the main export commodity. Therefore, the quality of our ginseng, specifications, brand, origin and organization of the industry chain, the development status and countermeasures research and analysis, especially digging ginseng processing technology to improve their core competitiveness is necessary.

Industry Status Jilin ginseng cultivated in China the main growing areas, produce about 4,000 tons of finished ginseng, ginseng production accounts for 80% of the country, accounting for 70% of the world’s ginseng production, Liaoning, Heilongjiang also has quite a production.

Our area and yield of cultivated ginseng account for about 40% of the world, accounting for more than 70% yield of ginseng province?? The Jilin Provincial Government is also to ginseng as the dominant pillar industries, Jilin, Liaoning, Heilongjiang ginseng have been carried out and Chinese medicine and modern research, development of a group of ginseng as the main raw material New Drugs . Meanwhile, the food, gifts, beauty, and other areas of extension, with the exception of red ginseng, white ginseng, and vigorously participate, refined parameters, and preservation parameters, there are refined ginseng, ginseng tea, ginseng, ginseng oral liquid, a capsule reference (a class of drugs) such as more than 300 kinds of products, a considerable share in the market share.

Ginseng industry in China experienced centuries of dispersion after planting, embarked on a standardized way. In order to ensure the fundamental quality of Chinese patent medicines, promoting the Traditional Chinese Medicine Modernization, former State Drug Administration at the April 2002 release of “Chinese medicine production quality control (Trial)”, from seed sources, growing conditions, cultivation techniques, pesticide use and other aspects of the production of Chinese herbal medicines strict specification. Chinese herbal medicine manufacturing enterprises in line with a voluntary basis, select some planting base, through the “company + peasant household” to carry out such forms of Chinese medicine production, and to apply through the national GAP certification. In 2006, Jilin ginseng group in American ginseng grown in Jingyu County, Jilin Province; Beijing Tong Ren Tang Jilin ginseng in Jingyu County, Jilin Province, Riverside County, ginseng cultivation bases have taken the lead through the GAP certification.

Face difficulties In the planned economy era and the reform and opening up, Jilin ginseng have had, “daughter of the emperor,” as brilliant. However, since 1989, due to macro-control errors, improper release of the ginseng plant operation, resulting in tremendous growth of ginseng production, prices have fallen, the rapid decline in participation in industry efficiency, ginseng industry into a trough, participation of agricultural losses. The reasons are mainly the following aspects:

First, the industrial production level of development constraints.

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I am an expert from China Crafts Suppliers, usually analyzes all kind of industries situation, such as rubber foam sheets , rubber sheet flooring.

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Korean Ginseng FAQ

1. What is Ginseng?

Ginseng is the root of a plant that is considered an elixir in Oriental medicine. The scientific name of ginseng is Panax, which means “cure all” in Latin.  The ginseng root is shaped similar to that of a human body. Known worldwide for its general health enhancing effects on the body and mind, ginseng is a natural way of increasing the quality of human lives through the many positive effects that it provides.

2. What are the benefits of consuming ginseng products?

The main benefit of consuming ginseng products is that it has a positive effect on overall health. Intake of ginseng on a daily basis will help improve metabolism and balance the various bodily functions, bringing about harmony of the mind and body. It helps many biological functions and helps the body build resistance to various diseases by strengthening the immune system.

3. How does ginseng promote health?

The almost magical ability of ginseng to cure the body of various ailments is due to the presence of ginsenosides, which is the active ingredient in the ginseng root. Ginsenosides have been proven to have strong positive effects on human metabolism, improving vitality, mental capacity and increasing strength and stamina. Fatigue and debilitating effects of senility are negated. Ginsenosides are adaptogens, they encourage the body to adapt to biological stress naturally, and Korean ginseng is among the best sources of ginsenosides in the world.

4. What is Korean Ginseng?

Korean ginseng is a particular strain of ginseng that is cultivated in Korea and is considered the superior variety among all types of ginseng. Studies conducted on Korean ginseng have made observations stating that it improves stamina and performance as well as reflex times in older people. It has highly beneficial effects on mood and energy levels by consuming recommended amounts.

5. Why should I consume ILHWA Korean Ginseng products?

ILHWA Korean Ginseng is considered the most effective of all ginseng varieties available in the market.

Korean Ginseng contains minerals, vitamins, amino acids, essential oils and enzymes. Korean Ginseng root takes a longer time to mature and therefore contains more active ingredients than any other variety of ginseng. It contains thrice the amount of ginsenosides than any other ginseng varieties. That makes it an incredible source of nutrients for the human body.

Korean Ginseng has positive effects not only on the body but also on the mind. It improves brain activity and promotes psychological health by a mechanism that fuels and calms the mind.

6. What is the scientific, biological reason for the health benefits of Korean ginseng?

Ginsenosides are the active ingredients of Korean ginseng. They are phytochemicals that are like steroids, and possess adaptogenic properties which help the body counter stress. The glycosides present in ginseng act on the adrenal glands, preventing adrenal hypertrophy and excess corticosteroid production which is usually the natural response to stress.

Panaxtriol, a steroid contained in Korean ginseng is very similar to the anabolic steroids found naturally in the body, thus making it ideal for athletes and body builders.

Ginsenosides also increase neurotransmitter activity and protein synthesis in the brain. It improves blood circulation in the brain cells by stimulating formation of blood vessels.This, in turn, leads to better blood circulation in the brain resulting in improved memory and cognitive abilities. Ginseng is also effective in treating diabetes, infections, migraine, and reducing the side effects of radiation and chemotherapy.

By: Ron Knight

About the Author:

Ron Knight is an avid reader of Herbal Medicine. Through his articles he wishes to inform and educate public about herbal treatments for various medical ailments. He believes that natural remedies are the best remedies unless there is no other alternative, and the situation calls for modern allopathic remedies like Ginseng.

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