A handful of nuts a day could slash the risk of heart disease, cancer, obesity and more by up to 30%

A handful of nuts a day could slash the risk of heart disease, cancer, obesity and more by up to 30%

Image: A handful of nuts a day could slash the risk of heart disease, cancer, obesity and more by up to 30%

(NaturalNews) (NaturalNews) Eating just a handful of nuts daily can cut your risk of cancer and heart disease by as much as 30 percent, according to a study conducted by researchers from Imperial College London and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, and published in the journal BMC Medicine.

The maximum benefit came from eating just a single ounce (20 g) per day. The risk of diabetes, respiratory disease and premature death was also decreased.

“We found a consistent reduction in risk across many different diseases, which is a strong indication there is a real underlying relationship between nut consumption and different health outcomes,” said co-author Dagfinn Aune. “It’s quite a substantial effect for such a small amount of food.”

You don’t have to eat very much

The researchers analyzed the results of 29 prior, worldwide studies conducted on a total of 819,000 participants. They found that people who ate an ounce of nuts daily had a 15 percent lower risk of cancer, a 22 percent lower risk of premature death and a 30 percent lower risk of coronary heart disease.

The benefits for other diseases were even greater, though not as statistically robust. Nuts cut the risk of diabetes by almost 40 percent, and the risk of respiratory disease by 50 percent.

“In nutritional studies so far much of the research has been on the big killers such as heart disease, stroke and cancer, but now we’re starting to see data for other diseases,” Aune said.

Little or no health benefits were seen from eating more than an ounce per day.

A growing body of research points to a wide range of health benefits from nuts, which are high in protein, fiber, antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. They are also a key component of the Mediterranean diet, which has been linked to a wide range of benefits against chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease and dementia.

“Some nuts, particularly walnuts and pecan nuts, are also high in antioxidants which can fight oxidative stress and possibly reduce cancer risk,” Aune said. “Even though nuts are quite high in fat they are also high in fibre and protein and there is some evidence that suggests nuts might actually reduce your risk of obesity over time.”

Even eating nuts three times a week provides big benefits

Nuts have been called a superfood, and some experts are even calling for doctors to start prescribing them, and for their cost to be covered by health insurance.

“This analysis adds further value to scores of clinical studies that reveal the positive health impact of regular nut consumption,” said British cardiologist Aseem Malhotra, who was not involved in the study. “Their mechanism of benefit appears to be through anti-inflammatory properties. It’s time doctors started prescribing nuts to patients which will not only help prevent heart attacks and deaths within a short space of time but combined with other lifestyle interventions would save the NHS billions.”

Nearly all research into the benefits of nuts has been conducted on adults. But at least one study, released in 2015, found that nuts provide important protective benefits for adolescents, as well. That study found that adolescents who ate just 12.9 grams per day cut their risk of metabolic syndrome by more than 50 percent. The benefits increased as the teenagers ate more nuts, then dropped off if they consumed more than 50 grams (1.8 ounces) per day.

Metabolic syndrome is a cluster of symptoms linked to the risk of heart disease and diabetes. One in nine U.S. teenagers now suffers from the condition.

A 2013 study found that people who ate just three 28 gram servings of nuts per week had a 39 percent lower risk of death from all causes, a 40 percent lower risk of cancer and a 55 percent lower risk of cardiovascular disease.

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Mother's dental amalgams increase child's exposure to mercury – before and after birth

Mother's dental amalgams increase child's exposure to mercury – before and after birth

Image: Mother’s dental amalgams increase child’s exposure to mercury – before and after birth

(NaturalNews) A team of nine scientists has recently uncovered a link between mercury-laden dental amalgams and autism. The researchers, from leading universities and medical schools, have confirmed a casual role in mercury exposure and the onset of autism.

The study analyzed the level of urinary porphyrins — as  biomarkers for mercury poisoning– in children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The researchers also studied the correlation between the intensity of the potential mercury exposure and the severity of the children’s autism, and measured the levels of lead and mercury in their bloodstream.

One hundred children participated in the new research, 40 of whom had been diagnosed with ASD. Another 40 of the children were healthy individuals, and the remaining 20 were the healthy siblings of children with autism.

What the team discovered was that there was a strong relationship between mercury toxicity and the presence of ASD. They also found that there was a direct link between the level of mercury toxicity and autism severity. The findings also indicated that children on the autism spectrum exhibited substantially higher amounts of mercury toxicity when compared to their healthy siblings and peers. Unsurprisingly, children with the highest levels of mercury also displayed the most severe symptoms of ASD. A similar finding was observed in autistic kids  when it came to porphyrins, as well.  Children with autism also exhibited higher levels of lead and porphyrins compared to healthy children.

The team also notes, “Mothers of ASD children showed a higher percentage of dental amalgam restorations compared to the mothers of healthy controls suggesting that high Hg [mercury] levels in children with ASD may relate to the increased exposure to Hg from maternal dental amalgam during pregnancy and lactation.” In other words, the researchers found that having more dental fillings that were comprised of mercury-containing dental amalgams are likely exposing their children to mercury toxicity during pregnancy and after birth — simply by having the filling in their mouth.

One might also wonder if these mercury-containing  fillings are actually increasing the risk of ASD before the child is even born — though that particular viewpoint was not explored within the context of this study. However, many other studies have been examining the potential relationship between mercury exposure and autism risk. For example, a 2009 paper published by the journal Acta Neurobiologiae Experimentalis led by David Geier from the Institute of Chronic Illness explored the potential relationship between mothers’ mercury-containing dental amalgams and autism severity.

Geier and his team found that the risk of autism in children born to mothers with six or more mercury-containing dental fillings increased by  3.2 times. The researchers noted, “Furthermore, the risk of increasing autism severity became significantly manifest among those study subjects with 6 or more maternal dental amalgams during pregnancy in comparison to those study subjects with 5 or fewer maternal dental amalgams during pregnancy.”

Another study, published in 2013 by the journal Biological Trace Elements Research, also found that children diagnosed with autism had higher levels of heavy metals circulating in their bloodstream when compared to their non-autistic peers. In the study, researchers from Arizona State University examined 55 children with ASD and compared them to 44 healthy children. The researchers found that children in the  autism group had substantially higher levels of lead in their red blood cells — to the tune of 41 percent more than the control group. The children with autism also had urinary lead levels that were 74 percent greater than the controls. When compared to the healthy control group, kids with ASD had thallium levels 77 percent greater, their tin levels were 115 percent greater, and their tungsten levels were 44 percent greater.

While mercury was not tested for in this study, you can see the trend here: kids with ASD seem to have a lot of toxic heavy metals circulating in their blood stream. Study after study, all the evidence continues to indicate that heavy metals are playing a role in the onset of autism — regardless of how exposure is obtained. Dental amalgams, environmental toxins, vaccines — whatever the form, a toxin is still a toxin.







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Does the EPA have all of Monsanto’s hidden science regarding glyphosate and GMOs?

Does the EPA have all of Monsanto’s hidden science regarding glyphosate and GMOs?

Image: Does the EPA have all of Monsanto’s hidden science regarding glyphosate and GMOs?

(NaturalNews) As you sit down to your various holiday feasts during the next week or so, maybe you ought to think about what’s in your food.

Do you really know the chemicals and GMO ingredients, which the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) probably EVEN doesn’t know many of them due to Monsanto’s probable unreported and/or hidden ‘science’ not surrendered as part of the ‘approval’ process for either glyphosate, Roundup® and Roundup Ready seeds for soy, corn, canola, alfalfa, cotton, and sorghum—with wheat under development!

(Article by Catherine J Frompovich, republished from NaturalBlaze.com)

It’s bad enough that numerous crops are “staged” with glyphosate spraying several days before harvest, which impregnates them with glyphosate residues, and that could be a contributing factor and reason for “gluten intolerance.”  Genetically modifying wheat is NOT a good idea, since wheat is the western world’s grain, similar to rice being the eastern world’s grain.  And “Golden Rice” hasn’t been accepted very well either.

Monsanto’s lobbyist, Patrick Moore, refuses to drink some Roundup® after proclaiming it won’t hurt you because, as he says, “I’m not an idiot!”  What does it tell you about that herbicide and, especially, Monsanto’s own lobbyist, who was promoting GMO Golden Rice, and their products?

Here’s an interesting article from the Harvard University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences website titled “Why Roundup Ready Crops Have Lost Their Allure”.  Still, corporate interests are pushing federal approval agencies to inundate the human and animal food chains with many more GMOs. [1]

EcoWatch produced the article “15 Health Problems Linked to Monsanto’s Roundup,” which include: ADHD, Alzheimer’s disease, Anencephaly (birth defects), Autism, Brain cancer, Cancer, Celiac disease and gluten intolerance, chronic Kidney disease, Colitis, Depression, Diabetes, Heart disease, Hypothyroidism, Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBS) and “Leaky Gut Syndrome”, Liver disease, Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS), Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Non-Hodgkin lymphoma, Parkinson disease, Pregnancy problems (infertility, miscarriages, stillbirths), Obesity, Reproductive problems, and Respiratory illnesses. [2]

There’s been a rather interesting rumor circulating around Monsanto and GMO foods for quite a while now and it is: In the Monsanto corporate dining room, only organically-grown foods must be served!  Can a whistleblower come forth to provide proof of that?  If that is factual, then that’s something not only the public must know, but all regulatory agencies dealing with approving their respective aspects of GMOs: the U.S. FDA, USDA and EPA!

In the meantime, Food Democracy NOW has a petition website going titled “Tell the EPA to Release ALL of Monsanto’s Hidden Data on Glyphosate and GMOs”.

I heartily recommend readers read and sign now.

Are you aware that “in 1985, the EPA’s own scientists declared glyphosate to be a Category C ‘possible human carcinogen’ after reviewing studies submitted by Monsanto during the original approval”?

However, there are photographs of two-year-old rats from GMO feed studies that resulted in massive tumors.  Monsanto’s studies presented for GMO approvals stopped at 90 DAYS, not the normal two-year-life-cycle of rats!

study mice

Relative to Monsanto’s 90-day study, EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) stated,

“With respect to the detection of potential unintended effects in whole GM food and feed, it is unlikely that substances present in small amounts and with a low toxic potential will result in any observable (unintended) effects in a 90-day rodent feeding study, as they would be below the no-observed-effect-level and thus of unlikely impact to human health at normal intake levels.

Laboratory animal feeding studies of 90-days duration appear to be sufficient to pick up adverse effects of diverse compounds that would also give adverse effects after chronic exposure.”

http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.2903/j.efsa.2008.1057/epdf (Pg. S-4)

However, “Seralini’s long-term study linking glyphosate to rat tumors was unfortunately retracted from the journal Food and Chemical Toxicology due to pressure from Monsanto lobbyists. The results of the study have since been republished in Environmental Sciences Europe.” [3]

Look what’s happened to food in Europe, which previously was relatively clean of GMOs!

In June 2015, EFSA issued a new guidance document on the information that companies need to provide when applying for renewed authorisation to import GM plants for food and feed into the European Union. The European Commission grants authorizations to place GM food and feed on the European market for a period of ten years. [4]

Could that impact your food shopping and buying practices regarding foods produced in Europe?  It certainly ought to affect what previously was considered GMO-free foods coming from European countries.

What do you think?  

Aren’t consumers entitled to know what’s in the food we are eating, e.g., GMOs and how that food was grown or produced/manufactured?

Shouldn’t there be “reverse advertising” on all food labels, e.g., no GMOs or GMO-free?

Shouldn’t the PLU identity number “8” be mandatory for all foods containing GMOs or grown as GMOs? [5]

Currently, the PLU identity number “9” identifies organically-grown food.

Won’t you please tell the EPA what you think about GMOs and sign the petition?  Thanks!

Read more at: NaturalBlaze.com


[1] Harvard.edu

[2] EcoWatch.com

[3] GMO.news

[4] Elingreso.com

[5] EFSA.Europa.eu

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Israeli company successfully transplanted lab-grown bones into humans

Israeli company successfully transplanted lab-grown bones into humans

Image: Israeli company successfully transplanted lab-grown bones into humans

(NaturalNews) Tens of millions of people break bones every year, and many of those who do wind up with life-changing, chronic injuries. What would it be like if an injured person could simply replace a bone that, say, had been crushed and was largely irreparable?

Well, we may be on the cusp of that technology, thanks to an Israeli firm that has developed a way to grow bones in the lab that can be transplanted into a human.

As reported by Reuters, the biotech firm, Bonus Biogroup, may soon offer lab-grown, semi-liquid bone grafts after research and testing — including injecting the material into the jaws of 11 people to repair bone loss in an early stage clinical trial.

The materials were grown in a lab using each patient’s own fat cells, then were injected into voids of problematic bones, thus filling them. Over the course of the next few months, the substance hardened and then merged with existing bone to complete the jaw, the company said.

The announcement was made in recent days in the form of a statement to the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. Further, the biotech company will be presenting its results at the International Conference on Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in Spain, Reuters reported.

Bonus Biogroup said it has raised $14 million in funding, adding that the company plans to dual list on Nasdaq early in 2017.

‘Next we’re going to try it with long bones’

“For the first time worldwide, reconstruction of deficient or damaged bone tissue is achievable by growing viable human bone graft in a laboratory, and transplanting it back to the patient in a minimally invasive surgery via injection,” Shai Meretzki, the company’s CEO, said.

Meretzki founded Pluristem Therapeutics in the past, a company that works with stem cells and has transformed into one of Israel’s most advanced biomedical companies.

In an interview with Reuters, Ora Burger, vice president of regulation affairs at Bonus Biogroup, said all 11 clinical trial injections into patients were successful.

“Now we’re going to conduct a clinical study in the extremities, long bones,” she said.

Israel21c reported in 2013 that the company’s 750-square meter facility at Haifa’s Matam High Tech Park is to have a trio of divisions: A production center where human bone grafts will be grown, so as to supply the company with clinical trial materials; a Research & Development center to expand uses for human bone grafts for transplants; and a headquarters where R&D activities in the United States will be tracked and supervised.

In 2015, as the firm’s trials began and as the initial positive results were streaming in, Natural Height Growth reported that prior to Bonus Biogroup, there had been perhaps a dozen similar firms that had been working on, and were successful in, getting functional bone tissue transplantation to take. But what made the Israel effort interesting is that Bonus Biogroup was using 3D printers to build the base material, and also planned to attempt to build cartilage-bone combination tissues in the future.

Could this procedure restore normalcy to ‘little people’?

“This is a better solution for the body than plastic or metal pieces” to replace bone matter, Meretzki said. The lab-grown substances are “active live bones that can grow, remodel and change as your body does.”

That means even in young children, when bone grafts are inserted surgically, they will adjust and grow like normal bones would have done.

Theoretically, anyway, which happens to be the next phase of testing and research: Getting the injected bone material to grow in legs and arms that have been damaged by trauma or naturally stunted at birth.

There is even some talk about using the material in men and women whose bodies never grew normally, what some people used to call a “dwarf” or “midget,” but who are now referred to simply as “little people.” If this procedure can be perfected, not only can it repair badly damaged bones, but it could also restore these little people to more typical heights, say some experts.





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Look who grasps the vaccine-autism connection… Congressman Tom Price, President Trump's pick for Secretary of Health and Human Services

Look who grasps the vaccine-autism connection… Congressman Tom Price, President Trump's pick for Secretary of Health and Human Services

Image: Look who grasps the vaccine-autism connection… Congressman Tom Price, President Trump’s pick for Secretary of Health and Human Services

(NaturalNews) The US healthcare “safety net,” according to the liberal, lying mass media, is under attack and about to be dismantled. Obamacare, on most fronts, is a complete failure and has spiked people’s premiums to unaffordable heights, only to worsen in 2017. President-elect Trump vows to repeal and replace the “Affordable Care Act” for several reasons, some that go beyond what is allowed to be discussed on television or even in the newspapers. One of the main problems with Obamacare is that it forces Americans to buy coverage, and even medical services that don’t work and that millions do not even believe in–namely vaccinations. California is one state that already force-medicates all children with dozens of injections of mercury and formaldehyde, or else threatens to keep them out of school, public and private.

Tens of millions of Americans feared this would be the “norm” – a virtual medical police state across the country – had “Hitlery” Clinton won the White House; however, that not being the case, in about six weeks the “Trump Effect” begins, and his choice for the position of Secretary of Health and Human Services has some doubts about vaccine safety himself, and righteously so.

Meet America’s new Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) – Orthopedic Surgeon Tom Price

Tom Price is an orthopedic surgeon and Congressman from Georgia who belongs to a medical organization called the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS). AAPS rejects certain “scientific consensus” about sweeping generalizations that are made in the medical community about such topics as vaccines. There seems to be, in America,  a fake “consensus” that all vaccines, including flu shots, are 100% safe and 100% effective, and that no doctors, scientists, or even injured patients should ever question this absurd rhetoric. Whatever happened to relying on scientific evidence, right?

Members of AAPS are known to speak out in opposition to the academicians and officials who deny any chance of a link between vaccines and autism, and vaccines and neurological disorders, for starters. It’s not an “all or nothing” argument either, as many vaccine fanatics would have us all believe, it’s more of a matter of personalized medicine, just the same that is practiced in virtually all other areas of medicine today. Why should vaccines be any different?

Dr. Tom Price and AAPS are opposed to “one size fits all” medicine

Consider this: the US government doesn’t round up all the children and force them to take psych meds or chemotherapy, or force all teens to get their wisdom teeth removed, or all women to have double mastectomy to preempt breast cancer, so why round up children for forced vaccination?

Who else remembers the 2007 Maryland vaccine “cattle-style” roundup of children? AAPS condemned the “vaccine roundup” that was executed in Prince George county in Maryland–a power play that completely obliterated parental rights and informed consent, as laid out in the American Medical Association’s very own code of ethics. AAPS is one of just a handful of national physician groups that refuses corporate funding from pharmaceutical companies, so that they can’t be “leaned on” in times like these. It was like a cattle round-up (herding of children) with the state wielding syringes, while attorneys issued summons to more than 1600 parents of children who didn’t provide immunization certificates. Parents were to subject their children to on-the-spot state-mandated vaccines of 17 doses or face jail time.

All this at a time when autism cases have jumped from 1 in 10,000 children 20 years ago to 1 in 50 kids today. Donald Trump has stated that too many vaccines too close together could be the culprit. This is part of the reason he has appointed Dr. Tom Price to steer the US “health ship” in the right direction.

A common-sense, patient-centered health policy about to take effect in America – despite media propaganda about Trump

The mass media in America is not a “free press” but a propaganda arm of medical and pharmaceutical predators who wanted nothing more than to enforce Obamacare on all the healthy people of this nation in order to fund the whole chemical-medical Ponzi scheme that’s ironically failing miserably. Certain media trolls are now criticizing Trump’s HHS Secretary choice and AAPS, but these critics leave much to be desired in the form of anything credible. One such huckster uses the name “ORAC” to disguise his real identity, which is a breast cancer surgeon who has horrific patient reviews online. His real name is David Gorski. Gorski calls AAPS supporters of “anti-vaccine mercury militia scientists” just because they question the safety of using mercury (thimerosal) in vaccines.

NYMAG.com writer Jesse Singal cites Gorski’s criticisms of Tom Price’s choices and Singal himself comments that the AAPS isn’t any kind of group you join if you “have any faith in government” – but then again, who’s heeding the “warnings” from Dr. David Gorski, who runs his own quack cancer surgery “business” and ponzi scheme from the dark barbaric quarters of the Karmanos Cancer Institute in Detroit? Gorski is the same psycho-blogger who writes 20,000-word rants on medical boards to terrorize anyone who questions the dangers of injecting mercury, aluminum, MSG and formaldehyde into infants and children (nearly all vaccines contain these).

Dr. David H. Gorski, kingpin of quackery, fraud and medical malfeasance, and former cohort of convicted murder Dr. Farid Fata – calls AAPS “scary”

Vaccine industry front man, spokesperson and ultimate vaccine apologist for the blogosphere, David H. Gorski, a.k.a. (pen name) ORAC, leads the pack in his efforts to obscure the vaccine-autism connection, promoting mercury in vaccines and calling everybody a skeptic who doesn’t bow down to chemical medicine. Gorski has been accused (Published May of 2012 by the “Refusers”) of fraudulently impersonating disease-injured families and making insane comments on message boards and vaccine freedom websites like Age of Autism, Mothering Magazine and even on Amazon forums. This is called pro-vax trolling and it’s an abomination.

On July 10th, 2015, another Detroit area oncologist (and Gorski’s hero), Farid Fata, M.D., was sentenced to 45 years in prison for administering chemotherapy on healthy patients, some of whom died, and for defrauding Medicare and private insurance companies to the tune of $34 million in filed claims.

Bottom line? Be mindful what sources you use to verify credibility regarding the “Trump” effect, because if it’s mainstream media, you can count on lies, lies, and more lies.








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The only prediction that really matters for 2017: The global debt collapse begins, followed by the rise of fascist, totalitarian government

The only prediction that really matters for 2017: The global debt collapse begins, followed by the rise of fascist, totalitarian government

Image: The only prediction that really matters for 2017: The global debt collapse begins, followed by the rise of fascist, totalitarian government

(NaturalNews) As Natural News readers know very well, we are one of the very few news publishers in the world that accurately predicted the Donald Trump election victory as well as the left-wing chaos and resistance that followed.

While the entire fakestream media was arrogantly reporting that Hillary Clinton had already won well before election day, I knew that was a lie. I knew everything was rigged and even wrote a popular article listing all the things that were rigged, including the polls, the news, the DNC and the voting machines in Democrat-controlled voting areas.

Now, as readers are asking me what to expect for 2017, I’ve spent most of the Christmas and New Year’s break pondering the best way to share that insight with you. At first, I thought about putting together a list of 25 bold predictions for 2017, but in the end I realized only one prediction really matters. It makes everything else almost irrelevant.

The era of cheap money and free debt is going to come to a catastrophic end

To understand the implications of this one prediction, you need to grasp the reality that we are approaching the end of the era of cheap money, endless debt and fiat currency money creation. I don’t have the time to go into all the details of why, but the upshot is that the “experts” running the Fed are delusional. They are wrong. The de-coupling of the U.S. dollar from gold in 1971 by Richard Nixon set into motion an inevitable dollar collapse and economic apocalypse.

Since that day, the dollar has existed in a state of eventual demise, with no question whatsoever that the currency would one day collapse. For decades, presidents and central bankers kicked the can down the road, printed new fiat currency and spent the nation into financial oblivion. President Obama, America’s first Muslim President, doubled the federal debt in just eight years, spending insane amounts of money on left-wing handouts and boondoggles designed to win political allies and voter loyalty.

Now, with Trump getting sworn into office on January 20, 2017, the globalists no longer want to prevent the debt collapse from taking place. Instead, they are taking steps to make sure it happens during President Trump’s first term. As the engineered crash unfolds, they will use it to discredit Republicans, fiscal conservatives and Trump in particular while unleashing massive social chaos, riots and even the threat of starvation across America’s inner cities.

The only way this can be delayed is if Trump sells out to the globalist banksters. There are indications that Goldman Sachs may already be a little too cozy with the Trump administration, but we’ll have to see how that plays out. If Trump defies the global banking order, they will either “JFK” him with a lone assassin or destroy his administration with the planned economic apocalypse described here.

Unless Trump caves to the globalists, the economic sabotage will be unleashed during his first term

The goal of Obama and the globalists — if Trump doesn’t agree to play ball — is to “poison pill” America and thrust President Trump into the most catastrophic economic nightmare imaginable. Obama, a malicious enemy of America, has already begun to put plans into motion to gut the economy and plant “political landmines” across the bureaucracy that will blow up in Donald Trump’s face. Obama is the first soon-to-be ex-U.S. President who literally seeks to sabotage the country on his way out of office.

The timing of all this is during Trump’s first four years. The plans will be set into motion in early 2017, and the mechanisms for engineering a crash will be initiated almost immediately after Trump’s inauguration. The effects of those actions, however, will take time to wreak havoc in their intended way. Importantly, no one can accurately predict the timing of when those actions will release the avalanche of global debt collapse. This is because no one can predict so-called “emergent properties” of vast, highly complex economic interactions. No human mind (or even a supercomputer) is capable of accurately simulating all the variables, but what we do know is that once the avalanche begins, it will be unstoppable until it hits bottom.

A good metaphor to understand all this is to imagine someone running around with a concrete drill, trying to bring down a large skyscraper building by drilling holes in the large support pillars of the building’s foundation. The saboteur can drill large numbers of holes — perhaps tens of thousands — and the building still stands. No one knows exactly how many holes will cause the building to crumble, but at some point, one more hole becomes the straw that breaks the camel’s back… and the entire building catastrophically collapses.

It’s impossible to predict which hole will unleash the collapse, just as it’s impossible to predict which additional snowflake will unleash an avalanche on the side of a snow packed mountain. But we do know that a massive, catastrophic event is inevitable if the deliberate sabotage doesn’t stop. That’s where we all sit right now in terms of the global debt avalanche that’s poised to occur. The timing is impossible to predict, but the inevitability of it is easy to predict.

NOTE: One thing that could delay the collapse of the U.S. system is if the European Union crumbles first. As the EU collapses and the ECB freaks out, flight capital will flee to U.S. shores, dumping hundreds of billions of dollars into U.S. stocks, bonds, real estate and other assets. This will be a “mini bubble” and it will be short lived. But as it takes place, Republicans will herald the “Trumponomics revolution” with no regard to the real reason why it’s happening. Before long, the EU crash ripple effects will strangle U.S. markets as well, and then it’s game over until the correction hits bottom.

Once it happens, President Trump will have little choice but to declare martial law and roll out an expanded police state

Now here’s where all this gets interesting (and more than a little disturbing). As the debt collapse unfolds, we’re going to see the freezing of banking transactions, government payments and food stamp debit cards. The stock market will collapse (or be frozen), pensions will collapse, many banks will implode, the FDIC will go bankrupt, real estate will collapse, international banks will save themselves with “bail ins” and so on. It’s going to be financial Armageddon on a scale no living person has ever witnessed before.

Should all this unfold, President Trump will fight the deliberate sabotage by invoking all the emergency measures of Government that President Obama signed into law as executive orders.

Very few Americans realize, for example, that executive orders are right now on the books that will allow President Trump, with a simple signature, to seize all gold, dollars and financial assets of every American.

In addition, Obama also signed executive orders that would allow FEMA to confiscate all food, seeds, fuel, tractors, livestock and farmland from every American, all across the nation. That order was signed on March 16, 2012. I’ve covered the details of it in this Natural News article.

In case you’re so uninformed that you think I’m making this up, you can read the White House announcement of this executive order at this link. (And stop being naive. I don’t make things up. That’s the job of the Washington Post.)

In essence, Obama laid out a blueprint for the totalitarian rise of a police state federal government to be invoked during times of emergency.

What I’m telling you now — and this is the single most important prediction for 2017 and the rest of Trump’s first term — is that President Trump will invoke these emergency orders out of a desperate need for self-preservation of the U.S. government.

Obama created the perfect police state, thinking Clinton was going to inherit it

Every piece of tyranny and overbearing government control that Obama signed into law — incorrectly believing Hillary Clinton would inherit the new police state powers — will soon reside in the executive portfolio of President Trump. What’s crucial to understand here is that even if Trump believes in democracy, liberty and American patriotism, he will have no choice but to unleash a police state response to the social chaos and subterfuge being set into motion by Obama and the globalists… all enemies of Donald Trump.

In essence, you should get ready to live under temporary martial law and a federally run police state dictatorship. You should understand that governments always use crisis to ratchet up their power, invoking the “emergency” of the day to radically expand their power and reach over the citizenry. (It’s called “Shock Doctrine.”) Even more astonishingly, realize that even you will beg for martial law because the violence, looting and social chaos being pursued by the lawless left will be so outrageously out of control that you’ll gladly give up more liberty in exchange for the promise of security.

I hope at this point you understand the real danger in all this. The danger is not the martial law in and of itself. The danger is not the government responding to the chaos with force. The danger is that the police state expansions never end. Because the more the radical left resists the initial police state actions, the more quickly this all descends into a left-wing armed rebellion that forever justifies a militant police state run by the government to enforce “security.”

Governments rarely give up power voluntarily

The real danger in all this, you see, is that President Trump’s inevitable response of martial law and police state tactics is so effective at clamping down on the left-wing violence that it becomes a permanent fixture of American society. The danger is that we wake up and find ourselves living in the totalitarian police state system described by John. W. Whitehead in his must-read book, Battlefield America.

Government habitually ratchets up its power during times of crisis, but it is very slow to let go of that newfound power as circumstances settle down. Once we have an effective, high-security police state under President Trump that stops the left-wing violence and looting, how do we ever return to a society that’s no longer functioning in a state of martial law?

If the police start to back down, the violent, insane leftists start looting everything in sight. They may even be joined by all the tens of millions of former government workers who will one day wake up and realize their pensions have been obliterated. If they take to the streets as well, we’ve got the makings of a real uprising / popular revolt on our hands… and that’s exactly what justifies an expansion of the police state. (I wouldn’t even be surprised if many left-wing bombings turn out to be false flags carried out by those who stand to benefit the most from a totalitarian police state society.)

Make no mistake: President Trump is extremely capable of making the kind of tough military-style decisions necessary to protect his administration from attempted uprisings. He’s got highly capable military generals abundantly represented in his cabinet, for one thing, and these are true American patriots who aren’t going to let anarchists destroy the Trump administration. But that’s not the real question in all this. The real question is how much liberty will we have remaining after the uprising is smashed?

If Trump abandons the liberty principles that got him elected, it will rapidly escalate the anti-government rebellion across all political lines

Will the Trump administration, under extreme pressure from citizens in cities being devastated by violence and chaos, eventually attempt radical, anti-liberty actions under the cover of a “national emergency” such as banning the Second Amendment? If so, that would put the government in a state of war with most patriots, effectively escalating a state of war with the very same people who got Trump elected.

Will President Trump radically expand police powers in order to quell inner city protests? For example, could he authorize the rounding up of protesters and securing them in FEMA camps while they await prosecution? (Hey, we finally figured out how to use those FEMA camps!)

Could police forces throughout the United States be given authorization to shoot protesters on sight? If so, that would place the United States government into essentially a state of kinetic warfare against the mostly left-wing citizens of high population cities. None of the aftermath scenarios in that circumstance are desirable.

Very few people think about how this all plays out. Most Americans are hardly capable of thinking just one move ahead on the chessboard. But people like myself — the true remaining independent journalists of America — think five or six moves ahead, which is exactly why we’ve been so correct on our predictions about what you’re seeing unfold right now. (There wasn’t a single mainstream media journalist who predicted a Trump victory. They all got it wrong.)

Donald Trump is not to blame… he’s being positioned as a scapegoat by Obama and the globalists

What my strategic mind is screaming at me right now is that we will all face the rise of aggressive police state government as President Trump responds to the coming collapse of social order (caused by a combination of economic collapse and the rise of radical leftist anti-government forces). For the record, this is not a criticism of Trump. He is not the person who put all this in place… he’s being positioned as the scapegoat to blame for what unfolds.

It’s actually Obama and the globalists who have engineered this situation with malicious intent. They’ve rigged everything to thrust Trump into a scenario that’s almost impossible to survive without invoking a police state response. They’ve backed him into a corner, leaving him no options but to invoke emergency powers. Once he does that, the fakestream media will pounce on him and label him a “dictator” with all the usual comparisons to Adolf Hitler.

Yet, one ray of good news in all this is that Donald Trump has already proven he is extraordinarily clever and resilient. He may yet maneuver a way out of this that the globalists did not foresee. After all, Trump survived the Republican primary and the brutal presidential campaign. He has proven that he’s very, very hard to defeat. That may work in our favor as Trump faces the greatest challenge of any President in United States history: the engineered collapse of the nation’s currency and debt.

If Trump can survive all that and still avoid radically expanding the police state powers of the federal government, it will be, simply put, the most extraordinary political victory in our nation’s history… and it would make President Trump the greatest leader our nation has known since George Washington.

Can he succeed in all this? I can’t predict that yet. There aren’t enough data points to plan that far ahead. But whether he succeeds or fails, 2017 is the year you’d better be ready to survive the most radical and unpredictable scenarios ever considered.

Stay informed at Natural News, where our intelligent analysis is obviously vastly more informed than anything you’ll ever see from the fakestream media.

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A centuries-old Chinese herbal medicine could help us to fight TB

A centuries-old Chinese herbal medicine could help us to fight TB

An ancient Chinese herbal remedy that became instrumental in fighting malaria could play a major role in treating another of the world’s deadliest diseases – tuberculosis (TB).

The compound, called artemisinin, comes from a form of wormwood known as Artemisia annua, and its identification as an effective malaria treatment led to a Nobel prize for Chinese pharmaceutical chemist Tu Youyou in 2015. Now, new research shows the molecule could also help us to control the bacteria that causes tuberculosis.

The team, led by microbiologist Robert Abramovitch from Michigan State University, screened more than 500,000 different compounds in the lab, and found that artemisinin is capable of blocking a defensive mechanism used by the TB-causing bacterium, Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb).

“When TB bacteria are dormant, they become highly tolerant to antibiotics,” says Abramovitch.

“Blocking dormancy makes the TB bacteria more sensitive to these drugs and could shorten treatment times.”

Mtb needs oxygen to thrive in its human hosts, so one of the things our immune system does to combat the infection is try to deprive it of oxygen, building up a tissue structure called granuloma.

Unfortunately, doing this isn’t enough to actually kill Mtb, which shifts into a survival mode when it senses that oxygen levels are low.

“When the Mtb is starved of oxygen, it goes into a dormant state, which protects it from the stress of low-oxygen environments,” Abramovitch says.

So the researchers went looking for molecules that might somehow prevent Mtb from sensing the oxygen deprivation. The idea was to stop the bacteria from becoming dormant, so that it would be more susceptible to antibiotics.

After analysing some 540,000 compounds, Abramovitch and his team found six different chemical inhibitor molecules that target Mtb’s oxygen sensor in various ways.

In the case of artemisinin, the compound attacks an Mtb molecule called heme.

When heme is disrupted, it’s effectively like turning Mtb’s oxygen sensor off – which hypothetically should increase the bacteria’s vulnerability to TB treatments.

“If Mtb can’t sense low oxygen,” says Abramovitch, “then it can’t become dormant and will die.”

In other words, artemisinin could significantly speed up the delivery of existing antibiotics, and in the case of TB, that shorter treatment window could make all the difference.

Thanks to Mtb’s dormancy mechanism, the disease can take up to six months to cure, which makes TB an extremely hard infection to control.

“Patients often don’t stick to the treatment regimen because of the length of time it takes to cure the disease,” says Abramovitch.

“Incomplete therapy plays an important role in the evolution and spread of multi-drug resistant TB strains.”

While it’s a promising start, the scientists acknowledge that there’s a lot more research to be done before we can use artemisinin in TB treatments.

“[W]e must note that tests in humans are a long way away… we would have to conduct more studies, including to assess the interactions of the compounds we have identified with TB drugs,” Abramovitch told Léa Surugue at International Business Times.

“If we used artemisinin, we would have to make sure that resistance to this medicine does not develop, as is the case today for some malaria patients.”

But despite the long road ahead, there’s no doubt that this ancient Chinese remedy – and the five other newly discovered compounds – could prevent a huge amount of human misery if they’re shown to work safely and effectively in subsequent trials.

“Two billion people worldwide are infected with Mtb,” Abramovitch said in a press release.

“This new method of targeting dormant bacteria is exciting because it shows us a new way to kill it.”

The findings are published in Nature Chemical Biology.

Source: Science Alert

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Acupuncture Alleviates Cognitive Dysfunction After Stroke

Acupuncture Alleviates Cognitive Dysfunction After Stroke

Acupuncture combined with herbal medicine outperforms drugs for alleviating cognitive dysfunction after a cerebral infarction. Researchers (Wang et al.) compared the therapeutic effects of acupuncture plus herbs with that of a pharmaceutical medication. Two groups were compared. The Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) group received acupuncture to benefit the occipital blood vessels and nerves. In addition, the herbal formula Bu Yang Huang Wu Tang was prescribed. The drug group received piracetam, a nootropic derivative of GABA, in tablet form. Nootropic medications are prescribed to benefit memory and cognitive function. The acupuncture plus herbs group achieved a 90% total treatment effective rate. The drug group achieved a 70% total effective rate.

Acupuncture was applied to Fengchi (GB20) and extra point Gongxue. In this study, Gongxue is located 1.5 cun below Fengchi. However, note that Lifang et al. use an alternate location for Gongxue (1 cun below GB20) in their research entitled Additional effects of acupuncture on early comprehensive rehabilitation in patients with mild to moderate acute ischemic stroke: a multicenter randomized controlled trial. Notably, Lifang et al. conclude that “acupuncture is safe and has additional multi-effect in improving neurologic deficits….”

Getting back to the Wang et al. research, Fengchi and Gongxue were selected for their proximity to the lesser occipital nerve branches and the occipital blood vessels. The focus was to enhance vertebral artery and internal carotid artery blood circulation to benefit the brain. Bu Yang Huang Wu Tang was chosen for its ability to promote qi and blood circulation, dispel blood stasis, and dredge the meridian blockages. Wang et al. cite research demonstrating the Bu Yang Huang Wan Tang is an appropriate herbal formula for this application noting that it regulates the ratio of Bc1 to Bax (Wang, Tong & Sun), effectively benefitting mitochondria, mitigating downregulation of 5-HT, and increasing the concentration of monoamine neurotransmitters in the brain. The focus was to improve brain metabolism and protect cells.

The drug group received 3 tablets of piracetam, three times per day for 8 weeks. The acupuncture group received nape acupuncture at Fengchi and Gongxue with 0.30 mm x 40 mm acupuncture needles. The needle retention time was 30 minutes per acupuncture session. Acupuncture therapy was conducted once per day, 6 days per week, followed by a 1 day break for the duration of the 8 week study. Bu Yang Huang Wu Tang was administered in the following modified version:

Huang Qi
Dang Gui Wei
Chuan Xiong
Chi Shao
Tao Ren
Hong Hua
Di Long
E Zhu
Shi Chang Pu
Shui Zhi

Notice the addition of the last three herbs, which are very powerful blood invigorators. The decoction was prepared with normal water boiling processes down to a 400 ml serving, ingested once in the morning and once at night. The results demonstrate that acupuncture has a 90% total effective rate for the alleviation of cognitive dysfunction after a cerebral infarction. Furthermore, acupuncture has been shown to benefit brain function in additional studies.

This research underscores the importance of acupuncture for the treatment of post-stroke syndrome. Scalp acupuncture is often a leading style used for this condition. According to scalp acupuncture theory, there are several windows of opportunity to benefit from acupuncture after a stroke. The most effective window of opportunity is the 24 – 72 hour period after a stroke. Here, treatment results may potentially be completely restorative. Next, there is the 1, 2, and 3 week windows of time. Each sequential week after a stroke brings new challenges. Efficacy diminishes significantly if the first acupuncture treatment is applied outside of the three week window.

Gu et al. confirm that acupuncture benefits stroke patients using the Fugl-Meyer Assessment (FMA) of sensorimotor recovery after stroke. Researchers (Gu et al.) from the Second Hospital (Jiaxing) conducted the study to investigate the treatment efficacy of scalp electroacupuncture after a stroke. Two groups were compared. Each received identical functional recovery therapies and medications, with one exception. The treatment group also received scalp electroacupuncture.

Stainless steel acupuncture needles (0.25 mm x 40 mm) were applied to the scalp motor and sensory areas, including the upper and lower limb regions. Mild reinforcing and reducing techniques were applied with lifting, thrusting, and twirling. Once manual acupuncture achieved the arrival of deqi, electroacupuncture was applied. A disperse-dense wave of 10 – 15 Hz was applied with an intensity level set to patient tolerance levels or until muscle contractions were observable. Electroacupuncture was applied once per day, 20 minutes per acupuncture session, 6 times per week, for a total of 6 weeks. Using the FMA, the researchers concluded that acupuncture assists in the functional rehabilitation of stroke patients, including improvements in both motor and sensory functions.

Tang et al. confirm that acupuncture benefits stroke patients. Using FMA, National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale (NIHSS), and Barthel Index (BI) assessments, the Chongqing Medical University researchers determined that acupuncture lowers the incidence of fatality and paralysis for stroke patients. Measurements were taken at 3 and 6 months following completion of the acupuncture treatment sessions.

Tang et al. cite prior research (Andersson & Lundeberg) determining that acupuncture promotes regulation of neurotransmitters and peptides in the brain and spinal cord. Two groups were compared in the study. Both groups received conventional neurological therapies. One group, however, also received acupuncture. The acupoints used were the following:

Qianshencong – Xuanli (anterior oblique scalp line of vertex-temporal)

Neiguan (PC6)
Jiquan (HT1)
Chize (LU5)
Jianyu (LI15)
Xiaoluo (TB12)
Tianjing (TB10)
Waiguan (TB5)
Sanyinjiao (SP6)
Weizhong (BL40)
Xuehai (SP10)
Taixi (KD3)
Zusanli (ST36)
Huantiao (GB30)
Yanglingquan (GB34)
Xuanzhong (GB39)

Scalp acupuncture needles were applied to achieve deqi with manual techniques followed by rotations for 2 – 3 minutes. Needles were rotated every 5 minutes and total needle retention time was 30 minutes. The remaining acupuncture needles were manually stimulated using reinforcing and reducing techniques. Needles were manually re-stimulated every 10 minutes during the 30 minute needle retention time. Acupuncture sessions were once per day for 20 days. The results demonstrate that adding acupuncture to conventional therapy produces superior patient outcomes to using only conventional therapy. Acupuncture lowered the incidence of fatalities and paralysis.

Wang ZD, Xin GL & Lin FY. (2013). Clinical Observation on Nape Acupuncture plus Bu Yang Huan Wu Decoction for Cognitive Disorder after Cerebral Infarction. Shanghai Journal of Acupuncture and Moxibustion. 32(10).

Wang XG, Tong ET & Sun SG. (2005). Bu Yang Huan Wu Decoction in treating cerebral ischemia and its effect on rat cortical neurons. Journal of Modern Medicine. 14(3): 306-309.

Chen, Lifang, Jianqiao Fang, Ruijie Ma, Xudong Gu, Lina Chen, Jianhua Li, and Shouyu Xu. “Additional effects of acupuncture on early comprehensive rehabilitation in patients with mild to moderate acute ischemic stroke: a multicenter randomized controlled trial.” BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine 16, no. 1 (2016): 226.

Gu XD, Wu H, Fu JM, Wang J, Ma QW, Zhao HW, Lu ZL, Jiang WH, Liu H. (2013). Electroacupuncture of the scalp combined with sensory reeducation for the functional rehabilitation of stroke patients. Chin J Phys Med Rehabil. 35(6).

Yao B, Huang XM, Jiang XM et al. (2007). Rehabilitation of post-stroke patient’s sensory dysfunction. Chinese Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. 29: 314-316.

Tang X, Huang L, Xie HW. (2013). Clinical observation of Yin and Yang acupuncture. China gerontological society. 19(33).

Andersson S, Lundeberg T. Acupuncture: from empiricism to science: functional background to acupuncture effects in pain and disease. Med Hypothesis, 1995; 45(3): 271-81.

Source: Health CMI

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“Machine consciousness” debunked in new mini-documentary by the Health Ranger

“Machine consciousness” debunked in new mini-documentary by the Health Ranger

Image: “Machine consciousness” debunked in new mini-documentary by the Health Ranger

(NaturalNews) To the techno-worshippers, humans will soon become “immortal” because they will be able to “transfer” their consciousness into machines. Or AI systems will become “self aware,” achieving the same mind consciousness that we experience as living, spirit-imbued beings with free will.

Today, I’ve just released a new mini-documentary called The Folly of Machine Consciousness. It reveals why all those who claim machines will attain consciousness are not just wrong, but deeply misguided.

As part of the argument, the documentary also reveals why memory is not physically stored in the brain. Despite their best efforts, the most brilliant doctors, scientists and neurologists of our modern world still cannot find physical “locations” in the brain for memory. The fallacy of biochemical memory is obliterated in this mini-documentary.

Consciousness is not an artifact of complex neurology. It is a self-contained, non-physical layer of existence that interfaces with the physical brain to translate conscious intentions into physical actions in a three dimensional world.

As I explain in the video: You will never find yourself in a machine.

Watch the mini-documentary here (15 minutes duration).

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Rare, frightening superbug gene discovered on US pig farm

Rare, frightening superbug gene discovered on US pig farm

Image: Rare, frightening superbug gene discovered on US pig farm

(NaturalNews) Several medical researchers and scientists have been warning frequently in recent years that the so-called “superbugs” are proliferating across the world faster than modern medicine can stamp them out, due in large part to massive overuse of antibiotics.

Well, another one has been discovered by researchers: a superbug described as very rare and frightening, and of all places, on a pig farm.

As reported by NBC News, the discovery may mean that raw meat could transfer the dangerous superbugs to humans through consumption.

Researchers said they did not find any pigs that are scheduled to be slaughtered carrying the mutant gene, and they could find no sick pigs. Also, they have not yet found any threat to humans at present. All that said, the researchers noted that the mutant should not have been on the farm in the first place, adding that they had no clue how the superbug got there.

Soon to infect humans?

“It is an extremely rare gene. How it got on this farm, we don’t know,” Thomas Wittum, head of the veterinary medicine team at The Ohio State University—who led the study team—told NBC News.

The gene is called bla IMP-27; it allows bacteria to resist the effects of a certain class of antibiotics called carbapenems, considered a last resort antibiotic, meaning germs that can resist the class are extremely difficult to kill.

What’s worse, researchers noted, the superbug gene is transported on small bit of genetic material called a plasmid, which is easily exchanged. Researchers said they found the material in a number of different species of bacteria on the farm. That tells them the bacteria have been passing the gene around.

Scientists are concerned that the gene will penetrate bacteria that can infect human beings. One type of antibiotic-resistant germ called carbapanem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae, or CRE, can be very dangerous. If they infiltrate the bloodstream and cause an infection, half of victims die from CRE germs.

This past summer, scientists warned about a drug-resistant E. coli sample that was found to be carrying a gene known as mcr-1. In addition, the gene was also found on a plasmid, leading to fears that an E. coli bacteria with the mcr-1 gene may pass it along to another superbug with additional mutations, which would then create a truly super superbug that would be able to resist all antibiotics.

Researchers hypothesize that something similar could also happen with the bla IMP-27 gene that was discovered at the pig farm.

‘Real risk’ of disseminating into human food supply

Wittum and his research team were analyzing samples that had been turned over to testing labs from pigs that were believed to be carrying bad infections, as well as some samples that had been submitted by farms. The bla IMP-27 gene was found in a single farm sample, Wittum said, who added that he then assigned his team to further examine the farm. They used swabs and swiffers—like the household dusting tool—to collect samples.

“They’re electrostatic, so they are good for taking samples,” Wittum told NBC News.

While visiting the farm researchers swabbed pigs, tested pens, fences and equipment and also took some fecal samples.

The farming operation was moderately-sized and family-owned, said Wittum. He said only that it had 1,500 sows and that the owners raised pigs from pregnancy to slaughter. He did not identify where the farm was located.

He said the team made a number of visits to the farm last year, where sows give birth in tight pens and piglets are then taken to separate pens of 25 apiece after they are weaned. The team found samples of the bla IMP-27 gene in many different samples and in several species of bacteria, including E. coli and Enterobacteriaceae.

The species were also found in some of the sows and piglets, though they appeared to have cleared the germs.

Wittum said the team’s finding was bad news.

“The implication of our finding is that there is a real risk that CRE may disseminate in food animal population and eventually contaminate fresh retail meat products,” the team wrote.





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