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Deepening medical reform, the Medicine This should accomplish much, but why so many Chinese medicine practitioners are feeling, “You Jin no place to make?” Major Epidemic Come, Chinese participation in such total control of “Freestyle” as much? Chinese medicine health talks, Advertisement Flying, which is the real “disease”? Yesterday, the CPPCC National Committee member, Deputy Minister of Health, State Administration of Traditional Secretary Wang Guoqiang in two sessions, the resident received an exclusive interview with our reporter, “pulse” the current hot issues in the development of Chinese medicine, and make recommendations.

Imperative to study and formulate measures to guide

Symptoms: “You Jin to no”

And more Western, Chinese medicine treatment is simple, low fees. These advantages determine the medical reform in Chinese medicine could do much. But the past few days, group discussions at the CPPCC session, many members from the Chinese medicine sector has said, “You Jin to no.” For example, the local medical reform policy, Chinese administrative departments “know nothing”; essential drugs Tender Procurement, Chinese Herbal Medicine “anxious.”

Prescription: Development of preferential policies Wang Guoqiang that national health care reform package put forward a series of documents full role in the policies and measures for Chinese medicine, it is imperative refine and improve the implementation of these policy measures. Developed as soon as possible to guide the effective use of insured medical services in specific policy measures, appropriate medical services to raise the reimbursement; as soon as possible and draw the characteristics of Chinese Herbal Medicine Chinese medicine procurement and distribution, with the use of price formation system; to preventive health services, Chinese medicine system into the public health service system, Chinese medicine preventive health services into the charges, and public health services in Chinese medicine to promote the use of appropriate technology; speed up the Community Health Center of Traditional Chinese Medicine department of construction, the community health service stations equipped with the medical staff ; in the public hospital reform, the pilot cities should be integrated, will be included in the pilot area of Chinese medicine hospitals.

Wang Guoqiang said that the policy recommendations, and more depend on local government action. For example, in public hospital reform, the reform pilot cities in the leading group of Chinese medicine should be a member of management; pilot cities should be in accordance with the “both Chinese and Western Medicine” principle, the public hospital for Chinese medicine into the health resource allocation criteria, the regional health planning and Regional Medical Institutions; to the development of Chinese medicine characteristics to help a preferential policy of the dominant characteristics of the project, more projects using Chinese medicine, more subsidies, means the use of Western-oriented projects may not need preferential policies .

Chinese medicine to be more involved in combating major diseases

Symptoms: more than a “Freestyle”

Major public health epidemic and emergency incident handling in most of Chinese medicine “step aside” can only do some “Freestyle.” Many members suggested that in many parts of Chinese medicine hospitals are not included in the clinical treatment of major infectious diseases designated hospitals, and as designated hospital infectious disease hospital, the majority of traditional department weak, some not even Chinese medicine department.

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