Chinese ginseng flower purification problems overcome

China’s high-tech development in the field of rare medicinal herbs began to lead the world: Shenzhen, a business research group in the bud industrial purification of ginseng have been a major breakthrough on their use of cutting-edge technology of low temperature high instantaneous fluid extraction, the first time in the world can be batch production of active ingredients of ginseng complete crystal bud – ginseng flower bud.

Internationally, “the king of Chinese participation,” said Sun Biotech Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen, said Chairman Liu Zuobin, ginseng bud by the Western medical community that is known to have medicinal value, the most natural plant medicine, ginseng has been the purification of bud an international problem, long time, people generally eat ginseng flower tea or soup by the way, 60% of the active ingredient is wasted or can not be absorbed. The traditional purification method using non-vacuum state of boiling increases concentration, not only can extract less than 50% of the active ingredients, and destroy many of them active ingredients, even have a very high-tech extraction technology, will not be able to extract More than 70% of the active ingredient.

Liu said he led the research team after years of efforts, finally successful in the world for the first time the industrialization of purified ginseng flower, ginseng can be mass-produced crystal flower bud bud intact all the active ingredients of ginseng, the purification technology in the world advanced level. China is the world’s largest producing country participation, ginseng production accounts for 70% of world production, while the Changbai Mountain Ginseng Ginseng has accounted for more than 95% of total output, ginseng bud almost all produced in China. Currently, the company mass-produced flower buds of ginseng, has begun to one U.S. dollar per gram of high export Europe and the United States.

Liu said the company’s research group developed purification technology ginseng flower buds, suitable for all natural biological purification of industrialization, they will soon be on ginseng, ganoderma, Chinese caterpillar fungus, snow Kazakhstan and many other luxurious ingredients for industrial purification, to a complete end to China’s valuable medicinal herbs only able to export cheap raw materials of history.

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