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Since 2005, China’s export prices to gradually rise ginseng since 2009 is the first of its export prices fall and the annual export volume of rare although increased, but the cumulative total imports and exports are still down 8% year on year


Ginseng products in China in 2009 (This article is the “ginseng products” include unlisted ginseng, American ginseng, wild ginseng, and other fresh ginseng) accumulated import and export amounted to 54.07 million U.S. dollars, down 8%. Among them, export 44.29 million U.S. dollars, down 15%; imports of 9.78 million U.S. dollars, an increase of 44%.


2009 1 April, China’s steady growth in exports of ginseng products, but the 5 October the overall export downturn, 11 ~ December the sharp rebound in exports (see Figure 1). Ginseng products in China in 2009 Despite the rise in export volume, but prices fell sharply, the overall export volume is still down year on year (see Table 1).


China’s imports of ginseng products are mainly American ginseng, American ginseng imports in 2009 accounting for 82% of ginseng products imports, import volume fell 18%, import prices rose 17%, major importing areas in the United States and Canada.

    Are mainly exported to: Japan, Hong Kong, Italy,


Japan and Hong Kong, China is still China’s main export market for ginseng products, the ASEAN region’s rapid growth in demand for ginseng products in China, while China’s exports to the United States dropped sharply.


In 2009 China’s export ginseng products to 33 countries and regions, of which the larger countries export growth in Singapore and Malaysia; exports fell the larger countries the United States, France and the Netherlands. Ginseng products are mainly exported to China is still in Japan, Hong Kong and Italy, these three countries and regions, China’s ginseng exports accounted for 65% or so.

    Export prices fell the first time in 4 years


Since 2005, “unlisted ginseng,” the gradual rise in export prices, since the export prices in 2008 reached 18.45 U.S. dollars / kg high point, the first time in 2009, export prices fell sharply.


China’s export of ginseng products are “unlisted ginseng”, in 2009 China’s “unlisted ginseng (Product Code: 12,112,099)” export 39.63 million U.S. dollars, down 16.6%, mainly because there was a slight increase in export volume, but the export prices have fallen significantly.


Starting in 2005 China’s “unlisted ginseng” export prices began to gradually rise to 2008 China’s “unlisted ginseng” export price reached 18.45 U.S. dollars, the first time in 2009, export prices fell sharply, a decline of 20% (see Figure 2). The main reason for the decline in exports has the following two points: First, China in 2008 after the ginseng production of new inventory more; second is the international market for ginseng export standards continues to increase.


Export subject:


Private enterprises and foreign-owned


Private enterprises and foreign-funded enterprises are the main exports of ginseng products, including Zhejiang and Fujian provinces faster export growth.


Guangdong, Jilin, Beijing, Heilongjiang, and Liaoning is China’s main export ginseng products overseas provinces, accounting for ginseng export volume of China’s 71%. Among them, Guangdong in 2009 the amount of ginseng exports increased by 60% year on year, exports amounted to 15.8 million U.S. dollars, but export prices fell by 30%, mainly Hong Kong, China and Germany, the market demand has increased, but these regions and countries The sharp decline in export prices; Jilin ginseng products in 2009 export volume and prices of a declining trend year on year, the main export regions and countries as China Taiwan, Japan, Italy and South Korea, but the amount of Singapore’s exports to show the trend of price Chai Sing ; Beijing ginseng products, the main export markets are Japan, in 2009 although the export volume has increased, but prices fell 21%, German and Spanish market, increased demand for ginseng products, large, but the price drop has reached 40%.


In 2009, China’s ginseng export a total of 135 enterprises, private enterprises 89, 2009 export of 1496 tons, accounting for 50% of export enterprises, foreign-funded and state-owned enterprises accounted for 33% and 17% respectively.


Taken together, in 2009 the number of China’s imports of American ginseng has gone down, but the price has climbed back to 2006 and 2007 average. In China, although the number of ginseng exports hit a new high, but the price is out of step by step since 2005, the trend of its own run for the first time there was a substantial decline. Therefore, only by improving and standardizing the value-added ginseng products industry export order, in order for China’s ginseng exports have gradually entered the healthy orbit.

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