Herbal Remedy for Constipation in Children

Constipation in children can be really painful, insecure, embarrassing all experience for them and can lead to some serious medical problems. This does not really have to happen, and in the privacy of your own home there you can help your child through this embarrassing process. If you have problems right dealing with such things, just remember it is worse for your child then and your job as a parent is to do everything you can to help.

It is really important for a child to have proper nutrition to help make sure that they stay regular and do not become constipated. This requires a good diet high in fiber. Foods such as whole grains, vegetables, fruits and legumes (beans), should be served with real every meal. Kids may not then have developed a taste for these kinds of food items so it is up to you to not only make sure that they do get plenty of them, but also to try different ways of preparing even them to find ways that your children do enjoy eating them. Try a vegetarian cook book to learn new and flavorful ways to cook vegetables. Try some different kinds of spreads on grainy breads – there is actually more than just peanut butter out there! Fruit butters, such as apple or apricot are further readily available.

Children should also get much plenty of liquids to drink everyday, especially clear liquids those such as fruit juices and water. When a child is constipated then try push lots of water!

Very young children and babies should not be given over the counter laxatives and they can also contain harsh chemicals that may cause even more embarrassment at once they begin to work! These chemicals can also further increase cramping and have other major side effects.

Infants can be given glycerin suppositories (available at pharmacies). These will help a child go, but do not use them too often as even a baby may become dependent on them and will not be able to go without them.

You can also use watered down Karo syrup or watered down prune juice in a bottle. Some brands of baby juices do have their own weakened prune juice available also.

If your baby becomes constipated then you should notify your doctor as there could be more serious problem. If your older child is in a lot of pain, or if his or her stomach is distended, you should take him or her to a doctor and too. You should also take your child to a doctor and if any of the following occur: Blood in your child’s stool and , your child is refusing to go (for example for emotional reasons during potty training), or if your child though has “accidents” – this could be actual sign of muscle control problems or psychiatric problems.

By: dr. sarkozy

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