Home Remedies for Healing Hemorrhoids

Try the home remedies to treat hemorrhoids. These are a much better option than resorting to surgery or other medical interventions to rid you of hemorrhoids. Healing hemorrhoids has been very easy with these remedies that have been used umpteenth times by many sufferers.

Moreover, the use of surgery is always as a last resort for many doctors. It is only when the sufferer has exhausted all options will they use surgery. So you might s well use the home remedies option because this has been proven very effective. The problem with surgery is that the post operation effects are plenty. They include pain as well as adverse reactions to medications and anesthetics. At times the recuperation can last for over a month.

Irrespective of the types of hemorrhoids, the home remedies will be able to eliminate hemorrhoids. The following cn be done to permanently remove the ailment.

1. The diet must contain plenty of fibers. This can be found in the fruits and vegetables. Aside this, you can get the packed supplement of fibers from the pharmacy. The supplements include psyllium which you would need to take it once daily with water. The fibers will produce a softer stool thereby ensuring the absence of constipation and straining during bowel movement.

2. Take a tablet of Vitamin C 1000 mg daily. The vitamin is an anti oxidant which will help to defend the cells against the perils caused by free radicals. These radicals are found in the environment as well as in medications. Vitamin C will also strengthen the cells of the blood vessels to withstand the distention and stretching caused by hemorrhoids.

3. Use a sitz bath where the warm water can be used to soak in the buttocks so as to relieve pain and inflammation associated with hemorrhoids. The bath can contain Epsom salts, herbal salts or just plain baking soda.

For healing hemorrhoids these are some of the very effective remedies. There are others that will also permanently eliminate hemorrhoids. These have been found to be very safe, cheap and as well as effective.

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By: mohamad ali

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Mohamad Ali is an affiliate marketer. He has years of experience in pharmaceutical manufacturing and is currently devoting much of his time in preventive and complementary medicine. He has a deep concern on health issues and spends a lot of his time advising people on healthy lifestyle maintenance.

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