Kidney Stones Herbal Remedy

These are hard deposits of chemical salts. They can be caused by inadequate fluid intake and by too much calcium and animal protein in the diet. In the United states it is believed that a deficiency of magnesium and B6 can contribute considerably to calcium oxalate kidney stones. Mild pain in the lower back on one side indicates stones in the kidney. Severe pain indicates stones that have got stuck in the ureter, one of the two tubes that carry urine the from kidneys to bladder.

Are you interested in a kidney stones herbal remedy? Hundreds of people search the internet each day to find a herb that will help pass their pain and kidney stones. In my almost decade experience in natural health, my customers have found that one herbal remedy seems to work the best. Unfortunately, water will sometimes not do the trick.

You can easily make your own kidney stone tea by combining these herbs and some others. Boil some water and add herbs such as cramp bark and hydrangea and simmer it. You can then mix in the herbs mentioned above and let the tea cool. When it is cold enough then strain it and drink a cup, the rest should be refrigerated. Take tea several times a day for the best effects. It might not taste the nice but it can be very effective.

In most cases, a normal healthy diet will naturally flush and pass stones because it cures the problem holistically. Holistic treatments are effective because they are simply using natural tools for the body to work at an optimal level. In the case of kidney stones, getting enough high fiber fruits and vegetables can naturally treat and prevent kidney stones.

Kidney stones come in 4 basic types. There is the calcium, struvite, cystine, and uric acid. They are caused by a variety of reasons, from excess calcium in the system that is there naturally to injections in the urinary tract. Treating them medically typically includes surgery or perhaps hitting them with ultrasound in order to break them up and help them to pass easier.

Sometimes the stones are so large that they can not pass normally through the body and need to be treated in such a way. There are also some things that can be done naturally, such as herbal treatments, in order to dissolve the stone and allow it to pass, or perhaps rid the body of it all together.

You should always aim to prevent kidney stones too! If you have suffered from kidney stones previously, you are more likely to be re-diagnosed with kidney stones later on in life. With that said, you should know how to prevent kidney stones with the foods and drinks in your diet. A good rule of thumb would be to drink enough water and to eat at least 5 water soluble fiber fruits or vegetables a day. And what’s that quote? “Prevention is always the best medicine.

Other natural remedies for kidney stones will also include; taking tomato juice, fruits such as grapes which helps in reducing pain in kidney stones, effective herbs which are very effective when it comes to curing kidney infections.

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