Is Ginseng Really Magical Herb?

The Chinese have been using ginseng tea for their health for thousands of years. Ginseng has been revered in the Orient as an almost magical natural supplement with amazing benefits for those who use it regularly. It is the most famous Chinese herb, and it is the most widely recognized plant used in traditional medicine ? with a legendary reputation as an overall body tonic, rejuvenator and anti-aging supplement.

Oriental medicine sees ginseng as an essential element in a wide range of prescriptions, and regards it as both a preventative and a cure. Although ginseng is usually thought of as a Chinese remedy, the ginseng that grows in America was independently discovered by Native Americans, who also used it for its medicinal properties.

It was discovered that the weather and soil conditions of the United States and Canada are suitable for growing ginseng. Korea possesses all the prerequisites to produce the best quality ginseng in the world: climate, soil and cultivation technology handed down from generation to generation that serve to obtain and maintain worldwide reputation. Experts agree that in order to get the best results, people must know how to make the best choice by analyzing their body’s characteristics and needs first before purchasing any type of ginseng.

There are many ways to eat and drink ginseng: the most popular is tea, but it is also possible to make soups, put it in food, or even just eat the plant’s leaves as it is. Commercially, ginseng is taken as tea, in capsules, in liquid form from viles, or even by eating the root itself. Eleutherococcus can be taken as an herbal tea, dried root extract, tincture, or water extract.

American Ginseng is not a drug and should not be taken as such. Now, this is where a group of herbs that are utilized throughout the world can help us?they have been called “adaptogens”, and are normally herbs that are taken to aid the body adapt to and endure stress. All forms of ginseng are said to aid in reducing stress, improving vitality and boosting the immune system.

Function of American ginseng can boost the immune system, and therefore increase resistance to disease. Siberian ginseng, “Eleutherococcus senticosus” is described as an adaptogen, a compound thought to be able to normalise the functioning of the body whatever form of disease is present. Eleuthero, formerly Siberian Ginseng, (Glandular) is a member of the ginseng family, though it is of a different genus than other popular ginsengs such as the Panax variety.

Due to Korean ginseng’s unique appearance, ancient herb doctors interpreted this perception to mean that ginseng was a cure-all for the entirety of human illness. History of American ginseng Native American people may have considered this herb a means to increase female fertility. This is considered the most stimulating type of ginseng.

There have been reports that Asian ginseng may possibly decrease the effectiveness of the blood-thinning medication. Siberian ginseng contains remarkable compounds that favorably affect the adrenal glands, the small glands that rest atop the kidneys and secrete stress-fighting hormones. A double blind study on 93 people suffering from recurrent herpes infections indicates that 2g of Eleutherococcus per day may limit or reduce the frequency of herpes infections.

Spread cleaned roots on a piece of old plywood or screen rack in the shade for drying. 4 Ashwagandha roots when used regularly helps to improve the conditions like emaciation of children, senile debility, rheumatism, in all cases of general debility, nervous exhaustion, brain-fag, low of memory, loss of muscular energy and spermatorrhoea. Effects on mind: As it balances vata and kapha, it improves memory, counteracts the effects of stress and calms mind.

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