The Reasons You Should Make Some Catnip Tea

Have you wondered exactly why folks make catnip tea? Have you heard about a few of it’s beneficial properties? This kind of tea is definitely starting to be more and more widely used due to the fact that more and more men and women seem to be looking for natural help with regard to common problems.

Among it’s various benefits and uses is the simple fact that catnip tea will help you to rest. Feeling anxious? Pick up a bit of catnip ready for brewing and make yourself a fabulous cup of tea. Curl up on the sofa and allow your cares melt away. It is frequently used to aid in relaxation and stress relief.

Have an queasy tummy or diarrhea? Get a mug of tea and let it help to settle your stomach.

There are numerous other health benefits offered by this simple little herb named catnip.

Exactly how do you make catnip tea? It happens to be very simple. You can easily grow and maintain catnip in your own garden. If you do so, keep a close eye on it because it loves to take over. It is a very prolific grower! In the event that you are not really the gardening type or maybe you want some tea but have not grown some just yet, it could be purchased. It either comes in ready-to-make pouches, just similar to standard tea, or as a dried herb.

For the purposes of this article, we are going to presume that you have purchased it or perhaps grown it and possess loose herbs.

If perhaps it is in your garden, go out and get a handful. Don’t be shy. You will be able to offer some to the neighbors, too. Cut it right at the base of the stem, leaving behind just an inch or so.

Bring it inside and tie your stems together. Hang it upside down in bunches in a dry, dark area. Leave it until it is totally dried out. This could take a couple of weeks or more. It will depend on humidity as well as other factors.

When your herb is ready, you may slide your hand along the stem and take off the leaves. Discard the stems. Place the leaves inside a plastic bag and mash.

Put your crushed leaves in the tea diffuser and then delight in your hot mug of tea. Once you make catnip tea, you want to be sure to enjoy it. Put in honey or even sugar to taste.

By: Barbara N

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For more information about catnip tea, visit Growing Catnip.

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