Ginseng Industry Of China To Increase Competition In A Number Of Foreign Products

Recently, South Korea canceled the ginseng monopoly management. This change in industrial policy, will break the old pattern of international competition, once again for our ginseng to provide equal opportunity to compete. All along, China is a big country ginseng, ginseng but not sales, profit power. To this end, the Government should fully play its role in macroeconomic regulation and control and establishing a market economy management system to improve the overall competitiveness of ginseng industry

Ginseng is a traditional Chinese precious Chinese herbal medicines In one of the most widely used species, known as “National Treasure,” “King of Herbs” reputation, ranking the “Northeast Sambo,” the first place. Ginseng germplasm resources in China is rich in different ecological conditions, the distribution of the various wild and cultivated types of ginseng. Cultivated ginseng according to their ecological conditions, plant morphology, cultivation methods, the value of such goods can be divided into general reference, trimmings participation, participation in three product types of columns. From industry, China has basically formed ginseng ginseng, ginseng under forest and agricultural land planted reference “three pillars” of the situation.

Ginseng is the most representative species of crude drugs in China, but between countries of different scientific and technological content of ginseng products, ginseng our country are a serious threat. In the international market, South Korea and China with ginseng ginseng brand to compete in China, the ginseng and Korean ginseng falls far short of the price.

Ginseng in China is both a production and consumption of power, but also a big exporter of ginseng, over the years, ginseng and ginseng products from valuable, rare Traditional Chinese medicine Materials into China Traditional Chinese medicine A sub-industry, influential industry, is also a new economic growth point and the main export commodity. Therefore, the quality of our ginseng, specifications, brand, origin and organization of the industry chain, the development status and countermeasures research and analysis, especially digging ginseng processing technology to improve their core competitiveness is necessary.

Industry Status Jilin ginseng cultivated in China the main growing areas, produce about 4,000 tons of finished ginseng, ginseng production accounts for 80% of the country, accounting for 70% of the world’s ginseng production, Liaoning, Heilongjiang also has quite a production.

Our area and yield of cultivated ginseng account for about 40% of the world, accounting for more than 70% yield of ginseng province?? The Jilin Provincial Government is also to ginseng as the dominant pillar industries, Jilin, Liaoning, Heilongjiang ginseng have been carried out and Chinese medicine and modern research, development of a group of ginseng as the main raw material New Drugs . Meanwhile, the food, gifts, beauty, and other areas of extension, with the exception of red ginseng, white ginseng, and vigorously participate, refined parameters, and preservation parameters, there are refined ginseng, ginseng tea, ginseng, ginseng oral liquid, a capsule reference (a class of drugs) such as more than 300 kinds of products, a considerable share in the market share.

Ginseng industry in China experienced centuries of dispersion after planting, embarked on a standardized way. In order to ensure the fundamental quality of Chinese patent medicines, promoting the Traditional Chinese Medicine Modernization, former State Drug Administration at the April 2002 release of “Chinese medicine production quality control (Trial)”, from seed sources, growing conditions, cultivation techniques, pesticide use and other aspects of the production of Chinese herbal medicines strict specification. Chinese herbal medicine manufacturing enterprises in line with a voluntary basis, select some planting base, through the “company + peasant household” to carry out such forms of Chinese medicine production, and to apply through the national GAP certification. In 2006, Jilin ginseng group in American ginseng grown in Jingyu County, Jilin Province; Beijing Tong Ren Tang Jilin ginseng in Jingyu County, Jilin Province, Riverside County, ginseng cultivation bases have taken the lead through the GAP certification.

Face difficulties In the planned economy era and the reform and opening up, Jilin ginseng have had, “daughter of the emperor,” as brilliant. However, since 1989, due to macro-control errors, improper release of the ginseng plant operation, resulting in tremendous growth of ginseng production, prices have fallen, the rapid decline in participation in industry efficiency, ginseng industry into a trough, participation of agricultural losses. The reasons are mainly the following aspects:

First, the industrial production level of development constraints.

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