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There are various treatment options for tinnitus. And choosing the best one can sometimes be hard. The treatment for tinnitus varies from medications, surgery, therapies, exercise and herbal remedies.

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Herbal remedies for tinnitus are mostly considered by most people because of its less evasive effects compared to medications. But what most of you would ask is, if there is really an herbal remedy that will work for tinnitus.

Before we dig deeper into the herbal remedies available, let us understand first what tinnitus is. Tinnitus or the perception of ringing in the ears or head can be caused by many things including head and neck injuries, ear infections, teeth grinding or bruxism or even just a little too much wax in the ear.

The best herbal remedy for Tinnitus without doubt is Ginkgo Biloba which will improve circulation in and to the brain. Make sure that you get enough Gingko Biloba so that it will be effective. This method of treating Tinnitus can take time so it may take several weeks or even months before experiencing any relief from this herb.

There are some other alternative treatments such as Black Cohosh, Sesame and Goldenseal. Always discuss alternative treatments with your doctor or health care provider before using them. Sesame seeds have been used by Chinese herbalists for the treatment of tinnitus, blurred vision and dizziness. You can add sesame seeds to your foods. With black cohosh, it is very useful in alleviating tinnitus. It is used in the form of a decoction two to three times a day. Black cohosh when combined with gingko Biloba gets the best results. Goldenseal may also help some cases of tinnitus. When it is combined with Black Cohosh is said to show the best results. Foods that are rich in zinc can help in hearing problems. Zinc are mostly found in spinach, papaya, collards, Brussels sprouts, cucumbers, string beans, endive, cowpeas, prunes and asparagus.

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