Scurvy Causes and Home Remedies for Scorbutus

Scurvy happens to be an illness that is borne out of a severe deficiency of Vitamin C. People that are deprived from fresh supplies of food for long periods of time, much like sailors and soldiers that keep food reserves for a long period of time, tend to suffer from scurvy more than most others.

While scurvy is relatively widespread amongst children, the fact that it is a deficiency illness means that it can strike at any time during a person’s life

The causes of scurvy

Basically, the main cause of scurvy is total abstinence from food and green vegetables. This has been often referred to as the primary cause of the disease and the cure for the same consumption of fruits and vegetables as a cure. In the early citrus juices such as lemon or lime juice is added to the recipe for traditional daily ration to ensure prevention of this disease.

Home Remedies for Scurvy

Indian gooseberry

Indian gooseberry is one of the most effective home remedies for scurvy. It is the richest source of vitamin C. Indian gooseberry powder dry should be an equal amount of sugar. This powder should be given in doses of one teaspoon three times a day with milk

Mango powder

Another effective remedy for scurvy is the use of mango powder, a popular item of diet in the homes of Indians, consisting of green mangoes – skin, boneless, cut into pieces, sun dried and powdered. Fifteen grams of mango powder believed to be equivalent to one ounce of lime in a good account of its citric content


The potatoes are considered an excellent food remedy for scurvy. Holds up to 17 mg of vitamin C, can be found in 100 mg of potatoes. It has been noted that scurvy in Europe has become more common and more with the progress of potato and makes its appearance only when the harvest is not

Jaundice Berry

Jaundice berry skin scurvy is valuable herbal remedy. The leaves of the plant are against scurvy or to combat scurvy.

Lemon and lime

Lime and lemon are two very good home remedies for scurvy. Use lemon line and can be very beneficial in the treatment and prevention of scurvy. The main reason they are so beneficial is because they are rich sources of vitamin C and fruits was observed as having an exceptional therapeutic value.

Lemon and limes have saved the lives of countless teams that have been in the ocean-going vessels from scurvy. If it was good enough for them, is without doubt one of the cures scurvy that you should consider.

Mango powder

Among the best home remedies scurvy is mango powder. Mango powder can be used raw or you can add mango powder in your kitchen. Cabbage, oranges, tomatoes, broccoli, grapes, green peppers and sweet potatoes are also to be taken in moderation.

Another useful home remedy for jaundice berry scurvy. If you are using jaundice berry, you can go to the decoction, which is usually prepared by boiling the leaves in a few hundred milliliters of water.

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