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Are you fed up with the mess created by bleeding Piles ? Don’t worry you can get rid of bleeding piles naturally – by controlling diet ,stretching selective muscles & with home remedies.

Many still believe that surgery is the only option to remove bleeding Piles, you may

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Piles – internal as well as external types – are formed when the renal veins are subjected to severe pressure during hard bowel movement. The fundamental reason for piles is constipation. Bleeding in bright red color is a usual symptom of internal piles whereas external piles bleed when the lumps are irritated or ruptured during bowel movement. The common causes for piles are –

Stress on renal veins due to frequent occurrence of constipation Sitting for long hours continuously Body overweight Pregnancy Aging Heredity Frequent occurrence of cough, diarrhea etc. Liver cirrhosis Irregular and slow toilet habits Anal intercourse Anal infection

Treatment of Bleeding Piles at Home

Though there are surgical and other methods in medicine for curing bleeding piles, they are very painful and much expensive. The patient will be hospitalized for a few days. Moreover, such treatments will cause many side effects. For these reasons, most people opt for natural remedies to cure their piles. These natural remedies are widely accepted for treatment of piles because they are –

Very effective in curing the piles Very easy to follow The treatment can be done at home Less expensive Causing no pain Causing no side effects

What are the Home Remedies for bleeding piles?

As already mentioned, constipation is the root cause for piles. So, the first step in the treatment of piles is ensuring smooth bowel movement. This can be achieved by bringing suitable changes in your diet.

Eat foods which are rich in fiber content. Include fresh and dry fruits, vegetables, grains and cereals in your regular diet. Also take fiber supplements such as Psyllium and Methyl cellulose. Fiber rich food will soften the stools and ensure smooth passage of bowel thereby avoiding the chances of the piles to bleed.

Drink plenty of water daily which will enable smooth bowel movement


In addition to the dietary adjustments the following natural remedies will effectively cure the bleeding piles.

Boil 20 grams of sesame seeds in 500 ml water till it is reduced to 1/3. Grind the seeds to a paste with water and take that along with butter. This is an effective remedy for bleeding piles.

Roast the fruits of chebulic myroblan (a herb) in cluster oil till it becomes brownish. Then grind it to a powder and take half teaspoon of the powder daily before going to bed. This will insure smooth bowel movement and will heal the bleeding piles.

The bleeding from external hemorrhoids can be controlled by rolling a cotton ball dipped in witch hazel over the rectum region

Rub onions in water and mix sugar with that. Take it twice daily to stop bleeding.

Take juice of fresh bitter gourd leaves along with buttermilk daily morning

Eat black berries with salt daily morning. It is an effective remedy for bleeding piles.

Mix 2 Grams of dried and powdered mango seeds with honey and take in the morning daily. It will cure bleeding piles.


Taking fiber rich diet will ensure smooth bowel movement and thereby the basic cause of piles – constipation – will be avoided. The other symptoms can be effectively cured by following the methods of home remedy. Thus with no pain and no side effects you can come out of your ailment.

Fast Acting Bleeding Piles Home remedies can cure bleeding piles within 48 hours.


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