Chinese medicine claimed to correct high FSH and low eggs

Current medical situation

Once a woman’s natural level of follicular stimulating hormone (FSH) rises above 12 and her menstrual cycle shortens or even ceases, most doctors practising Western medicine will tell her that fertility treatment cannot help her.

A woman in a situation like this cannot enter an in vitro fertilisation (IVF) program.

Often such a woman is told that she is going into early menopause and is diagnosed as having low or no egg reserves.

A woman with a high FSH rate is often advised to consider IVF as soon as possible or IVF with donor eggs. While this may give a woman a baby, it will do nothing to address the underlying failure of the ovaries which will indirectly affect her other bodily and mental functions later in life. 

There is treatment to correct FSH levels. I have seen many women with poor FSH levels and have treated them with great success. I have treated many women whose FSH rates were well above 12 in the past five years and reduced the FSH rate of most of them. My treatment has reduced their FSH rates to 12 or below, as verified by independently conducted blood tests. 

I use traditional Chinese medicine to achieve excellent results where modern fertility drugs cannot help.

Chinese medicine achieves great success for such women. Yet Western doctors usually say to their patients that there is little hope for them and that no treatment exists for their kind of condition.

How the medicine works

Chinese medicine used in such cases of poor FSH creates a significant change in hormones. However this change is not due to the Chinese medicine supplementing the body but to it stimulating the production of hormones within the body. Thus the Chinese medicine contains only an extremely small amount of hormones as the active ingredients.

Four of my patients, whose names have been changed below for privacy, illustrate the effectiveness with which I apply Chinese medicine to treat high FSH levels.

Mrs King

Mrs King, who is now aged 27 and lives in Sydney, Australia, is in the prime of her reproductive years. Yet when I first met her, she had not had her period for three years.

She had consulted an IVF clinic and was diagnosed with premature menopause, no eggs. She was asked to find an egg donor for IVF. 

Her FSH level was 94.2 and her oestrogen level was less than 44. (The laboratory does not test any lower.)

I did not think that a donor egg was applicable and told her that I could reduce her FSH instead.

Many women under my care have fallen pregnant after being told to give up trying by doctors practising Western medicine. 

I prescribed Chinese herbal medicine for Mrs King which was tailored to her body type and constitution.

After less than 12 weeks of only Chinese herbal medicine, her FSH rate was down to 23.1 and her oestrogen was more than 64.

Just as her twelfth week of treatment approached, she phoned us saying that her period had arrived that day for the first time in three years.

After less than 16 weeks of only Chinese herbal medicine, her FSH was 13 and her oestrogen more than 130. Both her FSH and oestrogen are now within range for her to conceive naturally.

Mrs Jones

Mrs Jones, aged 52 years and living in Sydney, first saw me when her FSH was extremely high at FSH 73.7 and her oestrogen was less than 44.

Western medical treatment over two years had failed and she was told to give up.

When I asked her to arrange for new blood tests for FSH and oestrogen, Western doctors harassed her for even considering pregnancy.

She experienced thyroid problems, hot flushes up to 48 times a day and wet bedclothes at night due to sweating.

After 12 weeks of Chinese medicine, Mrs Jones had her FSH and oestrogen levels tested and found that her FSH had dropped from 73.7 to 23.1 and her oestrogen had risen from less than 44 to 389.

The test also returned positive for ovulation, which was extremely good as it confirmed again that her ovaries were renewing their function.

She was very close to the required FSH level now. Her hot flushes, which had occurred nearly every 30 minutes, were gone.

This time when I asked her to arrange for new blood tests, she was harassed by a different Western doctor for considering pregnancy.

She was being rejected by family doctors when she asked for a blood test for FSH and oestrogen.

Mrs Green

Mrs Green, aged 47, of Sydney, came to see me as she had been advised that she was infertile due to already having started menopause.

Her FSH levels were too high at FSH 64 and her oestrogen was too low at less than 44. Her results were consistent with ovarian hypo-function after menopause. She did not have a period nor did she ovulate.

I prescribed Chinese herbal medicine for her, altering it to suit her body type and constitution.

Mrs Green’s period arrived about 14 days after she began my treatment and 17 days after her period arrived she also positively ovulated.

After two and a half months, her FSH and oestrogen also dramatically improved. Her FSH dropped from 65.5 to 11.8 and her oestrogen increased from less than 44 to 526.

Three months after beginning my program of Chinese herbal medicine, she became naturally pregnant. Her gynaecologist confirmed this, although the embryo was not viable.

Mrs Lee

Mrs Lee, who was 28 years old and also living in Sydney, had been advised by IVF doctors that she had no egg reserves at all and that if she arranged for an egg donor the treatment would fail.

Her FSH was 89.3 and her oestragen less than 44.

Mrs Lee had not had a period since she was 19 years old.

She had severe rib pain, breast lumps and hot flushes throughout the day and night.

So I prescribed Chinese herbal medication to suit her body type and asked her to have a blood test after four weeks of medicine. 

After four weeks of Chinese medicine, Mrs Lee’s FSH had dropped from 89.3 to 65 and her oestrogen had risen from less than 44 to 74. Her FSH improved 27 per cent. She is still receiving treatment.

These women were unresponsive to modern Western medicine yet they showed very rapid progress when I treated them using traditional Chinese herbal medicine.


All of these women suffered from symptoms such as:

hot flushes every day;

hot hands and feet;

feeling hot and agitated at night;

sweating a lot at night;

light, broken sleep; and

not menstruating for six months.

So as well as improving a woman’s chances of becoming pregnant, my treatment relieves the uncomfortable or painful symptoms of high FSH. Symptoms like headaches, hot flushes, sweating, insomnia, restlessness, lethargy and irregular periods can be quite debilitating for any woman.  

Chinese medicine has been used for thousands of years to treat people with fertility problems. It is safe and natural and has no side effects.

Although acupuncture has been widely recommended and used to treat high FSH levels, I have used Chinese medicine to produce much better and faster results than acupuncture.

About FSH and IVF

Follicle stimulating hormones (FSH) occur naturally in humans and other animals. FSH regulate the development and reproductive processes of the body. In women, FSH stimulate the follicles during the ovulatory cycle and facilitate the development of ovules, eggs.  

In vitro fertilisation (IVF) is a medical process in which a woman’s egg cells are fertilised by sperm outside of her womb. This process involves hormonally controlling ovulation, removing eggs from the woman’s ovaries and letting sperm fertilise them in a fluid. A fertilised egg is then transferred to the uterus in an
attempt to achieve pregnancy.

With intrauterine insemination (IUI), fresh or frozen and thawed sperm is artificially placed in a woman’s uterus.

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About the Author:

Dr Kenneth Snell is a fertility specialist practising at his Acupuncture IVF & Fertility Clinic in the Sydney suburb of Chatswood. He is a member of the Fertility Society of Australia and the Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association. He graduated from the University Of Technology Sydney with a bachelor of health science in traditional Chinese medicine.

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