Overcome Infertility with Chinese Medicine

Can Chinese Medicine help you get pregnant naturally?  

A lot of women are tired of the drugs pushed by their doctors – and the side effects that come along with the drugs.  They’re looking for alternatives to drugs and expensive medical procedures (that may not even work!)

Traditional Chinese Medicine is a great place to look for help getting pregnant.  Chinese medicine doctors don’t take the same approach as Western doctors – and Chinese medicine approach is very effective.  

A Western doctor just looks at the symptoms – you’re not ovulating so he prescribes Clomid.  Or worse, you’re not getting pregnant, so he recommends IUI, or even IVF.  They don’t really look what else is going on.  They may give some lip service “watch your diet, reduce stress, have a healthy lifestyle.”  But that’s it.

A Chinese Medicine doctor is going to do things differently.  She takes a look at your overall health.  She’s going to have you come in and work through some surveys.  She’s going to ask you how you feel mentally and emotionally – in addition to physically. She’ll completely profile your health.

Once she’s done that she can see what systems in your body are working well, and which ones are not.  Your fertility is not an isolated thing.  If your organ systems are not working guess what… you’re not going to get pregnant!

Now how does she treat you once she’s found out what’s wrong? (Don’t worry if you can’t go to a Chinese Medicine doctor… I’ll share a resource you can use to determine good Chinese Medicine treatments below)  She may recommend some lifestyle changes – reducing stress and exercising are good things and Chinese Medicine is aware of that.

She may recommend specific foods to you.  There are foods that can strengthen your organs and body and boost your fertility.  What foods you need depend on your own body.  You’ll know exactly what those are.

You’ll also use some traditional fertility herbs, and herbs that balance other parts of the body.  Chinese fertility herbs work with your menstrual cycle.  You’re not often on any one herb for a long period of time, so you don’t need to worry about getting too much.  You take certain herbs during specific times in your cycle to boost your fertility and correct imbalances in your body.  

You could have other techniques recommended to you, as well – acupuncture and acupressure are two very effective methods used by Chinese medicine.  Even Western doctors are admitting that studies show these techniques are very effective in helping you get pregnant.  If needles worry you acupressure is effective, too, and you can even learn to do it at home.  

If you’re trying to get pregnant and you haven’t had success, Chinese medicine is an approach to consider.  It will not only boost your fertility – it will enhance your health.  If you want to discover more about Chinese medicine, including how you can decide on and use the remedies in your own life, you need to check out this resource.

By: Kristen Burgess

About the Author:

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