Old Home Remedies to Make in Your Kitchen

Old home remedies are historically significant pieces of the past that represent the way people used to live. Before common medicine was readily available, families got by with the help of natural home remedies that were passed down from generation to generation.

These herbal remedies are often referred to as “folk medicine”, and date back to the ancient Egyptians, or to the American pioneers who followed the Oregon Trail. Natural remedies were essential to the health and well being of each family member. These remedies were used to cure sicknesses, help with birthing and pregnancies, treat wounds, and prevent illness.

In today’s world, many people use natural recipes as preventative treatment and as cures for a variety of health issues. Some would argue that commercial medicine is over prescribed and over priced, and could possibly be replaced with a natural remedy that is just as effective. Old home remedies have almost no chemicals in them, and get their potency from the earth. They aren’t synthetically fabricated in labs and are, most of the time, quite safe to use.

One of the best things about old home remedies is that they can be made and stored easily in your home, and often cost very little. Did you know that a handful of almonds has the same amount of aspirin as two aspirin tablets? The next time you have a headache, fill your stomach with some of nature’s best nuts for a little relief.

Did you know that both garlic and clove oil are extremely effective pain relievers for toothaches? Both contain antibacterial properties to kill germs and stop the aching from a sore tooth. This is a much better solution than other liver damaging pain relievers! Natural medicines work wonders when it comes to human and pet health, and can save families lots of money with fewer doctors visits.

By: Natural Home Remedies

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