Natural Treatment for Tinnitus – 5 Natural Remedies

My fight with tinnitus is a story of ups and downs and a search for a natural treatment for tinnitus. I was a musician for many years and this lead to the ringing of ears that many of us deal with. The condition progressed to a loud ringing even after I’d given up music as my main occupation. I sought help from my doctor and was given drugs such as nicotinic acid, baciofen, lidocaine and others.

The relief they gave was short lived and the side affects were not pleasant. Not being a big believer in prescription drugs, the search was on for alternative or natural treatments for my condition. Here are some of the natural remedies that many tinnitus sufferers have found effective.

1. Vitamins B-1, B-3(Niacin), and B-12 have all been found to be low in people suffering from tinnitus. A regimen of vitamin therapy has been found to give some who suffer from ringing of the ears relief.

2. Minerals such as Zinc, Calcium, Magnesium and Maganese have been found to helpful in dealing with tinnitus.

3. A belief now prevalent in the medical field is that tinnitus may be caused by reduced oxygen flow to the inner ear. Studies have shown that pure oxygen treatment under high air pressure can increase oxygen saturation in the inner ear up to 500%.

This therapy is in common use in European countries for the management of sudden hearing loss and noise-induced hearing loss and their results have been positive. It’s been shown to also bring dramatic healing to tinnitus patients also.

4. Herbal treatment for tinnitus has been shown to lessen the degree of noise that’s heard constantly. Gingko Biloba has been used by the Chinese for centuries to treat various ailments and is now thought to be an effective natural treatment for tinnitus. Many studies have shown that ginkgo increases circulation in the brain and that this helps relieve the suffering of those with tinnitus.

As with most tinnitus remedies, many people swear by ginkgo while others say they can tell no difference in their condition.

Black Cohosh is a plant used to treat muscle pains and cramps and it has a mildly relaxing effect also.

Herbalists treat anxiety, nervousness and tinnitus with cohosh. It’s interesting that anxiety and nervousness are common side effects of chronic tinnitus. I know that I was highly anxious after getting no sleep and feeling down and tired after a night of loud ringing in my ears.

5. There are other therapies being used to treat tinnitus such as vibrational therapy that is helping many people.

I’ve found that many of the above treatments and regular meditation have helped me.

A natural treatment for tinnitus is working for me. I learned about a program that combines many of the above remedies with some cutting edge treatments.

I’m not totally cured of my tinnitus yet but I’ve made progress and giant strides towards regaining my former quiet life. Learn more about the program that’s giving me relief at

By: Robin Newsome

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