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Toothaches are brought about by several reasons such as dental cavities, exposed tooth rot, a cracked tooth, gum diseases and many other factors. The gravity of pain from toothache ranges from mild to severe and from sharp and sporadic pain to dull and persistent, so it is best to always have a toothache first aid kit in order to be prepared at all times. Home remedies for toothache can be very helpful in this situation especially to those who cannot turn to over the counter medications for this purpose, such as women who are pregnant.

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Wheat Grass

Wheat grass is considered to be a natural antibiotic which can greatly lend a hand in providing some protection against bacterial infections of the gums and teeth. Wheat grass juice works as an excellent mouthwash for tooth decay and relieves toothaches. It can also be chewed to draw out toxins from the gums and thus checks bacterial growth.


Lime is a very good source of vitamin C and it is very helpful in maintaining the health of the teeth as well as the other bones of the body. For a much needed toothache relief, it is best to eat a raw lime along with the peel, and as mentioned, the effectiveness of lime for toothaches can be associated with its high level of vitamin C and the lower levels of acidity as compared to lemons.


Asafoetida has been used in traditional medicine particularly in the Indian sub-continent. In order to relieve pain quickly asafoetida should be crushed, then combine it with lemon juice and slightly heat. Soak a cotton swab into this solution and place it in the cavity of the tooth.

These home remedies for toothache may not be able to cure or solve the real cause of the problem. However, a lot of people will agree that the relief it offers can greatly help, most especially when there’s no dentist to attend to your immediate needs.

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