Say Goodbye To Western Medicine With Natural Health Remedies

There are just too many people that rely on traditional western medication to handle even minor issues that crop up. What people don’t realize is that most ailments can be fixed with natural health remedies that are available on the common market for a fraction of the cost. Let’s review a few of these:

Acne – This is has been a problem for men and women for thousands of years, with some people suffering severe cases. There are a number of natural cures to help reduce outbreaks such as plain oatmeal mixed with honey as a skin lather, or lemon juice and rose water in an equal mixture that can be poured over the skin.

Hangovers – If you’re battling the hangover from hell you can take in a solid dose of coconut water to restore electrolytes and help stave off dehydration which is the main cause of the hangover headache. Likewise, try eating or taking milk thistle which can reduce the load on the liver.

Nausea – Stomach upset is fairly common and it’s not necessary to take over the counter medications to calm the stomach. Ginger is a great option and comes in a variety of forms such as ginger snaps, ginger candy, ginger ale and even in capsule supplements.

Joint Pain – Millions of Americans suffer from arthritis each day, and they can turn to Nettle for relief as the plant extracts contain anti-inflammatory properties. Another is Epsom salt thanks to the magnesium which carries similar anti-inflammatory properties.

Cholesterol – Many doctors are putting patients on statin medication which has debilitating side effects. The natural remedies for cholesterol are far better for your health, such a simple change in diet and exercise to reduce cholesterol naturally as well as a greater intake of whole grains.

Anxiety – anxiety often stems from bouts of mild depression. To combat this, a supplement of St Johns Wort can be taken on a regular basis to stave off depressive states and reduce anxiety. Another helpful remedy is to spend time in meditation and Yoga.

Snoring – Snoring is caused primarily by the relaxation of muscles in the airway, and can be reduced by working towards weight control (a primary contributing factor) as well as a reduction in smoking. For anyone trying to improve their natural.

Scars – These skin blemishes don’t have to be forever, and while there is no real cure there are natural ways to reduce scar tissue. Both onions and Aloe have the ability to increase circulation when applied to the skin and can help inhibit the body’s ability to produce collagen in that area.

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