Natural Depression Remedies and Herbal Supplements

There are a number of companies who advertise their herbal supplements as the best. But we should be aware of all such advertisements because they offers nothing because ninety percent of herbal supplements marketed by the companies are useless. But this does not suggests that true herbal supplements and remedies are unavailable.They do exists.But recognition of a worthwhile product is important.

There are some guidelines which can help in the identification of a useful product:

* Does the product bears contents or ingredients which has gone under a clinical research?

* Does the doses of these components are in proper ratio?

* Does the product contains a standardize amount of active components?

* Is the product low or high quality? Does it fulfills all the quality control standards? The compsition of components used in the product is pure or not.?

Generally the useful herbal remedies are those which has diagnosed depression under a lot of clinical researches. Among a number of remedies amino acids and nutrients are found to be the best.

Herbal Supplements for Treatment of Depression:

St John’s Wort : One of the most commonly used herbal supplement for the treatment of depression is St. John’s Wort. It has been scientifically proved that the use of St. John’s Wort is helpful in controlling emotions such as anger and happiness. St. John’s Wort can be used in variety of forms such as in the form of capsules, in the form of oil, or even in tea.

SAM-e : SAM-e is another commonly used herb for the treatment of depression. However, the effects of SAM-e can be seen in a few days in comparison to St. John’s Wort, which shows improvement in a few weeks.

Kava Kava : Kava Kava is another supplement for depression, which is used in the form of the drink.

Gingko Biloba : Gingko Biloba is used to aid depression by increasing the circulatory oxygenation to the brain cells among the elderly people.

Ginseng : Ginseng is also used for the treatment of depression that removes anxiety among the elderly people. Both Gingko Biloba and Ginseng are used in the form of capsules.

5-HTP : 5-HTP (5-hydroxytryptophan) is used to treat depression effectively. It is an amino acid which helps in initiating the serotonin level in the brain. Serotonin acts as a. neurotransmitter. The Low level of serotonin leads to depression.The prescribed antidepressants cannot work if there is an imbalance in the Serotonin levels. In most cases a dose of 50-300 mg every day helps in changing the mood with in a few weeks. It has no side effects. Some websites put doubt on the results and safety of 5-HTP. But they are wrong.In fact the clinical research proves that 5-HTP at present is the most safe remedie available for the treatment of depression. It is a good choice as a natural rmedy for diagnsing depression but the results are best when it is used with St. John’s Wort.



There are a lot of natural herbal supplements available in the market but choosing the right one is important. Sam-e is a herbal remedy whose results are faster.

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Natural remedies are for everybody!

A flower essence is basically an extract of a flower that is completely tasteless. It has the strength, aroma and the energy of the flower in it which is why it is made and used. These essence remedies are similar to homeopathic medicines that are diluted and then potentized to make them more effective than they naturally are. The usage of flower essence therapy as a natural remedy is not new. Infact it is an age old ancient practice going back several thousand years. It is said that flowers, preserved in honey have even been found in the tombs of ancient Egypt.

The usage of flower essence therapy as a natural rescue remedy was researched into and first developed by an English physician by the Name of Dr. Edward Bach. Dr Bach developed the flower essence therapies in a more usable way and after thorough research he launched the Bach Flower Remedies that are used till today. His whole plan was to find a form of treatment that worked on the mind and not just on the body.

Dr. Bach believed that the mind can get sick jus the same way as the body can and medicines for the body may not necessarily be good for the mind. He also wanted a more natural remedy to be used as rescue remedy as and when the mind was sick with problems like depression and anxiety because Dr. Back believed that the mind is a whole different entity. Infact he spent the last years of his life working on perfecting these simple natural remedies and they have been used ever since.

Most often these flower essences are extracted from the flower without harming the plant as a whole. These natural remedies are then prepared by using the flower extract mixed with special water in crystal bowls. Some people who prepare these natural rescue remedies also say special prayers for the flower to infuse all its energies into the natural remedy preparation. This perpetration is then allowed to come in contact with natural elements like air, fire (heat from the sun), water and earth. The preparer also prays for all the gods and angels to bless the preparation. The natural rescue remedy is then ready for distribution.

Natural rescue remedies in the form of flower essences can be taken individually or combined. Since these natural remedies are virtually tasteless they can be taken directly from the bottle with a few drops put under the tongue. Or else, these remedies can be taken in a diluted form as well. On the basis of recommendations from an experienced flower essence therapy practitioner, several different essences can be combined to create one essence that can be used as a remedy to the problem that the person has.

Be it a problem of the mind, body or soul, there is something in these natural remedies for everyone.

By: Ratnesh Pandya

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“Author says” Dr. Bach believed that the mind can get sick jus the same way as the body can and medicines for the body may not necessarily be good for the mind. He also wanted a more natural remedy to be used as rescue remedy as and when the mind was sick with problems like depression and anxiety.

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