Arthritis | Natural Remedies, Acupuncture and Exercise for Arthritis

Humans aren’t the only ones affected by arthritis. Even our beloved pet dogs get affected by arthritis the same way it affects humans. Statistically, dogs are more prone to arthritis than cats. Arthritis is a type of disease that umbrellas over a hundred kinds of joint inflammations that causes pain and stiffness. Scientists and researchers haven’t found solutions for this disease in humans, more so in canines

Natural Remedies for Arthritis

Here are some effective natural remedies, dietary guidelines and herbal treatments for relieving arthritis.

It is possible to arrest the progression of arthritis by altering one’s life style. Sedentary life style is discouraged. The patients should try to keep themselves active to the extent tolerable to the aching joints. Leaving joints idle would make them stiffer, but also over working the joints through repetitive movements would wear them out further. So patients are to follow a balanced course of activity. Pressure on ailing joints can be reduced by controlling body weight. This may be done through light physical exercise and dieting.

Diet of an arthritis patient should be rich in omega3 fatty acids. Fish oil consumption and feasting on sweet water fishes like salmon, sardines, tuna, herring, mackerel etc are beneficial in this respect. Consumption of beef, pork, meat, yeast should be avoided, for they lead to increased uric acid production in the body, and are also conducive to causing obesity.

High purine content food items are to be avoided. The patients should cut down on soft drinks and caffeine intake and include large amounts of green, leafy vegetables and fresh fruits in diet. Fruits like black berries, pomegranates are rich in antioxidants that aid the tissue repairing process. Drinking of green tea too can supply the damaged joints with antioxidant.

Herbs like nettle and yucca can treat arthritis with considerable success. The sodium, potassium and calcium content in nettle makes it a highly beneficial arthritis herb. Also saffron, a natural hydrochloric acid cleanses the system of uric acid, thereby checking gout.


Exercise keeps your joints flexible, builds muscle mass, and reduces excess weight that tends to put more stress on affected joints. But this remedy, to most patients, is a bitter pill to swallow. It is a challenge for patients to exercise, when any kind of movement on the affected area causes pain?

How do they rise above this face? Doctors recommend that patients change high impact exercises into low impact ones. For example, instead of jogging with your dog, why don’t you take your pet for a swim? Swimming requires as much effort and energy like running but it doesn’t give your joints any impact as your feet do not hit the ground.


For some reason, dogs seem to handle the art of acupuncture better than their human best friends. Most dogs tend to fall a sleep when the session begins. Acupuncture entails inserting hair-thin needles into the body. These needles are even sometimes electrically charged.

Treating your arthritis by acupuncture may be a little bit expensive for the average Joe and usually, pet insurance does not cover these kinds of luxuries. You must also remember that acupuncture sessions are not a one time thing, you and your pet would need regular visits to your acupuncturist.

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