Herbal Remedy for Erectile Dysfunction As Adverse Effect of Over Masturbation

One of the worst adverse effects of over masturbation is the problem of erectile dysfunction. Being a victim of this problem is not only embarrassing for the man suffering from it, but is also very disappointing for the partner involved, as she may not get the desired sexual satisfaction from her man. This hampers sexual lovemaking, and can later on also lead to relationship problems.

Most men are afraid or shy to discuss such problems, because of which they never understand the respective causes and possible treatments too. But people from the medical field say that treatment is more important than fear of public embarrassment. Besides, apart from the doctor and you, there is nobody else who will get to know about your condition. Then why feel scared and delay your treatment for no reason?

Since excessive masturbation has a direct link with Erectile Dysfunction, the first main step towards the treatment is to of course stop masturbating. This is because the more one masturbates with lesser time between two subsequent masturbating sessions; the more the tissues of the penile area get worn out in the absence of rest. Eventually, they start paining, get loose, and the person is unable to manage his erections.

Luckily, there are several options that one can go in for, in terms of treatment. There are chemical based medicines and tonics, and herbal ones as well. However, it is recommended to go in for herbal supplements and oils, because they are made from natural ingredients, and are very safe and effective. With herbal products and medicines, you have no risks of side effects, and the treatment period also gets reduced because the herbs are very effective in nature. Moreover, these herbs have been used since ancient times, and are considered to be very good for the overall health of a person too.

Another natural method of curing ED is to opt for Kegel exercises, which help to strengthen the penile and pelvic area, and improve blood circulation as well. Some experts also recommend regular Yoga exercises for improvement in sexual conditions.

When getting treatment for ED, one must realize that the treatment will not be effective until and unless there are positive changes made in one’s daily routine and lifestyle as well. A proper diet, regular exercising, and the habit of getting up on time and sleeping on time go a long way in making a person healthy and fit.

Those who are suffering from diabetes, or are showing symptoms of the same, also need to be careful, as that too can cause problems of ED. Doctors suggest that the diet control should start as soon as you start to feel the first few signs of diabetes.

Of course, each person’s problem varies and not everyone has the same extent of the problem. For that, it is always good to have a check up with your doctor, who will be able to guide you better on what all you can do to get rid of erectile dysfunction.

By: Dr Andrew Napier

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