Natural Liver Cleansing, Home Remedies for Liver Care

This article helps you to know the functions of liver and how natural remedies help you to maintain the healthy liver. Above all, I would like to tell you how liver works. Liver is the largest gland in the body and situated at the right side of the body. Liver plays many important functions it helps in regulating, storing, synthesizing, transforming and secreting. Also visit Liver Supplements the major function of the liver is to store the nutrients like minerals, proteins and glycogen.

The Liver is the foremost complex organ in the human body. It’s necessary roles in detoxification, hormonal balance, fat control, digestion with circulation. It’s like the most chemical mill in your body, maintaining over five hundred totally different chemical functions. Compounds are broken down, synthesized, modified, burned, detoxified as well as excreted. Our livers metabolize the nutrients proteins, fats, along with carbohydrates. It turns toxic resources into non-toxic substances for discharge.

Exercises: – Exercises are also the best method to maintain the healthy liver. It is very effective both mentally and physically also. Exercises help to burn the calories from the body and also provide you the energy and stamina. Exercises also help in proper flow of blood circulation in the body. Yoga is also very beneficial. It also helps you to reduce the stress and gives calm and peace of mind by increased the oxygen and blood supply to the brain. Some postures like kapalbharti, bhadrika, pranayam are very beneficial for liver.

The liver manufacture as well as secrets bile in order to absorb fat-soluble nutrients and remove poisonous substances purifies the blood, filters bacteria, end toxins, antibodies-antigens and other. Our livers perform as blood banks for twenty to thirty percent of your body’s blood, manufacturing blood clotting agents in addition to blood proteins, metabolizing and storing hormones, and even controlling triglycerides, cholesterol, different blood fats, with body fat levels.

Home Remedies:-

1.    Consuming sieved mixture of the sacred fig (3to 4 leaves), sugar and about 200 ml of water, twice each day helps in improving liver condition.

2.    Fat intake also should be avoided or should be minimized to about 20 to 30 grams.

3.    Consume orange juice on empty stomach early morning.

4.    Intake of one table spoon of glucose thrice every day with water helps in stimulating liver

5.    Consume sugar mixed with the radish in water empty stomach to improve your liver condition.

6.    Drinking of buttermilk mixed with a pinch of processed alum is very effective in treating liver disorder.

7.    Alcohol should be completely avoided.

8.    Consuming water of white colored water kept in sun for 10 hours also protects us from liver troubles.

9.    Take a high carbohydrate diet to maintain the energy levels in the body

10.    Seeds of papaya mixed with ten drops of lemon juice should be consumed twice daily.

When Should I Cleanse My Body Or Do Natural Liver Cleansing?

Get to it today! As harmful chemicals increase, our bodies become less efficient at removing accumulated waste and harmful chemicals. The earlier you begin, the sooner your body can begin to heal. Harmful chemicals are really simple to handle once they haven’t accumulated much in the body. Don’t go on postponing or procrastinating as you’ll have yourself to blame soon, start doing natural liver cleansing today.

By: Dr. Mital John

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