The Healing Powers of Herbal Teas

Herbal teas have become popular in the last few years because of their appealing tastes.  But did you know that recent research has shown that herbal teas can cure a variety of ailments?  Here are some common herbal teas and the ailments that they can help or cure.

Ginger – Ginger tea can help reduce inflammation in your arteries as well as thin your blood, thus preventing blood clots as well, and maybe even better, than aspirin.  And, to top that off, ginger tea does not have the  side affects that taking a daily aspiring can have–such as stomach upset and heartburn.  Ginger has also been found to reduce levels of artery-clogging LDL cholesterol and triglycerides by as much as 27%.  Two cups of ginger tea is the recommended dosage. Spearmint – Spearmint tea can help women with stubborn acne get smooth, clear complexions in just six weeks.  Spearmint can also help lower levels of hormones that stimulate the sebaceous glands to produce excess oils which clog your skin pores.  Two cups of spearmint tea each day should do the trick. Ginseng – Drinking just one cup of gingseng tea each day can help trigger a 30% spike in the cells of the immune system that destroy invading organisms, thus cutting your risk of infections as much as 40%.  An added bonus is that gingseng boosts nutrient flow to the brain whcih help improve your mood. Yarrow – Yarrow tea contains natural painkillers as well as powerful anti-inflammatories and uterus-relaxing compounds.  By sipping two cups each day during the week before a woman’s period, yarrow tea can help ease menstrual cramps and bloat.  Yerba – Researchers have found that yerba tea can help rev up your energy and alertness 20% more effectively than coffee, yet it contains only a fraction of the amount of caffeine that coffed does.  Yerba also contains compounds that stimulate your brain and nervous system without causing jitters, sleep problems or headaches.

By: Donna Cope

About the Author:

Donna works as an accountant for a large corporation.  In her spare time, she enjoys watching golf and football.  Recently she has started building websites.  Check out her latest effort related to mermaid costumes at

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