Natural Remedies for Foot Pain

Natural Remedies for Foot Pain.


Do you have shooting foot pain in the morning, after or while walking, after running, sleeping or sitting and searching for natural remedies for foot pain? You may be suffering from plantar fasciitis, inflammation of the plantar fascia due to injury.


Don’t bother; you can get rid of this foot pain by using natural remedies that are simple, cheap and without side effects. Before knowing about the treatment for foot pain, let us learn about the symptoms, causes and diagnosis of plantar fasciitis.


Debilitating foot pain, pain in the ball of foot, in the high arch, in the arch of foot and in the heel of foot may arise from wearing incorrect shoes, age-related loss of resiliency in the ligaments, tendency of the foot to roll inward upon walking, some form of arthritis like ankylosing spondylitis or Reiter’s syndrome. Diagnosis is done with medical history and physical examination.


Rest, icing, anti-inflammatory medications, orthotic, stretching exercises and night splints are the natural remedies that are useful in getting rid of this painful foot condition. Just resting usually helps to eliminate the most severe pain and will allow the inflammation to cool down. Avoid precipitating activities like jogging, prolonged standing or walking. Applying ice over the affected area help to diminish some of the symptoms and control the heel pain. Pain relievers like ibuprofen and naproxen can control pain and decrease inflammation.


Professional methods are useful in quick cure and may be used if you do not know how to allow nature to cure foot pain.

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