Extensive Use Of Western Technology, Traditional Chinese Medicine Sector

According to the Ministry of Health web site reports, November 12 -13 day party was held in Beijing Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Health to implement the scientific concept of development emancipating the mind and seminars. Party secretary of the Ministry of Health Gao Qiang, made a speech entitled “actively explore, reform and innovation, implement the scientific concept of development – to talk about the emancipation of the mind a few questions” speech. Gao Qiang said in his speech, as long as we adhere to the people-oriented, focusing on the people the salient question, use our brains, innovation, subjective initiative into full play, we will be able to create a people’s satisfaction with performance.

Gao said that the deepening of medical and health system must emancipate our minds. In this regard, he correct direction of public health work, adhere to medical and public health nature, persist in rural areas focus on medical system reform in order to fill drugs, adhere to Chinese and Western medicine and try to elaborate on areas such as 15. In regard to the equal emphasis on Chinese and Western medicine, the Gao Qiang said that medicine is a treasure of Chinese traditional culture, the maintenance of the Chinese nation has played an important role in reproduction. Chairman Mao said that China’s contribution to the world, traditional Chinese medicine count one. Western medicine in China has been insisting in the principle of attaching equal importance to Chinese and Western medicine as a person’s right-hand man. The advantages of Chinese medicine is Jane, then, inspection, and honesty, while under the influence of income-generating mechanism, this advantage has become a disadvantage, affecting the survival and development of Chinese medicine.

A large number of Chinese medicine institutions in the acquisition of some large modern equipment and extensive use of Western medical technology, resulting in shrinkage of Chinese medicine positions and the brain drain, this situation must be changed. The development of Chinese medicine should be to vigorously carry forward the guiding ideology of the characteristics and advantages of Chinese medicine, on the basis of inheritance of exploration and innovation. The development of Chinese medicine does not lie in the number of Chinese institutions, but rather the real use of Chinese medicine techniques, to capture some medical problems. The Government of traditional Chinese medicine special support policies should be implemented at all levels in the health sector should increase efforts to support the development of traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine personnel should love and be determined to join in the traditional Chinese medicine, painstaking research in the medical technology; to efforts to expand the Chinese Medicine team, carefully cultivated on Chinese medicine, modernization of Chinese medicine to explore effective ways and methods.

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