Traditional Chinese Medicine and Infertility Treatments – Treating Infertility Using Chinese Medication

Women who are suffering from infertility will usually go to the ends of the earth just so they could finally get pregnant. And one of the options they look into are traditional Chinese medicine and infertility treatments.

With the Chinese associated with herbs and other traditional methods of healing, they have created their own methods in treating infertility in women. One of the common method in treating infertility is the wildly popular acupuncture. This treatment focuses on treating specific parts of the body that is known to be connected with body organs including the ovaries.

More traditional Chinese medicine and infertility treatments include the use of herbal medicine. With the Chinese known for their seemingly innate knack for concocting cures for every sickness and ailment possible, they also have their own versions and formulations that target infertility. These herbal medicines often are so complex to the point that they use 15 or more ingredients to concoct a single formula. Their array of herbal medicines treat conception problems such as blood stasis, phlegm, kidney yang deficiency, among others.

Although Qi Gong is not a medication per se, these exercises are still used as part of traditional Chinese medicine and infertility treatments. These exercises are taken as therapies that can help women reduce stress, anxiety, and even depression that often comes with women suffering from infertility. As it is believed that women who are consistently surrounded by stress will most likely find it difficult to conceive, these exercises can be really helpful.

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