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Herbal Remedies that you can take as a home remedy can make a tremendous difference in quality of life.

Obviously, the suggestions offered are never in the place of a qualified medical practitioner. With that in mind here is some interesting information about how herbs as home remedies can make life better.

Take energy for example. Herbs are very helpful for building stamina and endurance. Highly recommended is Siberian Gingseng, or Eleuthroccocus Senticosus. It’s not even in the (Asian)Ginseng Family. It gently but solidly boosts energy, without unwanted jitteriness. It was extensively researched in Russia. It was so successful that it was given to all Russian Cosmonauts,Olympic athletes, and even factory workers.

A standard tonic dose is what does the trick. 1 teaspoon 3 X Day of tincture. 2 large capsules of powder 3X Day. Eleuthrococcus usually comes in a fairly mild-tasting powder.

You can mix 1 teaspoon with water and gulp down a few times a day. By two weeks most people feel a definate improvement in basic energy level.

Other good energy herbs are the Chinese “CHI” or Vital Energy herbs. My favorite is Huang Qi(Astragalus Rt.). It boosts energy and also the Immune System. It’s my herb of choice for Thyroid sluggishness. Standard tonic dose is good.

While Chinese Or Korean Ginseng is a bit too heating for women experiencing hot flashes, American Ginseng(Panax Quinifolium),is often just right.

Spirulina is a Super Nutrient, that is SUPER energizing and nourishing to cells. Its a MicroAlgae that is higher protein than Meat! Take 3-4 500 mg. tablets daily and watch your energy soar! It’s also an Incredible Fluid and Blood Builder. Spirulina is helpful for practically Any menopause symptom.

Ashwaganda (Withania Somnifera) an Ayurvedic (Indian)herb is very energizing yet calming. It’s a highly regarded as an Aphrodisiac in India for women and men.

Insomnia Herbs offer real help to fall asleep. Good herbs to try before bed are:

Passionflower(Passiflora Incarnata)-try a full Tablespoon of tincture or Strong tea a half hour before bed. Scullcap(Scutelaria Latiflora)-try a full Tablespoon of tincture or Strong tea a half hour before bed. Chamomile -try a full Tablespoon of tincture or Strong tea a half hour before bed.

If the problem is that you fall asleep without difficulty; but then you wake up throughout the night the following herbs can help: BaiZiRen(Biota Seeds) SuoZaoRen(Zysiphus Seeds) HeHuanPi(Albizia Bark)

They work excellent together, or even singly could really help, taken on a tonic basis;1 teaspoon 3X Day. Even taken before bed alone these herbs can help.


Helpful Herbs are : Motherwort(Leonrus CardiacusMotherwort(Leonrus Cardiacus)-1/2 teaspoon of Motherwort Tincture gives a fast moodlift. It does not induce sleepiness.

LemonBalm(Mellissa) seems to lift off the depression in no time!1/2- 1 teaspoon of the tincture is very effective. It actually has a pleasant taste, so the tea is Nice. The herbs suggested for sleeping are very calming. Just take less, because a small amount helps with tension. Too much puts you to sleep!

Passionflower(Passiflora Incarnata)-try a 1/2 Teaspoon of tincture or Strong tea if stressed out! . Scullcap(Scutelaria Latiflora)-try a 1/2 Teaspoon of tincture or Strong tea if stressed out! . Chamomile -try a 1/2 Teaspoon of tincture or Strong tea if stressed out! The following TCM herbs really help feel more relaxed:

BaiZiRen(Biota Seeds) SuoZaoRen(Zysiphus Seeds) HeHuanPi(Albizia Bark) ou can sip it all day as lemonade.


If you can’t concentrate try herbs. They really help. A great formula to try is:

Centella Asiatica(GotuKola) Ashwaganda(Withania Somnifera) Taken as a Tincture it really boosts concentration and Memory noticeably within a few weeks.


Occasional herbal relief of constipation can provide big relief. But, it should not be something that you MUST have to “go”.

Mild herbal help is Cascara Sagrada (Buckthorn), Rhubarb Rt. (or Turkey Rhubarb Rt.), Aloe Vera Juice is very good. For really bad occaisional constipation you can use Senna

Laxatives often cause cramping. Mixing your herbal laxatives with Powdered Ginger rt. stops the cramping. It’s also unbelievably effective for tummy aches and nausea.


Big relief can be obtained by mixing Golden Seal (Hydrastis Canadensis)Powder with AloeVera gel and applying locally after every bowel movement. Squirting some inside the rectum is possible with an applicator,or a small enema, really helps. Butcher’s Broom(Ruscus Aesculus) is an herb that brings quick relief to Vein pain. Hemmorhoids involve the inflamation and enlarging of veins in the rectum.

A good TCM Herb formula for Hemmorhoids is: TCM-“Damp Heat”Chronic Hemmorhoid Formula Equal parts of: HuangBai(Phellodendron) HuangLian(Coptis Rt.) DaHuang(Rheum) FuLing(Poria mushroom) MuDanPi(Moutan Bark)

Immune Boosters

Astragalus Rt., (Huang Qi-Chinese name) is a Powerful Immune Booster. It gives energy and endurance. You can take it daily to build up the Immune system. It’s ideal after getting over Viruses, or any illness. It builds up weakened metabolism.

I’ve used Astragalus Rt.with success for Hypothyroid(sluggish thyroid). Reishi Mushroom(LingZhi) boosts Your Immune system and energy level, as do Ginseng(Panax) and Siberian Ginseng(Eleuthrococus Senticosus)

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Insomnia a Herbal Remedy

A herbal remedy for insomnia is probably the most popular herbal remedy reccomended in the western hemisphere today. With anything from 10 to 20 percent of the American adult population claiming to suffer from insomnia at any one time the search for relief is on. Notice I said relief. It should be stressed that only behavioral or psychologic techniques can actually cure insomnia, whereas prolonged use of sleeping pills can only result in dependency. Hence an insomnia herbal remedy is good!

There a large number of herbs that you may (and I say MAY) find helpful as a insomnia herbal remedy. Before testing any insomnia herbal remedy you should consult your Doctor or other Health Professional before self medicating. Lets face it most drugs are good and er bad.

I’ll list some of the main insomnia herbal remedys here and add a few notes. Others insomnia herbal remedys are mentioned at great length in the books mentioned at the bottom of the article.

Essential oils are organic compounds that are extracted from various plant parts, including flowers, trees, herbs, spices. Essential oil compounds are found in the leaves, wood, resin, fruit, flower blossoms, roots and buds of the plant. Lots of Herbal remedies for insomnia can be used as essential oils.

Ginseng is the most famous Chinese herb and the most widely recognized plant used in traditional medicine. The main active ingredients of ginseng are the more than 25 saponin triterpenoid glycosides called “ginsenosides”. These steroid-like ingredients provide the adaptogenic properties that enable ginseng to balance and counter the effects of stress. Benefits; to reduce the effects of stress, boost energy levels, assist with mental and body fatigue and maintains excellent body functions. An excellent Herbal Remedy for Insomnia. It hits all the targets.

Maca. Maca grows in volcanically enriched soils high up in the Peruvian Andes in a pure, unpolluted atmosphere. According to scientific research, Maca is amazingly rich in healthy amino acids, carbohydrates, phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals, including calcium, phosphorous, zinc, magnesium, iron, as well as vitamins B1, B2, B12, C and E. Benefits of Maca, Increases libido, Deeper sleep, Balances moods, Helps adapt to stress,Slows the aging process,Lessens aches and pain. This was a new one to me and as yet I haven’t tried it as a insomnia herbal remedy. Any comments ?

Mushrooms promote good health and vitality and increase your body’s adaptive abilities and are an effective insomnia herbal remedy. Mushrooms are probiotic meaning they fight off illness by restoring our bodies balance and natural resistance to disease through homeostasis. Natural mushroom supplements contain an active ingredient proven by research to be an incredibly effective enhancing agent to the immune system. Mushrooms are low in calories and high in vegetable proteins, chitin, iron, zinc, fiber, essential amino acids, vitamins & minerals. Hands up for mushrooms as a insomnia herbal remedy!

Extracts of (St John’s wort) are now successfully competing for status as a standard antidepressant therapy. Great effort has been devoted to identifying the active antidepressant compounds in the extract. St John’s wort is one of the best-investigated medicinal plants us as an insomnia herbal remedy. Researchers in Europe have studied St John’s Wort for decades. They discovered a combination of elements in the plant, foremost of which is “hypericin”, react with specific chemicals in the brain to temper emotional discomfort, lift depression, and calm the nerves. Working very much like the common synthetic prescription antidepressants (maprotiline hydrochloride and imipramine) and again a wonderful insomnia herbal remedy.

Yohimbe is a popular herb originally from South Africa and known worldwide as an excellent aphrodisiac. Traditionally yohimbe bark has been used to treat fevers, coughs, and leprosy. Often yohimbe tea was taken by warriors in preparation for battle. Yohimbe supplementation was also taken during fertility celebrations, mating and marriage rituals. It has been used as a topical anesthetic, and a hallucinogen when smoked.!! Yohimbe’s most common, modern use is as a tonic and as a insomnia herbal remedy

Yohimbe is also known to reduce anxiety, elevate mood, and prevent heart attacks. Because it stimulates the central nervous system, it has been used to treat narcolepsy and weight loss, and has other positive effects on overall health such as a insomnia herbal remedy!

And we are out of space already just as the herbal remedies for insomnia have got into the swing of things. I hope I’ve given you a taster and will return to this theme in a further article.

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