Natural Remedies to Remove Scabies from Your Eyelids

Extreme form of scabies is known as “crusted” scabies or “Norwegian” scabies. As a result, infestations or rash could be seen on the face, eyelids, palms and soles. For the most part, infants as well as elderly people usually suffer from such a severe form of scabies. Although prescription medications have shown effective results, people tend to prefer natural forms of treatment in order to stay away from harmful side effects.

Frequent hot water baths have proven to reduce the symptoms of scabies. Applying natural oil on the eyelids can bring the burrowing parasites to the surface and thereafter they could be scrubbed off easily. In the recent times, eccentric medicines have been tried by sufferers. While dealing with scabies on eyelids, you must first remove the mineral deposits from your eyes with the help of dishwashing liquid. Thereafter, you could apply Apple Cider in generous amounts. Make use of your hands to apply the mixture to your eyes and surrounding parts. Avoid applying Apple Cider to mucous membranes or private parts. The only drawback of using Apple Cider around your eyes is that you would feel a tingling sensation in your eyes. In a few instances, you would also feel that the scabies mites may perhaps jump into your eyes. Such a sensation would last only for 5 minutes and then subside gradually.

You could also apply Listerine around the eyelids with the help of cotton pads. In order to extract these mites from your skin, scratch off areas on the affected parts and then apply diluted Listerine. The eucalyptus contained in the Listerine is effectual in eliminating the underlying mites.

By: Jesse Ryan

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