Home Remedies or Natural Remedies for Loose Motions

Loose motions are a very common ailment seen in children. Sometimes, their digestive system can give way and this results in loose motions. There could be many causes for this, such as untimely eating, overeating, allergies, bowel infections and bacterial or viral infections. Thus, in such a condition, the digestive system is not able to digest the protein and fat rich food, which are passed out from the body through the bowels. A number of home remedies can help to prevent loose motions.


Eating a paste of dried pomegranate seeds with raisins and a pinch of salt is very useful. Coriander leaves soaked in buttermilk is also very a beneficial remedial measure. Application of ginger juice around the navel is also helpful. This remedy is particularly useful in the case of very small children. Children can be given a juice of curry leaves mixed with a teaspoon of honey. This can be given to them in drops frequently. Since this does not taste too bad, they will also take it quite easily. Mashed banana with salt or curd is also a good treatment to control loose motions.


Home Remedies For Loose Motions:


When the system fails to digest the rich food, the body rejects it as it is in the form of the loose motion. Try the following treatments:

Give about 5 gms. of Isabgol with cold water in which about 1 teaspoonful sugar has been added.

Peel an apple and shred it. Keep the shredded pieces in a plate for approximately 20 minutes until they turn brown in colour and then eat them.

Slice the tender unripe bel fruit. Sundry them. Powder the slices. Take 1 teaspoon along with warm water twice a day.

Take every night 3 cloves of garlic chopped and boiled in milk.

Make a paste of 1 green chilli along with 2 tablespoon lime juice and ½ teaspoon camphor. Take ¼ teaspoon of this paste.

2 or 3 teaspoons coriander seeds soaked overnight in water and take next morning with 1 cup buttermilk.

Boil 1/4 teaspoon powdered cardamom seeds in thin tea water and drink.

Mixjuice of 15-20 tender curry leaves with 1 teaspoon honey and drink.

Apply ginger juice around the navel.

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Similarly yogurt is a rich source of pro-biotic bacteria called lactobacillus which is very helpful in the case of diarrhea caused by ingestion of an antibiotic. Both yogurt and buttermilk replenish the good bacteria in the gut which may have been destroyed by the antibiotic whereas the acid present in the buttermilk helps destroy any diarrhea causing germs.


Garlic is an excellent natural anti biotic which should also be eaten while suffering from diarrhea. Additionally drinking a cup of warm water with some lime juice in it throughout the day acts as a natural remedy for diarrhea and it also prevents dehydration which may occur on account of fluid loss during diarrhea. In order to cure diarrhea the lost nutrients have to be replaced and hence one should consume frequent light meals consisting of vegetable soups, rice porridge and even fruit juices.

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