Natural Antidepressant Remedies Anyone Can Use

There are times in our life that stress or difficult circumstances can lead to depression, affecting our ability to live life fully.  In these modern times many individuals lean on medicinal remedies, however there are an arsenal of natural antidepressants available for anyone to use.

First, nutrition is a natural source of help for depression.  Walnuts, flaxseed oil, and fish (salmon in particular) contain valuable Omega 3 fatty acids that lead to healthy brain function and combat depression.  Chicken, turkey, citrus fruits, and water help bolster the brain’s ability to function.  Coffee, in moderation, is a known pick-me-up.  Stay away from refined sugars.  They create a cyclical pattern of energy ups and unfortunately downs.

Next, exercise cleans the body, strengthens your immune system and clears the thoughts.  Walking, running, dancing or whatever gets you moving, produces endorphins throughout your body.  This triggers positive feelings that affect both your thought processes and body.  Combining your exercise with some sunlight will add to your well-being.  Your body will benefit from the Vitamin D, not to mention the fresh air of being outside.  Keep in mind to limit direct sun exposure to 15 minutes for fair skin to 40 for dark skin.  

Pursue connections with other people.  Make time to connect with your loved ones and friends.  Shared time allows you to throw off the yoke of stress.  It also gives insight into the struggles of others and how they have pulled through.  Give time and volunteer.  Research has shown that the effects of altruism on the body can be as powerful as drugs.  In addition, by helping others in need you realize that everyone is fighting a battle of some kind.

Finally, in your solitary time, create a nurturing space.  Burning incense or using other comforting smells can relax the body and mind.  Find time for hobbies and the things that inspire you to create.  In addition, many believe that we are the artists of our own thoughts.  Meditation is a proven natural antidepressant method.  It allows you to witness the type of thoughts that are repeated in your mind whether they are positive, negative or neutral.  Focus on reducing your negative thoughts and practice putting positive goals and affirmations in their place. Meditation alone, studies suggest, can limit the likelihood of depression by 50%.  If not meditating, then laugh!  Humor relieves stress and helps the mind to relax.

Remember that natural antidepressants abound and will aid you to work through your difficult times.  Depression is an emotional state out of balance, allowing you to reflect and strengthen yourself from damaging thoughts and practices.  To arrive on the other side of depression is an evolution of spirit, lending itself to a deeper cup of appreciation for life.

By: Sandy Rutherforde

About the Author:

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