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Many people in general experience bloating when they feel some pain appearing in the abdominal area. Along with this are symptoms like nausea, difficulty in burping or releasing gas, generally full on the stomach and vomiting. There is extreme discomfort for the person who is experiencing bloating for a prolonged period time. That is why the majority of people are advised to take herbal tea in order to relieve them of the pain as well as eliminate the causes of bloating.

But what really causes bloating? Studies have shown that the food we eat have a direct relation to bloating. If you induce too much salt, full of fat foods and foods rich in sugar, combined with also overeating and or eating in a hurry, chances are, you will bloat after some time. You will feel a sense of discomfort around your middle area that may possibly result to throwing up or wanting to throw up because your system is working over time to process these unhealthy foods. However, you can relieve yourself from suffering by drinking peppermint tea which helps calm the muscles of the stomach so that the bile can flow freely and help digest the fat. This is one herbal tea that will surely help with the symptoms and causes of bloating.

Another cause could be a woman’s menstrual cycle. If the woman has her period, there are greater chances of experiencing bloating due to hormonal changes in the body that affects even the digestive tracks. The best solution for this would be ginger tea which helps soothe the digestive system, giving it a warming effect to relieve you of your pain. Ginger tea will also help flush out salt in the system so that you don’t keep hold of all the water in your stomach which gives you the feeling that you are always full. It will also help flush out the water retained in your body.

Stress can also be considered as an indirect cause for bloating. When you are stressed, the body releases chemicals that may possibly produce an imbalance therefore cause the bloating to take place. When combined with unhealthy eating habits, your digestive system is sure to suffer more and therefore bloating will take place. It is advisable to drink peppermint tea to calm your system down and flush out the toxins that causes the bloating.

If bloating is becoming too frequent an occurrence, there are a number of preventive measures you can use. To start with, you need to get a grip on your eating habits. And one way would be to drink herbal teas such as peppermint tea and instant ginger tea at the end of a meal to aid your digestion.  As these teas are natural remedies for gas bloating, there is no problem of side-effects at all.

If you are looking for herbal tea remedies, then ginger tea and peppermint tea are the best ways to go. They have the essential elements to eliminate the feeling of discomfort you get when you experience bloating

By: Mark Dalgety

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