Peppermint Tea: An Herbal Tea With Pizzaz

Peppermint tea is an herbal tea with character and it has been around since herbs became known for their healing properties. This tea is made from the leaves of the peppermint plant and is often referred to as mint tea. This tea is completely natural and has no caffeine in it so you can drink it anytime during the day or night to refresh you.

 It has a long history and this is because it is so well known for its health benefits. It is often taken as an aid to digestion. Therefore it’s a great tea to serve after a meal. In fact if you are suffering from any form of stomach ailment such as cramps or simply a tummy ache, this tea will help calm your stomach. It’s also good if you have diarrhea. Irritable bowel syndrome can also be alleviated with this tea.

 Not only that but this tea has a refreshing taste that gives you a nice zing. It is also a paradox that this lovely herbal tea can give a nice cooling effect.

 Throughout the ages, when dental hygene wasn’t as rigorous as today, many people chewed leaves of peppermint to freshen their breath. Today it is often used in toothpaste and mouth washes. It is also good if you have coughs and colds. You can drink it as tea or use the tea to inhale the steam. You just need to droop a towel over your head so that it also covers the bowl of tea so that the steam which is released can easily be absorbed into your skin. Be very careful that you do not spill the tea as it is very hot and you can get a nasty burn. Another use for the tea is to gargle it if you have a sore throat. In this case it’s best to wait until the tea cools down to room temperature.

 It’s also good to know that peppermint has menthol in it and this has antibacterial properties so you can also use the tea to help you get rid of unwanted bacteria or even viruses. It’s also great for your skin – simply soak a pad in the cool tea and put it on your face or areas of your body that need it. You can even use it if you get a sunburn. If your muscles are aching or sore, also try this remedy.

 This tea can easily be made from fresh or dried peppermint leaves. Just steep the leaves in boiling water for a few minutes and then remove them. You can drink the tea hot or cold. It’s also a great summer drink served with ice and lemon slices.

 Of course you can buy it online – just visit some of the many great teasites out there. This way you can have it delivered to your door. You can buy it loose or in tea bags. Organic is best. Because of its popularity, you can buy peppermint tea in your local supermarket. So there really is no excuse. Add this versatile tea to your tea assortments and you can serve it to your friends and family.

By: Sandra Fierling

About the Author:

Sandra Fierling is an online researcher on the subject of all sorts of tea. She loves sharing her tips about healthy tea. Find out the many benefits of Peppermint Tea and why it deserves a place in your home. You can find more insights and groundbreaking research why tea is good for you. For more resources visit

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