Home Remedies for Acne on Face

As acne can be considered as the skin rashes with no particular reason behind, it can not be looked at as the serious health issue. But sometimes it resulted into scrapes. The acne affected mainly at the areas of face, neck, back, chest, and shoulders. One of the distressing affected areas of Acne is face, which results into a distressed condition from where people became unsociable.

As there is no particular reason behind the occurrence of acne other than hormonal imbalance, the remedy of this skin problem involves mainly the natural therapy. As per medication one can take anti- biotic. There are some home remedies present for curing this skin problem. To name a few they are:

• After Cooking oatmeal one needs to apply this cooked oatmeal on face for fifteen minutes.

• To reduce the acne, one needs to take a warm bath with blanch of nettle and rosemary.

• Applying adequate amount of lemon juice and rose water with a cotton ball also helps to reduce acne problem. After applying this mixture it needs to be left for half an hour and then wash off. This remedy needs to be repeated for 15-20 days.

• Snagging the acne with garlic cloves also helps to reduce acne. This remedy needs to apply several times a day.

• Mixture of avocado paste and water is another home remedy for acne problem.

• ‘Bedouin meds’ is also another home remedy that involves few steps to cure the acne problem. These steps are: Having a medium grated radish with each meal. Drinking of 2 cups of rosemary tea. Drinking of 3 glasses of water with squeezed lemon and honey.

• Mixture of 1 tablespoon of dried or fresh yeast and 2 tablespoons of lemon juice also helps to reduce acne problem. The mixture needs to be applied on face and one needs to wait until it gets hard. After that the mask needs to be peeled off with warm water.

• To avoid and restrict the growth of acne on face one needs to clear the skin on a regular basis with a soaked cotton ball in either lemon juice or apple cider vinegar.

• Mixing of 2-3 tea bags to some basil and then after cooked in boiling water for 10-20 minutes. This mixture needs to be applied on the acne with a cotton ball.

• The water which is saturate with lettuce leaves is worthy to apply on the acne.

• Grinded bay leaves along with blanch in water also helps in reducing acne on face.

• Boiled water with added apple cider vinegar also helpful in reducing the acne problem. The vapor of this mixture is needed to be taken.

• One simple remedy to this problem is to avoid touching the affected area.

• Applying of toothpaste just before going to bed also a useful remedy for acne.

• A paste of fresh fenugreek leaves over the face also helps to reduce the problem.

• Paste of neem leaves along with turmeric is an ayurvedic but home remedy for acne on face.

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