Cystic Acne Natural Remedies

The only way to cure your cystic acne permanently is to treat the cause, not just the symptoms. That’s why over the counter products do not work. They are designed to relieve the symptoms, which some of them do, but they are not designed to provide a permanent cure. This is great for the drug companies, as they get repeat sales, but costly and frustrating for you, as the consumer. It is much better and more rewarding to look for natural alternatives to cure you cystic acne.

The Alternatives

What are the alternatives? Let me name two: a healthy lifestyle – a balanced, nutritious diet – and a holistic program, preferably designed by a health professional. A healthy lifestyle helps keep our hormones in balance by controlling the sugar in the blood thus controlling the amount of insulin, which in turn limits the formation of an acne environment. A healthy lifestyle has to include regular exercise. A healthy diet plus regular exercise equals a healthy body. A healthy body fights ailments better than an unhealthy one. A health body gives us the energy we need to keep us on the right track by helping us keep our good intentions. A healthy body will have fewer acne breakouts and will have a better chance of a permanent cure. This creates a good positive environment for other treatments to work. This is part of a holistic approach and is the only one that will work.

A program is needed to put us on track and to keep us on track. Most of us are better with guidelines to follow. It is alright to decide on a course of action but it may not be so easy when we have to do it on our own. Much better and easier to follow a well-designed, proven program. Just as important is a strong follow-up plan to keep us on track, along with the opportunity to seek personal guidance when we need it. There are health professionals out there who practice a holistic approach, which is the only sure way to cure your cystic acne. It has to be treated from the inside and the outside.

An effective clear skin program must have five crucial components:

1. Internal and external cleansing

2. Internal strengthening and rejuvenating

3. Hormonal balancing

4. Lifestyle optimization

5. Goal setting and motivation

You don’t need to spend money on over the counter treatments that may not work or risk your health with dangerous drugs. You simply need to discipline yourself to change your lifestyle and follow a safe, holistic program. After all, you have nothing to lose but your cystic acne.

By: William Burnell

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