Natural Remedies for Diabetes 10 Effective Herbs

Natural remedies for diabetes are a popular choice among the sufferers because they help them normalize their blood sugar and they also prevent complications. They are widely used because they don’t come along with the nasty side effects of the prescribed drugs. However, it is always better to consult a professional in what concerns the usage of natural remedies for diabetes. They usually consist of herbs and minerals, but some of them might interact with the pills your physician prescribed.

Some of the most effective and common natural remedies for diabetes are –

1. Charantia juice – Charantia is also known as bitter melon. The juice has properties that reduce the blood sugar, if administered twice a day on an empty stomach. Bitter melon can also be incorporated in various dishes and salads.

2. Mango leaves – They should be boiled in water and the infusion needs to be consumed in the morning.

3. Turmeric powder and gooseberry powder – They are best to be mixed with honey and consumed daily on an empty stomach.

4. Fenugreek seeds – Leave around one hundred seeds in water overnight and then smash them and drink the mixture every morning. The cure is efficient if you keep it for a couple of months.

5. Amla juice – If consumed daily for a few months it supports the pancreas in producing insulin. It is even more efficient if it is mixed with bitter gourd juice.

6. Green plantain – The peel is very efficient in fighting diabetes. It should be kept in a jar, covered with water. Drink from it three to four times a day.

7. Cinnamon – It contains compounds that are reducing the blood sugar. It is recommended to use cinnamon powder as a spice in almost all the dishes you are preparing. You will fight diabetes in an efficient and tasty way.

8. Cayenne pepper powder – It is indirectly helping you to cope with diabetes because it accelerates your metabolism and helps you lose weight. It is widely known that overweight is a common cause of diabetes.

9. Green tea – It raises the insulin activity in your body and it also prevents glucose by being absorbed through the intestines.

10. Garlic – Its medicinal powers are known from ancient times. It seems to also reduce blood sugar and improve blood circulation. This can spare you of diabetes complications. Include garlic in your daily diet in as high quantities as possible.

By: James Napier

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