Skin Problems and Home Remedies to Help

Most people have suffered from painful and embarrassing skin problems like acne, eczema, scarring and dry cracked heels at one time or another. Professional medical attention is necessary in certain cases, but home remedies for common skin problems are often good enough to do the trick.

If you want to avoid unnecessary and costly doctor’s appointments, check out the tips below for some skin relief advice. You can call them old wives tales if you’d like, but these home remedies for common skin problems really can make a world of difference.

Acne. Acne is a skin problem thats’s caused by clogged pores. It’s one of the most common skin problems and also one of the most stubborn. Some acne creams and gels are strong enough to cause redness and irritation, which isn’t fun when you’re trying to combat painful pimples in the first place! Some people have found that mint toothpaste (not gel!) can help dry out pimples and acne, while other people swear by rubbing their pimples with lemon juice to dry them out. Wheatgrass juice can also provide relief from acne—the majority of people who start to drink it usually report clearer skin within a few days. Eczema. Eczema is an inflammation of the epidermis and it affects different people in different ways. Dryness, redness, swelling, itching, blistering and even bleeding can all occur if you have eczema. Plain old oatmeal is one of the most common home remedies for eczema because it is hydrating and soothing. It’s often found in over-the-counter lotions and skin products, but you can also just add “food” oatmeal to your bath water and take a soak. Wheatgrass juice can also provide relief from eczema. It is a gentle skin cleanser that can be added to your bath just like oatmeal. Scars. Scars are a common problem that occur when the skin repairs itself from wounds caused by accidents, surgeries or diseases. Scars are often red at first, but most  of them fade gradually over time. Dry Cracked Heels. Dry cracked heels occur for a variety of reasons and they can be incredibly unpleasant to live with! Living in a dry climate, walking around barefoot and medical conditions such as diabetes are three common culprits. Dry, callused feet often flake or bleed, and moisturizing lotions may not be enough to sooth them. Applying a homemade paste made from wheatgrass juice powder and water often provides relief. Wheatgrass juice is a nutrient-rich food that nourishes the skin and should help with any bleeding or swelling that occurs with dry cracked heels.

A wheatgrass juice supplement is an easy alternative to growing wheat grass and juicing the plants. It can help with these common skin problems as well as many other issues.



By: Ashley Sweet

About the Author:

Ashley Sweet is a Florida girl that enjoys writing about diet, nutrition and other health issues including wheatgrass juice and all its benefits.

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