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Constipation is a common symptom of digestive tract which suggests problems with the metabolism, however common this problem may be but it can give rise to serious complications if not treated early, herbal remedies can provide effective treatment to cure even most hard to pass stools. Most of the time constipation is related with daily bowel movement; skipping bowel movement once in sometime can be due to many reasons and not a symptom of constipation, constipation is a situation when person experiences regular pain or strain while passing stool and stool is hard and difficult to pass.

Constipation stops the normal process of body to flush out toxins and presence of constipation for a longer duration can allow the toxins to flow in other parts of the body to raise serious health issues. Diseases and problems like appendicitis, high blood pressure, cancer, rheumatism, and arthritis are few such problems which are commonly initiated by chronic constipation. It can affect person of any age from young toddler to an old person, though once or twice in a lifetime almost every person faces episodes of constipation for a short duration, which is normal.

For treating problem of constipation most effectively use of remedies as well as healthy habits shall be encouraged, as constipation too does not occur due to one single reason. Sometimes medicines and particular salt present in a medicine may cause constipation but such a situation can be resolved by changing the medicine by doctor’s advice. Problems like stroke and others which can restrict the movement of a person or affects nervous system also promote constipation which subsides along with the major problem. Women experience difficult bowel movement during pregnancy and some women even have episodes of constipation during pre-menopausal phase.

Use of fruits in the diet provides most effective remedy for constipation by working on digestive and excretory system. Pears and bael fruit are used since ancient times to cure severe cases of constipation. Consumption of these fruits after meal or in breakfast can provide effective solution to the problem of hard stool. Oranges, grapes, figs, papaya and guava are other fruits which are very effective in promoting digestion as well as improving excretory system to help in smooth bowel movement. Consumption of spinach in the diet is also very useful in treating constipation.

Flax seed water in very effective remedy for constipation, mix few flax seeds in tablespoon of water and allow it to rest for few hours, drinking this water before going to bed promotes smooth bowel movement. Drinking lemon juice mixed with water and a pinch of salt also promotes easy bowel movement. Another herbal remedy can be prepared by grinding sunflower, almond, sesame and linseed to form a powder and use it with meals as taste enhancer to treat constipation most effectively. Use of castor oil in cooking also helps the body in easily digesting the food. Along with these remedies other efforts like chewing food well before swallowing and ample amount of water consumption also helps in alleviating the problem quickly.

By: Ryan Mutt

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