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One will find two kinds of ginseng across the globe. First is panx ginseng commonly found in asia, korea, and china. The other one is panx quinquefolius found in canadian ginseng.

One should know that ginseng is a perennial plant count as herb. It has fleshy root belonging to the category of araliaceae family. Lots of studies have been done over the years to know the exact qualities of ginseng so that one can use them on human system.

Surprisingly ginseng roots of america and asia are consumed orally by people. People can buy these ginseng roots in sliced forms and dried modes from many local stores or through online. One should know the usages of ginseng before opting it for usage on the body. Many people found to be consuming leaves orally instead of roots in few countries. Ginseng also shows its preferences as where it is applicable.

Ginseng is quite popular across the globe because of its medicinal properties. One such ginseng is american ginseng who carries cold effect helping in curbing respiratory problems and fever. One will also find that the asian ginseng is more fruitful than american as it enhances the circulation of thebody. As most of the perennial plants ginseng do carries some side effects like agitation, nervousness, diarrhea, headaches, and heart palpitations etc. In certain cases usage of ginseng is band like in children, pregnant women, and nursing mother etc. After getting clearance from the doctor one should intake it. Without that it might turn out to be threating to life.

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