Natural Remedies For Diverticulitis- Breakthrough Cure Or A Hoax?

Do you have to live with having to deal with constant issues with bloody diarrhea or pain in your abdomen? Has a doctor advised you of the possibility of the infection eventually spreading to your lining of your abdominal cavity and resulting in a possible fatal peritonitis?

Many individuals currently dealing with diverticulitis have to deal with these possibilities and also the burden of irritable bowel syndrome. When you are diagnosed with this terrible disease you are faced with no hope since they have said that there is currently no cure for it in the near future. You might have to deal with constantly going to the doctor over this or even getting on medication to deal with the depression of this disease. But what if you did not have to?

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Despite what you have been told diverticulitis is not even really a disease in all honesty. It is really a symptom of a bigger problem. Based on in depth research it is discovered that it is actually a breakdown inside our body that has trigger diverticulitis.

What is causing the breakdown is actually the diet that we are on that involves excessive acids,carbohydrates,sugars,fats,and uric acid. In order for your body to heal you need to cleanse your body so that it can heal and thus relieve you of your symptoms. This is not a process that will cure you in one day. It does take some time but after you are finished you will not have to deal with diverticulitis again.

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By: Torri Andrews

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