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Do You Suffer with Painful Arthritis?

Your not alone, over forty million Americans suffer from Arthritis

There are many types of arthritis: Osteoarthritis is the most common which usually affects older people. Cartilage breaks down, which is the cushion at the end of the bones because of overuse or accident. Lubrication between the bones called synovial fluid is found in the cartilage area. The cartilage wears away and bones rub together causing pain. There are many contributing factors bacteria, allergies, preservatives in food, these are some examples and I will address them another time.

Lets talk about rheumatoid arthritis. This disease is also painful with swollen joints but differs from Osteoarthritis. The synovial membrane which is the lubrication area becomes inflamed and extra fluid leaks into the joints. Rheumatoid can affect the whole body. The disease can become crippling with time.

Time to get your life back today! Think well and healthy.

Do not talk of all your aches and pains. Rather rejoice in all you have in life. All your loved ones, grand kids, husband, wife, sisters, brothers, and father, mother. Maybe you have pets or friends that are always there. How much do you love them all? But what if? They leave tomorrow and never to see them again. Tell them today you love them. Are there things you can still do with arthritis? Smile, hug someone, encouragement to someone unhappy or sad. Whatever you do for others helps us forget our own struggles. My mother has the crippling effects of arthritis but today she has no pain,and found her cure. She is so happy and loves to do dishes {by hand] really, and just enjoys helping others.

Why does she help others? because she is happy when giving a helping hand and It keeps her mind off her own problems.

The key is to keep our minds busy and active.

Stress can create unwanted health so by all means keep yourself active.

Here are home remedies of arthritis


Add greens to your diet ex: kale, parsley, spinach

You can juice these with a carrot

Add aloe vera to your juice {cleanses intestines}

A Recipe for Painful Relief of Arthritis Pain!

This recipe is to relieve pain and bring down inflammation. I used this on my mother and it worked wonders. I made a poultice of a little water cayenne pepper, slippery elm and flaxseed. Mix in a bowl until thick, don’t use too much water. Use a 100% cotton material, cut a t-shirt into small piece or use a handkerchief. Apply on painful area.( My mothers knee pain was severe). I placed two poultices and wrapped plastic wrap around her knees and used scotch tape to hold them in place over night. She said it was the “best sleep I had in years” This is a great pain relief formula!

Good Health to You!



By: Kurt Prach

About the Author:

I  research home remedies for all diseases, from minor aliments to serious health issues. During my mothers affliction with rheumatoid arthritis (26 years) I looked to natural resources for her relief from severe knee pain and hand pain.  I’m thankful we found her cure, I say we, because her faith and our searching she is pain free today!

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