What You Can Do For Flu-Like Symptoms

O.K. so I have flu-like symptoms; what can I do for them? At the first sign of symptoms, take Echinacea. You can take it every 4 to 6 hours or as directed by the label on the product package. Just remember that one or two doses of Echinacea won’t help you. You need to take it for 7 to 10 days. One thing you must do before taking any medication, natural or prescribed, is to consult your physician

Now you have your first clue as to what you can do for flu-like symptoms. The Echinacea begins to rebuild your depleted immune system. However, it does destroy good bacteria cells. Therefore, you do not want to take Echinacea more than 7 to 10 days. Never give Echinacea to children under 1 years of age.

Because Echinacea destroys good bacteria cells, you want to take probiotics and elderberry extract since they rebuild the good bacteria cells. These two natural products can restore your immune system, too. Take these two products year round to keep your immune system in great shape!

Another good herbal remedy to take for the flu-like symptoms is goldenseal. Most often you can buy Goldenseal and Echinacea together. There’s a synergistic effect when the two are used together. They make each other fight bacteria better.

Another great in-line defense against colds is Oregano Oil. It is an excellent home remedy for cold and flu symptoms. Oregano Oil comes from an extract from one of the most powerful spices of the oregano plant. No, this is not your everyday store-bought variety of this spice.

It is entirely different from the herb you find in your kitchen pantry or herb drawer. The Oregano Oil we are talking about possesses potent antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial properties. More than 50 known active ingredients from the oregano plant that work synergistically to provide its benefits come from Oregano Oil. It has been proven effective in fighting fungal infections and bacterial infections.

You can eat chicken soup or drink coconut water for electrolytes, and steamed vegetables are good when you have a cold. This is easy to digest, and the electrolytes give you energy. Also, let your body dictate when you eat. If you are not hungry, don’t eat. Bananas are also easy to digest.

Also, get plenty of vitamin C! It’s best to eat oranges to get the benefits of whole foods; however, there are a few natural, vitamin C products available online that are equally as good as eating oranges.

We’ve looked at several things you can do for flu-like symptoms. Rest is one of the best things, and drink lots of liquids. Organic herbal teas are great when you have flu-like symptoms. Since they contain no caffeine, you get the benefits of all the liquid as well as the enjoyment of having good tea. As always, eat healthy my friends.


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