Widely used Home Remedies for Indigestion

In today’s world, a large number of people suffer from indigestion and other stomach related issues. The main reason behind this is irregular eating habits. Numerous times, home indigestion remedies for heartburn indigestion are the best and highly inexpensive treatments for getting yourself out of this painful condition. This article aims at describing some of the most famous home indigestion remedies which you can easily found in your home. These homely treatments are generally categorized into three sections – food products, herbs and lifestyle changes.

Many of us know that milk provides various benefits by coating the stomach. It’s absolutely true and makes cold milk and yogurt among the best home remedies for heartburn indigestion. Milk is known to has antacid properties that is equally capable of neutralizing the digestive acids that car arise the problem. On the other hand, yogurt contains bacteria and chemicals that help the digestion process in our body. The temperature of frozen yogurt is beneficial for alleviating issues with the stomach lining.

There are several foods that can avoid the situation from occurring in the first place, including bananas, rice, as well as almonds. Consuming any of these foods will bring down the acid content in your stomach. For instance, plain white rice absorbs stomach acid as it causes pain, while bananas, almond oil, and other alkaline foods nullify stomach acid.

One of the most popular home ingestion remedies is apple cider vinegar. Most of the people think it rough; vinegar helps in balancing the pH in your digestive system. Add two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and some honey into a glass of water, in order to make it tastier.

There are various herbs and plants that tend to treat heart burn indigestion. For example, ginger relaxes the muscles in your esophagus to avoid the release of stomach acid into it. Another widely used remedy is an herbal tea made from marshmallow root. It generally coats the stomach, particularly if you drink it few times in a day.

Goldenseal has an antibiotic that will destroy the bacteria residing in your digestive system, which can inflame the lining of your stomach. It grows naturally in different parts of the country and can be easily identified by a daisy like flower coupled with a red fruit resembling a raspberry. Put the root of the goldenseal plant in a jar of ethanol and leave it for a period of two to three weeks.

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By: Patresia Adams

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