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Stress is the body’s reaction to a physical, emotional, social or mental condition imposed on the person. These changes, whether good or bad, produces tension or stress. There is no way to avoid stress completely, injuries, weddings, meetings, childbirth, deadlines, bills to pay, even going to a party is stressful.

Home remedy For stress and nervousness Bedouin meds:

•    Eat 3 tablespoons of honey everyday.

•    Drink a lot of carrot juice.

•    Eat garlic clove after every meal.

•    Drink 3 cups of fresh apple juice everyday.

•    Eat 5-6 plums on an empty stomach everyday.

The leaves of holy basil act as an anti stress agent. Chew about 12 holy Basil leaves two times in a day, once in the morning and then later in the evening.

A complete body massage is one of the best home remedies for stress. Stress can cause headaches and body pain. A good body massage can relax the muscles and improve blood circulation in the body. This will give tremendous relief in body pain and stress.

A key ingredient in many natural eye care treatments in Chamomile. It is rich in anti-inflammatory substances and used here can soothe tired inflamed eyes.  What you have to do is:  Take 2 Chamomile Tea Bags and 8 oz. of Spring Water

Bring the water to a boil, pour over the tea bags in a large cup. Steep for one minute, remove tea bags and place in the freezer for five minutes while you sip the tea. Place cool tea bags over your eyes, lie back and relax. This quick simple treatment is guaranteed to destress you and bring a sparkle to your eyes.

Tie fresh lavender, thyme, and sage together in a small bundle and hang near your desk or work area. Place dried chamomile, rosemary, lavender, and lemon balm in a small clothe bag. Place bags in the bathroom, under cushions or other places. Pressure and warmth will release the smell.

Another simple home remedy for depression is lemon herb. Take 25-30 grams of lemon herbs and put it into cold water. Allow it to stand for 12-14 hours. This ointment can be used 2-3 times a day.

Cardamom is also used in relieving stress and depression. It has a very pleasing odor which can soothe the nerves. You can prepare a tea by putting cardamom in it.

Relaxation as well as meditation is some of the effective measures in treating depression. The best methods of relaxation are to practice shavasana or you can also call it as the dead pose. Meditation includes a learning and practice of the mind to remain steady on a particular location. This meditation is of great assistance in maintaining the balance in the nervous system and is recommended for depression as it relieves the mind of any stress or discomfort

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